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What is a musical concert?

Concert – this unusual music performance before a group of people. The producer can be a solo artist, temporarily known as a presentation, or a famous group, for example, symphony, choir or group. The exhibition has been hosted in various ways with the size of the setting, from the private bathroom and the small dancing group, making the display show lobbies, fields and discontinuing many intentions and even stadiums. Combined shows, held in great footsteps, here are also called sports fields or stadiums.

In spite of the situation, the artists, as a state, act in the category. It shows that always, the real-time support required by the required audio equipment. Prior to the recorded music, this show has given you a great opportunity to hear how musicians play.

What is a festival?

The festival is an event celebrated by the public and focuses on other aspects of the community and their religion or culture. It is often referred to as a local or village holiday, mela, or eid. According to religion and culture, agriculture is an important source. Food is an important resource that many festivals are associated with the harvest season. A religious reminder and a thanksgiving of a good harvest combined with events that occurred in the autumn, such as Halloween in the north of the country and Southern Easter.

Events held in the UK:

More than 1.3 million business events are held annually in Great Britain. For those who visited, less than 40 billion pounds sterling was used, and the share is more than 206 billion pounds sterling in value added (GVA) and 58.4 billion US dollars of domestic product (GDP). Direct use of British organizers amounted to 24.7 billion pounds sterling. At this cost, 6.4 billion pounds sterling is funded by a registration fee paid by delegates.

Outdoor Events:

Annually more than 7 000 events are held outdoors. External events cover the scope of work from major festivals, agricultural exhibitions, sporting events and recreational activities through small towns and lakes. After the Olympics in 2012, Britain was established as a world leader in foreign history, and many British companies export their technology. There is a significant growth in the sector; in the period from 2005 to 2009 there was an increase in the number of more than 1.64 million people attending events in the UK.

Events held by Philanthropists:

Since 2007, the number of incidents with incomes has increased by 700 percent and twice as much. Fund collection increased by 8% in. The launch of events still exists in the most popular event, up to 77% of all pages of sponsorship events, however walking – multilingual work – an average of $ 885 per event. Financial support for triathlons increased by 21% in the period from 2011 to 2013, an average of 740 pounds sterling per year. Activities to raise funds for cycling increased significantly, increasing from 2011 by 30%, raising £ 610 per event.

Events related to trade and exhibitions:

Exhibitions play an important role in the UK economy in real estate production. Many British shows have been created as a powerful international shopping centre. Exhibitions in the UK attract more than 13 million visitors a year, earning 11.0 billion dollars. In 2010, more than 265,000 exhibitors took part in the events, 20% from outside the UK. In 2010, the exhibition used 2.7 billion pounds sterling for goods and services that will appear at events.

Musical Concerts:

A rough estimate of 10.4 million music lovers spent almost 2.3 billion pounds on musical concerts in 2015. Visitors from other parts of the world spend round about 657 pounds average in the UK. In rough estimations, it can be seen that more 24000 job opportunities are created by musical events.

By the above details, it can clearly be seen that a huge amount of population in the United Kingdom is interested in attending events. If we will not make sure that the risk management is good it will cost not only the economy but also the people as well. Unusual or drastic incidents can lessen the interest of people and can create fear among them.

Risk Management in general:

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and managing threats to corporate companies and revenues. These threats or dangers may be associated with various sources, including financial uncertainty, legal obligations, strategic management capabilities, accidents and natural disasters. IT security threats and risks associated with disaster risk management data and programs have become an integral part of corporate companies. As a result, the disaster risk management system is increasingly integrated with the company’s processes to identify and manage threats in its markets, including corporate data, personal information, and company assets.

Risk Management at events:

Risk management at events of festivals means the proper planning of the unfortunate incidents at the place of the event. In this multiple steps are taken to make a proper planning to fight the disaster.

Why is risk management important?

Risk management projects are the main part of the organization for any event.

The disaster risk management project recognizes all risks that may arise from participating and reduces the funding for financial consultants to minimize or minimize identified risks.

The danger can mean many things. The main risk factors to consider are:

  • To hurt others
  • Causing damage to hardware, wireframe or event site, or
  • External hazards that the event organizer does not have limited control, but may need to participate in the event.

Obviously, many accidents cannot be controlled the event coordinator. In this case, it is important that risk management issues aimed at planning for the well-being of each individual should have something that is not controlled by the lawyer.

“A decent management approach covers three key components: risk assessment, weakness tests, and critical tests.” These tests provide valuable data for those who use validation and physical planning. In recognition of disability and portfolios, scene directors and time coordinators will be able to strengthen the office and develop structures for building buildings and to create or improve disaster risk management and design.


Literature Review:

Glastonbury Festival:

The Glastonbury Army is a five-day celebration of events taking place in the vicinity of Pilton, Somerset, England. Despite the music of the past, the festival passed drama, theatre, dinner, nightclub and various replicas. Drivers of pop and mixing are present alongside a huge number of known at small levels and slaughterhouses. The films and collections recorded at Glastonbury were removed and the festival received wide television and a daily newspaper site. Glastonbury is the world’s largest environmental festival and now covers about 175,000 people, demanding a comprehensive framework for security, transportation, water, and electricity. Most employees are volunteers who help celebrate the increase in pounds of pounds for aid agencies.

Being regarded as an outstanding feature in British traditions, this festival is promoted by the hipster spirit, counterculture, and free festivals. It covers the remnants of these crops, for example, the “Green Fields” area, which unites sections known as “Green Futures” and “Healing Fields.” After the 1970s, the festival was unusual and improved by measurement, and the number of participants sometimes became feeble. Michael Eavis made a big festival, and then named the Pilton festival, seeing it outside the Ze Zealelin show at Bath Blues and Progressive Music in 1970.

The Glastonbury Army was regularly kept from 1970 to 1981; since then, every year, except for “retirement years”, which are usually taken for five years, it is proposed to provide land, close people, and consultants with the possibility of rest. 2018 – “Year of rest”, and with the anniversary – from June 26 to June 30, 2019.

Glastonbury incident 2005:

Hurricanes and heavy rain struck the Glastonbury Ground on Thursday night, sending a car hire that had just climbed to the sun, previously running in their tents.

Lightning flashes at the 2009 Glastonbury Festival taking place at Worthy Farm in Somerset: Mudbath fears as storms hit Glastonbury

The souls began at 7 pm in shorter but heavy – but that was not enough to prevent favourite viewers enjoying the first day of music.

But over time, lightning, thunders, and thunderstorms caused fear that the 900-acre [900 ha] Somerset building could be muddy.

Campers comforted themselves with better weather forecasts from Friday afternoon. The sky should reveal when the headline of Lily Allen and Neil Young came to the station tomorrow, according to MeteoGroup predictor. But in the morning I am willing to enter more rain.

It is expected that the clear weather from late Friday afternoon is better than the first prediction, although the floods are an opportunity.

Opposition poster Allen, ska Special Offer Specialists and rock legend Young people look at the bill in the pyramid pit tomorrow.

Daily Gaga dance, famous for Jonathan Ross’s great cup of tea, will decorate another place.

Bruce Springsteen – Boss – as well as the city MC Dizzee Rascal offers a unique spectacle of talents on Saturday.

Pete Doherty, who was a favourite Kate Kate, also plays in another category.

A 30-year-old man has been hit by driving on the road and driving in an accident, but his 50,000 bail conditions allowed him to play concerts.

On Sunday, the black rockers Nick Cave and the “bad seed” will play before Britain’s revolutionary stars are closing.

Forerunner Laura Gilchrist said today: “It seems that today there is a possibility of a thunderstorm. Glastonbury is part of the world where they are placed, so there is a good chance of being one or more.

“The accident will be on Friday morning, but it seems like tomorrow’s progress, as it is in the north.

“At any time there is a risk of unwholesome flood, but the risk is too low.” The sunscreen will not be used. ”

The temperature can reach 23 ° C (73F) in the morning when the floods move, he adds.

In 2005, sudden hurricane and floods caused dissensions in the area, and many festive hosts had to use their tents as temporary boats to swim in the surrounding area.

In 2007, additional rain provided the same water mud, although the new water system claimed to be a 2005 repetition.

The complicated weather had ended the increase in the event events, where all 137,000 tickets were sold.

Police Avon and Somerset said in the first 36 hours of the war there were 54 arrests – an average strike last year.

Most imprisonments was a drug substance and a number of robberies.

According to police, the temperatures of the tent, especially, are “very low”. At this time last year, 115 have been registered, compared to 48 now.

Earlier, police have stopped and checked a van on the way to the Glastonbury area. Seven people were found on the back of the road, and two were arrested for drug abuse.

Sergeant Kerry Williams said: “In the past 36 hours, we have arrested many people over the years, and this is a very good outcome.” The military and military service, we were able to find many criminal steps. ”

The army said the monitoring system for the neighbourhood, which took place at the event for the first time, has helped keep people safe.

The purpose of this project is to encourage festive participants in neighbouring tents to make friends and to look for each other. Crime prevention texts also are sent to registered users.

Last year’s arrest was only 751 arrests, 177 related to drugs.

Threats to events in the UK:

Terrorism in the United Kingdom:

The fastest result of the attacks of September 11 and the US invasion of Afghanistan in London formed a young system of bullying and talked about the texts. They did not talk about safe international countries, armed weapons or aeroplanes. Instead, they talked about “hindering” groups, “and they collected enough ammonium nitrate fertilizers to make a big bomb.

The pioneer of the system was carefully registered MI5, inviting to attack the main shopping centre and the department of audio dancing.

At present, when science experts across the fleet and attack the Manchester Arena, this preliminary phase is a problem we face in the face of Islamic activists who do not have a political, non-military or invalid fate. Without a doubt, the most attractive focus is the reduction of fears, often common – in any of our main components – the best in everyday life. This is the term “way of life” in expressing one authority.

Despite the major incidents associated with the new era of Islamic terrorism around the world, in 1998 and 2000 faced two US security securities and US marine water supplies, the 9th or 11th anniversary of the 2001 attacks was aimed at both hard and the potential American small: the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.

In addition, if in 2004 and 2005 hundreds of deaths on trains and transport centres in Madrid and London, the same amount was transferred to the construction of a dance company in Baal in 2002. The killer who killed the road entered Glasgow. In 2007, he did it because of the neglect of the focus of his first attention: the Tigers Club in London.

From time to time attacks on the “lifestyle” are aimed at continuation. In France, a lucky blow was struck at the “Jalousie” showroom on the shopping street of the Champs-Elysees and on Nice Road from July 14 to 15.

In November 2015, people from Isis planned to kill more than 150 people in a spectacular showcase, bar, and city around Paris. In Germany, it was Berlin’s attack on Berlin.

Another example:

When a suicide bomb exploded at the Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom, killed the concert guides while exhibiting the star Ariana Grande, joining the irritating culture of invading theatres. The killers who commit such terrorist acts do not just attack the Western culture. They are trying to destroy some freedom from artwork, using the risk associated with this sentence.

The suicide bombing in Manchester was the fourth major attack in the past five years. In 2012, James Holmes killed 12 people in the case “Aurora, Colorado.” In 2015, a series of attacks in Paris aimed at Stade de France, where suicide bombs split out of sports at a time of interunion between France and Germany; criminals and suicide bombs, aimed at visiting tourists; and three shooters took captives and shooting at Bathaklan Theater during a concert. In 2016, Omar Martin killed 49 people and killed 53 others in a pulse attack, in Orlando, Florida, at a nightclub; it seems that you thought about Disney World another purpose.

Some of these terrorists say clearly that they are not intended to sow terrorism only, but they will also attack the most popular culture in the West. The Islamic State statement in the Paris attack on 2015 states one of the sites dedicated to execution at the “Batabaklan Conference Center, where apostate leaders are encountered with a prostitute gang.” The announcement of a group of burglars in Manchester defines the site as a “non-concert concert”.

The attack on cultural centres, airports or military installations, can be part of the same jihad. Still, standardization in cultural areas has a very different effect.

The airport is the necessary way. No one is going there with pleasure, and no one really has to find a place to stop flying just because the dangers were raised. Long-term costs for aeroplanes or air flights are sold for logistics, offences, and wages used for safety or security.

On the contrary, we choose to participate in concerts, movies, sports shows and even dinner for the pleasure that they give us, as well as the food that we hear before our community, whether they are gay in Orlando or friends in Paris. We can not consolidate all public messages in the aircraft that we created if we do not want to be a completely different community. And then the costs of such attacks are separated from individuals. We all share the burden of these tragedies, and we always try to imitate them in pursuit of beauty and misdemeanours with our citizens.

Many of them report on Monday night, deciding to smash Ariana Grande’s concert to identify a young woman with her young fans and even young women. Among the dead was an eight-year-old girl. It seems that no one is too young to be able to hear the excitement that can come without tradition without feeling fear – but if a child is killed in a Muslim state, then he is old enough to marry.

Such attacks are not designed to kill people who crave frescoes, and Eagles of Deadly Metal or gay men find their community in a dungeon or small girls to give chicken ears. This is an attempt to kill the idea that you can safely eat without a night, or go to any concert, anywhere, or let your child be, in the evening, happy and comfortable before the pop image. As Holmes writes in his book: “The texts are organized”.

These attacks are particularly deadly, and they are more traumatized, using an obligation associated with any artistic experience. When you put the trilogy of Batman Christopher Nolan into custody, dancing in a rock band or remix of a DJ or holding onto a red ball, you do not understand that danger is possible. Transparent art makes it dangerous. Such a darkness that frees you from everyday life, unusual or complex, provides a cover for your killer.

Children’s playgrounds, concerts, sports games and restaurants with many safety components that can make us safe. Careful monitoring of the areas where we feel comfortable and comfortable reminds us how little these areas are and where we must fight. Staying at home without fear and refusing to give up art does not win. We are all confused by James Holmes now; we celebrate in the dark theatre or club and do not give ourselves completely.

Why is this happening, and why do such targets seem to attract a terrorist?

One of the reasons is that clear intention – the foundations of war, ambassadors, government agencies, airports, etc. – have been better protected over the last ten years. Terrorism is often determined by what is possible, not by what is in line with the good plan.

Another reason to alter that Al Qaeda, which is now more inadequate now than ever, is a prominent Islamic state between jihadists, different tactics, and tactics, even if their goals are in line. Al-Qaeda veterans are at the forefront of supporting the construction of their dynamic work and trying to scrutinize the texts, in their view, the potential stakeholders will look legally. They can protect other attacks in accordance with their reading of Islamic law, which requires only the restoration of the case – in their case with Western Islamic Muslims. Some are just justified, think of the citizens of the West who are involved in the actions of their governments. But even Al-Qaeda is likely to believe that the killing of young people at a concert goes out too much.

Isis considers any other custom as a threat, the oldest destruction works in its castles to eliminate idolatry and unbelief. This puritanic ideology is an important factor in the rapid revival of all jihadists. The goddess also speaks the language of conservatives throughout the Muslim world, which deals with West culture as a major threat to small Muslims, the integration of local communities and what they consider to be their tradition.

These ideas are fundamental to the cross of the Western Islamic, which is usually very small and almost always males. Their language is different from the language used by ideologists.

However, it is extremely interesting that concerts or similar events of Isis can play that the attack is very successful.

Violent Islamic tactics want to move us to face the same threat as ever as it cannot be measured. Attacking the military base does not do this because we are not all soldiers; attack a government office or even a national prize, no, because none of them are part of our everyday life. But attack the club or nightclub, attack the youth at a concert or kids at school, and we all feel threatened quickly. This may not be considered, given opportunities to be directly reduced by terrorist violence, but this is understandable. And that is why terrorism often works.

Threats of high winds:

Week food fest:

And now it needs to be cancelled because of wind forecasts of 25 miles per hour.

The Alcester Food Festival often hosts numerous scenes for selling cheese, peas, bread, cakes, fresh and healing acoustics, fruits and vegetables, anointing pork, street food, handmade chocolates, local beers, cider and wine.

Packages are often packed, and the columns go beyond the countryside.

The event was to take place on Saturday, October 21, but it was the last minute due to climate change.

This is an editorial message posted on Facebook: “On the advice of our insurance company Eventmen and Met Office, it’s sad that we need to tell you that the Alcester Food Festival this Saturday should be cancelled due to the extinction of air in the air above 25 miles per hour.

“As custodians, we are responsible for the care of all our traders and visitors, and it is decided that the risks are too high to prevent this event.

“We appreciate the support from all of us, and we hope to see you again on May 19, 2018”.

Storms in the UK as a threat to outdoor festivals:

Storm Brian:

London people are seriously tempted by climate-resistant temptation, as Storm Bryan threatens to hit the capital.

A few days after Ophelia invaded the country, London faces strong winds and rain rains from Bryan, which will fall south of England on Friday night at a top speed of 70 miles per hour.

Preachers warn of floods and floods and say that a storm can have “big” impact from the country.

The forecast of the weather in the province is located in central and southern England from 16:00 on Saturday, but on Friday, rain and wind are almost impossible.

It is expected that on Saturday the “most stressful day” will begin in London, when the rains begin, which will be more difficult during the day.

Sunday and early next week will be bright in the rainy season.

The British were advised not to risk their lives by taking “stormy patches” on the coastal shores.

Trainees have already been warned about possible violations, the South Railway Railway told passengers to check their trips as “the worst conditions of trains” on this network over the weekend.

Weather precursor Alex Burkill said that the strong wind in England now also increased to the north in the first sense.

He said: “The heavy rain and winds slowly moved north.

“Pipes at 50-60 miles per hour in the south are less visible, and in the coastal areas, we can expect to see winds between 60-70 miles per hour.

“The most dangerous areas are on the south coast and on the west coast, but in north-west England, for example, on the western coast of Cumbria and Lancashire, which is a yellow warning zone.”

The second-century refuge was filled with a “low bomb” of low pressure on the Atlantic Ocean.

Flood can affect the festivals in the UK:

Festival No. 6:

The sports facilitators of the six secretaries defended their decision to install a parking lot and ride in a well-known area, where floods in recent days.

Hundreds of people were stoned when the site was flooded in Porthmadog after serious troubles at the weekend.

Tractors work an hour to release those who were arrested on Tuesday – while others left their cars and set out on their journey.

The army said that over the years the building was used without problems.

“We used this park and successfully participated in the rugby club of Porthmadog and without an incident four years ago and did it this year with the leadership and support of the authorities and the security team,” said Representative No. 6.

“We knew that this area was higher than ever, but we were warned by landowners, and we know that the country is very good.

“At a time when this decision was made, there were no flood warnings in the past, and there was no intervention in other institutions.”

The judge said that they are contacting Mvelo Resources Wales and organized protective measures on this site.

“But in the end, the weather can not control,” he said.

“We try to bring the best experience to our clients to all our guests, and we are very sorry about the results of this weekend.”

Both the Environmental Department of the Western Cape Department for Environmental Protection and the Council of Gwynedd reported that six sports managers and secretaries knew that the parking lot and the trip were flooded, and were warned about the accident on Saturday.

“Flood risk is a problem that the editors have for a long time,” the adviser said.

By the above example we can clearly see that floods are a greater risk for the festivals in the United Kingdom and for this they should properly opt a strategy to overcome the risks.

Legal and Ethical compliance:

Regulatory compliance of Deloitte:

High standards of management in conducting business operations are an important basis for enterprises operating at the global level. It is important that organizations cope with the risks of corruption, morality, and ethics, and an effective system of fighting corruption is an important factor in preventing these standards.

Work after the event is not enough. Prevention is better than therapy, and precautions can be used as a means of protection in negotiations with the compulsory authorities in the event of a problem. It is time to review the existing processes to combat bribery and corruption and implement measures to correct business processes and dates in order to strengthen the existing management environment.

Some of the problems that we consider to be the best for our customers include:

Are there enough processes to reduce the risk of bribery and corruption in your organization and your business relationships?

Are you in line with your goal?

Do you get the right information to understand and control your moral and regulatory risks?

Our services:

Our global legal team has assisted some of the world’s leading organizations with regulatory and compatibility issues. We have been urged by our customers to assist in some of the major and complex systems to strengthen compliance with corruption standards and to develop their administrative structures, as related to compliance with ethical standards and regulatory requirements.

We have a unique ability to help you walk this difficult place. We provide a comprehensive list of compliance management services, including:

  • Identify your current control area
  • Development and implementation of management development
  • Support internal audit activities in ethical and regulatory testing

Compliance program requirement chart is listed below:

Many of the companies in the UK follow the legal and ethical compliance in order to arrange the events.

Mitigating Factors:

The risk reduction plan is a way to develop options and actions to enhance opportunities and reduce threats to project projects. The introduction of risk reduction measures is a way to use risk reduction measures. Monitoring risks to minimizing risks involve monitoring potential hazards, identifying new hazards and assessing the effectiveness of the risk process throughout the work.

Risk Management: Fundamental StepsFigure 1.

Figure 1 explains the chart or mitigation planning and implementation.

The following risk management options are available:

Suppose / Accept: Know that there is a certain risk and make a voluntary decision to accept without any special effort to control it. Project management permissions or programs are required.

Avoid: fix the needs or limitations of the cure system or reduce the risk. This adjustment can be adjusted by changing currency, schedule or technical requirements.

Manage. Take steps to reduce the risk or risk of risk.

Appeal: Reassign organizational accountability, responsibility, and authority of another interested person intending to take a risk.

View / Monitor: Check the environment for changes that affect the situation and/or the impact of the accident.

All these solutions require the development of a system that will work and be supported to improve performance. Additional natty data for the choice of treatment are associated with best practices and subjects read below.


Research Philosophy:


The research process is the best way to get data and constantly find feedback about the ultimate goal of the study, and therefore this assumption of evaluation is the basis for completing the test. The study pre-predicted the testing process, before approaching, to begin the study and give the correct definition. As shown by two assumptions of the study: positivism and Interpretivism.


Positivism is the kind of thinking that is available in studies, reviews (using key information) for number reports, repeat playback. Positivism is available from learning experience (Christenson 2010). According to (Smith, 1983), until the nineteenth century, the appearance focuses on empty things around the world. The country used by this researcher is associated with vision and experiments, and they use the process of expressing ideas for prediction, and this type of information is known as a positivist, which has its foundations in the concept known as authenticity. Positivism was created by many builders, for example, (William 2006, Collis and Roger Hussey 2014). According to Williman, 2011 “Training has been accepted” on a good data “, because it can be assessed and tested. At the end of the day, you can think of logic and bulk evidence to allow the outcome. The credibility, which affirms the truth of a sensible strategy, is the concept of positivism (Collis, 2013)


The name mostly shows its expert is useful because it is translated into research processes, focusing on writing hypothesis and interpretability “Scientific Interpretive admits that the actual doorway (this or social development) through social, social and social changes, such as district, awareness, distinct results and tools” (Myers, 2008, p 38). Additionally, the interpretation of Interpretive is often important, and it can use different strategies, my main goal is to reflect on different aspects of the problem (Collins, 2010, p. 38). In line with (Christensen and Johnson 2010) The country is used in Interpretivism (Saunder 2010), in this study it makes rationality of double skill, such as that of the world, thinking about the world and decrypts in this regard.

Following the strategy has been cleared, which is best suited to the course of research in the Interpretitivizma country for reasons that this study takes full account of the current research and compiles relevant research, and the answer is developing current and future translation reasons, reducing the problem. (Collis 2013)


Pragmatism is a philosophy that associates with those who claim that belief or judgment is true when it works satisfactorily, that the proposal of the proposal has good results for its acceptance and that negative views should be rejected.


The researcher should be realistic. His research should be based on facts of the current era. His narrative should be realistic and clear.

Research Philosophy used:

Positivism is used as a research philosophy in this report as the research conducted is purely based on the logic and the prior experiences of the society. All the research conducted is unbiased and fair following the positivism strategy.

Research Methodology:

Research Methodology is a rule to choose the fitting exploration theory which will be more reasonable for your report. This caused us to choose the best way of research approach for accomplishing the exploration destinations; all the while this likewise encouraged us to finish the report work inside the time zone given for fruition. Before beginning the exploration we made an outline of our work and arranged it in order to follow the research steps. We did clustering to make clusters of the same information or the related ones. We moved according to the outline we drawn and first did wrote the literature review of the report which is basically the research of the topic in the literature. We did an analysis of every cluster and used compared to match the stats feasibility. The best and the accurate ones were chosen.

Research Approach

There are two types of research approach after deciding the paradigm of the report. As we have selected the Realism as our strategy. Following are the types of approach that we can use for this purpose.

  • Inductive Approach
  • Deductive Approach

The approach we chose is defined below:

Inductive Approach

Inductive approach depends on the subjective information, this implies this approach primarily relies on the hypothesis part and from this another idea is risen to figure out how to reach to the examination reason, this approach is normally centre around your exploration questions and from the writing audit and late research the examination questions is been addressed and investigates new marvels. This type of approach is purely factual and based on subjectivity rather on the objectivity.

Research Strategy: Selected for this Research

Based on the current topic we have chosen an inductive approach and we remained subjective and factual. Realism was approached and the real facts which are the results of general public thoughts were considered. Many of the facts were by public views. Biased information was avoided and the research conducted is based on the statistics of the leading bureaus. We followed the top leading sites when we needed stats. Our research was formally based on the experience of people so we went to them to know their view and we remained unbiased in asking the question. Moulded stats were avoided and rough estimations were not considered to be a part of our report.

Data Collection and Analysis Methods for this research

Data was collected by a surfing the different website providing all the details related to Risk Management. Facts were taken from different websites where polling is done by people. The root of the problem was targeted and many of the facts were taken in view which was in favour or against it.

Following steps should be followed for your report. The results obtained in our research are generalized and they were generalized as the general people were the root of every finding that how they are affected by something that occurs at an event. The findings were basically the statistics by a different organization which conducted research on this broad topic.

Research Methods:

Qualitative Research:

The most relevant study is the study of research/qualitative research. It is used to understand the causes, ideas, and motives. It presents a vision of a problem or helps to develop ideas or reasons for thorough research. Proper research is used to identify styles in thinking and ideas and raise a problem. Appropriate data collection methods vary through non-structured or structured ways. Other common ways include focus groups (group chats), individual conversations and participating/looking. The sample size is usually small, and the respondents are chosen to complete this quota.

Quantitative Research:

Some studies are used to measure the problem by creating data or data that can be converted into useful statistics. Used to measure relationships, ideas, behaviours and other variables – and summarize the results of a large sample of people. Some studies use limited data for facts and find forms of research. Many data collection methods are more organized than the collection methods for limited data. A number of data collection methods include various types of testing – internet auditing, document review, mobile surveys and kiosk reviews, personal conversations, telephone conversations, long-term courses, site tracking, online auditing and scheduled monitoring.

In this research, we are using quantitative research strategy because in our risk management the basic things which matter are the facts or the surveys. In this way, quantitative helped us in the analysis.

Nature of Research:

Descriptive Research:

Descriptive statistics use data collection and analysis strategies that report on interim, diverse and modifying measures. Summary of their summaries and communication statistics, as well as the focus of specific research questions, methods and results – that’s what separates descriptive studies from other types of research.

The three main reasons for requesting this will be to produce, indicate and approve the availability. In cases involving cases, a new investigation is carried out and includes a compilation of what is acquired in order to keep in mind the final policy in order to comply with it, and after this consideration or approval of such information (Krathwohl, 1993). Most test answers require the display of normal or personalized wonders, for example, a frame, plot, action, changes in time, connection to other miracles, etc. Regular irradiation allows you to obtain information that we do not often see or a lot of information. As a result, several key understandable signs and anthropological integration data appeared about the times outside our common colleagues. Examples of cosmologists, for example, use telescopes to perform the signs of various parts of the universe, artists of anthropologists representing life in non-public or community instances, in addition to our companies, and academic specialists in classroom teaching. This process in some cases reflects the discovery of stars and start times, new information about the structures and practices of different communities or even the reality of class life as a new advancement in schools.

Explanatory Research:

Explanatory research is an unprecedented problem; it requires questions, creates descriptions of apps and provides more information for additional information about the model. It is really a type of research plan that focuses on clarifying your research components in a very difficult way. The scientist begins with a normal thought and uses information about how the app can do future lessons. It is designed to generate small components where there is a small amount of information for something that is the most important of this specialist. To start a test, you need to plan a research plan or program to transmit your research to your pastor or manager or meeting.

Explorative Research:

A thorough study or explorative research is conducted within the framework of a study that was developed for an unprecedented problem aimed at identifying priorities, developing application descriptions and facilitating further research. Research studies include the development of good research, data collection, and selection of topics. You must draw clear conclusions only with great care. Considering, in the main, careful research concludes that the real problem is not really.

In this research descriptive technique has been used in order to describe all the risk assessments and strategies along with the descriptive analysis of the festivals or the events.

Time Horizons:

Cross-Sectional Study:

The cross-sectional research investigator simultaneously measured the result of exposure and research participants. In contrast, studies in the case of diseases (existing individuals based on the outcome of the situation) or group of subjects (participants, selected based on status exposure), members cross-sectional just selected subjects based on the installation and removal of a subject-based study After the participants are selected to study, the investigator follows a study to assess the impact and effects . Projects are used for cross-sectional population surveys and to diagnose disease diseases based on samples at the clinic. These lessons can often be done faster with not knowing well. They may be conducted or before organizing a group study, for a bacterial study. These types of buildings will provide information about the spread of results or controversies; this information will help improve the group study. However, since there is a full-scale impact on the impact and the results are difficult to find the causal relationship with the cross-sectional analysis effect. We can measure the spread of this disease in consecutive studies. In addition, we can measure the potential for being assessed by the relationship between the exposure and the results of this project.

Longitudinal Study:

Long-term courses use continuous or repeated steps to monitor certain people for a long time, usually for several years or decades. They are often seen in nature, with many details and/or quality collected by any combination of effects and effects without external impacts. This type of study is particularly helpful in assessing the relationship between dangerous substances and the development of disease and the effects of treatment at different times. Similarly, since the data is collected from those individuals within the previously defined group, the same estimate of prices can be used to analyze the changes at a certain time for the entire group or individuals.

In this research, we have used cross-sectional studies to measure the results of a particular event. In this study, we measure the particular results in order to conduct our research and to analyze.


Analysis & Findings:

Risk Management and strategies in the UK:

Considering the main risks:

Using the resources available to you in the area, create a way to deal with unfortunate incidents in order to monitor staff and volunteers in a larger area/area, for example, unexpected weather, the amount of fire or frustration that helps.

Increase the ability to manage different episodes and situations as a way of displaying temporary release, bad weather, or lack of access to key personnel of your team.

You will also need to consider your answers to real problems, including real episodes that need help in problem communities and use the design for their local problems (which can be even worse for the event).

Countering the terrorism:

The National Counter Terrorism Office, who is under stress, in the Security Directorate, provided some practical advice on how to measure the risk of a psychological opponent in an attack on space.

General public message: “Go, Hide, Tell”:


The beginning of the work is the transition to the security zone. This is a much higher decision than commitment or planning. If you do not have space, then.


Turn it off – cleverly lose it without stopping. Be sure to turn on the phone to turn off vibration. Block yourself with what you can.


Tell the police by calling at 999.

Discussing your plans:

Of all the least bad events (or organized areas and procedures), draw and discuss your programs with:

  • police
  • fire and relief work
  • ambulance service
  • contingency planning
  • to accommodate places such as sports and stadiums, location management

The details and complexity of any discussion should be the same as the risks involved. You, as an editor, and emergency services should know who will do if there is a big emergency or event.

Create an emergency program:

Most emergency action programs should address the following basic requirements:

  • to eliminate people from immediate danger
  • call and provide assistance to emergency services
  • to eliminate loss
  • to deal with those who had fled, but to the injured (for example, in the military party)
  • keep in touch with emergency services and other authorities, and if the situation is difficult, you can pass the case/emergency
  • to protect property

Procedures in case of emergency:

Procedures for workers and volunteers that must be followed in an emergency should include:

  • raise alarm and inform the public
  • Emergency response in place, which means the use of fire extinguishers
  • To apply for emergency services and continue to contact them
  • crowd management, including transportation, if necessary
  • from people with disabilities
  • road management, including emergency vehicles
  • incident management
  • first aid and medical assistance

Medical Assistance:

As employees, the HSE recommends that the invited community be included in your first medical aid, medical and medical examination. Make sure you have enough medical care and ambulance services in the area, and always contact NHS services and ambulance services so that they can measure your needs with your local skills.

Apart from small conditions, in small-scale ambulances where ambulances may be needed, and when absent, programs should be undertaken in partnership with the NHS service of the ambulance to determine how patients will be taken to the hospital.

During the “Violet forum on the external website is an example of first aid and medical examination for those who listen to this event.

Clear emergency issues and responsibilities:

You must appoint people to complete your procedures if there is any event or emergency. Make sure all relevant employees, regardless of their normal role, understand what they should do in an emergency, for example:

  • provision of these results
  • how to use emergency equipment
  • how to raise the alarm
  • who should receive the instructions from


Emergency conditions can improve rapidly. Make sure you are ready to move the audience to a full or relative without delay. The following steps will help.

Rest and exit routes:

  • Set rest routes and make sure they are always accessible and restricted
  • Make sure all the doors and gates leading to the final exit, and the exit, are available for immediate use at any time. Check out for them:
  • Unlocked – if a security problem has a problem, it should be installed without restriction
  • there are no obstacles
  • open it out to escape

Signs and lighting help to get out:

Consider the symptoms of people who are not familiar with the exit routes.

Release all rest routes so that people can safely use them in an emergency.

Emergency lighting should meet the requirements of standard British standard BS 5266-1 referring to an external website. Use the power source, such as the generator, in case of power failure.

If you use lights, light towers, etc., as temporary light, make sure they do not lighten the face of a person on the rest, making it difficult. In other words, the “festoon light” along the rest of the way restrains the glare.

Security areas:

Plan how to remove people from the area of related security, from which they can reach the full security area.

Victims of abuse:

  • Organize additional help for people with disabilities, people with disabilities, learning disabilities, and children
  • When children are separated from their parents, at playgrounds, etc., Set safer outlets so that parents cannot reach them with the usual direction to escape

Communicating with the public:

  • Plan how to report official news about public events regarding emergency services, for example, through social networks
  • For further guidance on the streets and outsourcing strategies, see the safety guidelines for the stadiums, the external web links and the guidelines for assessing fire safety hazards, links to an external website.

Show stop:

The successful emergency response may sometimes mean faster delivery and product control to prevent more danger from the audience or to start out.

The show includes:

  • Identify the relevant people, especially those who can:
  • start the show-stop process
  • contact a player or collaborator
  • contact the audience
  • we decide how these big people will start the display-stop process
  • with pre-approved public announcements (consider your contact lines, such as radio channels, PA programs)
  • to discuss the management of players or participants in advance of the display-stop process
  • After the incident
  • After reducing the risk to a standard level, you may think of restarting the function/event.
  • Just restart the work after consulting with other key agents in the field, for example, emergency services. Make sure staff returns to the place and the services are correct.

Emergency Transfer:

If emergency services mean an emergency / dangerous event, all staff and event services will work under the police order. However, the police may be able to announce one part of the event under their mandate to respond to an emergency / complicated event but to leave other parts of the event controlled by the event organizer.


In most cases, your emergency can be reviewed on the operating system, where you and other people work in different situations and put into practice the responses.

Before the event, check out the social networks, for example, radios and public ads.

Health and Safety in the music events industry:

Events and especially music events need to make good planning and think in advance. In most cases, it is recommended that you create a team to control this planning process. It is important to take risks in thinking and making decisions. Looking at the rules and rules specifically, you can provide a safe place for both employees and audience. This includes the Health Security and Safety Act in 1974 and the Occupational Employment Regulations in 2005.

Each event and business is different and it is important to seek recommendations from other sources, including local authorities and emergency services. Below are a few places to consider when planning a music event.


The existence of several contracts in this area can create a problem of safety and health. Assisting the contractor in providing their health and safety policies, as well as an explanation of where accidents may occur, can help. Permission control can be a simple process on paper, especially when working with several contractors from several organizations. Before entering into contracts or external employees, make sure that there are clear principles and security requirements that are sent to all interested parties and clear.

Access and Exit:

You need to consider how your audience will react and get out of the music hall. Temporary traffic signs or marshals of events may need to move traffic to the desired location. When cars arrive in your area, parking should be considered to include audiences, coaches, and artists. When editing any event, you need to consider the travel of all clients. When visitors leave their cars, their trip is still important. Ideally, pedestrians should be divided into access to the car. If this is inevitable, you should arrange safe conversions and routes.


It’s also upset, in particular, the height, of course, in any music event. High levels of voice can cause a potentially harmful audience. This is because a large volume can occur due to a high level of vibration. This is a requirement for the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1974 and Noise at Work 2005, where employers and event organizers protect their employees and listeners from music and drunkenness. Audio levels and standards should be assessed during the review, as well as sound testing and performance to ensure full control and ability to adjust.

Crowd management:

To organize a crowd, in any case, there must be a clear understanding of the quantity, personnel or managers in their hands, how to organize them and who is responsible. Appeal to the crowd is not a control of people, but an understanding of mental discrimination and the ability to properly control it. The risk criteria include an emergency program and a first aid program that should be created to facilitate mobility of crowds, injuries and other major incidents associated with mass conflicts and sport and public places.

Communication Management:

Social media has risen at events in the past three years, operating as a “live channel” for all the activities from the provision of the wedding to the buses update. However, it’s a quick “fast button”, if it is not rated, it can be tested or edited. Public transport in events is the key to managing potential problems with crowds, possible incidents and ensuring that all known issues are assessed and answered.

Seven key factors which can save the companies organizing festivals from risk management:

Each business is presented in a variety of ways that can affect its encouraging effects and two outcomes inside and outside and is also limited to the rest of the country. By using business management from the very beginning, organizations can legally respond and apply emergency action, rather than participate in “eliminating fire” or under emergency management mode.

Prior Identification:

Many project managers began to edit accidents on paper (or, at present, electronic texts), but existing documents may be the first helpful site. Check out project plans or editorial documentation. Do not forget your people, each member of the team is doing an experience and can help identify potential dangers. One check and group inspections can help identify new hazards.

Who is increasing the risks?

The project risk manager should remember that pointing out all the risks involved in the first step needed to determine who has the full understanding of each activity. Giving owners ownership of personal risks and giving them the responsibility to develop business processes around you can give you great power and ensure that the worst situation is handled by grace.

Opportunities should not be forgotten:

Many projects have some form of anxiety because people also react only to the danger of a fire. In project disaster management, risk should not be defined as an action that has a negative impact. From time to time, unexpected events add motive, reduce costs or increase the speed of work. Setting up a team together to explore new opportunities, or at least the recognition that has already taken place, can increase confidence and publish the project.

The prior risk for analysis:

If project managers are actively aware of all possible risks, there will probably be more successful management even after transfer and ownership. Enough time a day. The priority of risks, based on the potential source and high potential of incidents, ensuring a focus on the welfare of the workforce. Comprehensive risk analysis, including both causes and consequences, and increases the risk of results during lead, product quality, or total cost.

Contingency is always less than risk response:

After prioritizing risks, project managers should strive to understand which programs can be used to minimize each damage. Although there may be an urgent idea of developing high-risk names, a large number can be found in developing plans, completely avoiding risk. Is it possible that the project uses a different option or creates different data, reduces the risk? This means that it is important to create programs that cope with problems for sale, for example, if possible.

Ensure the risk monitoring is on time:

Just as the project manager will keep tabs, every day as the work continues, they need to constantly know how their dangers and problems change during the life cycle of the project. As a rule, priority should vary between the first, middle and end of a particular function. This includes tracking some of these systems and how they work effectively in reducing risk. If the system does not work, the project manager must retest or teach those who have the task of overestimating the required response.

Use of risk analysis software should be increased:

All these steps can be performed efficiently in accordance with flexible risk management platforms that automatically work for the main diagnostic and evaluation tasks that must be performed for all projects. These tools help to collaborate in collaboration, providing disaster reviews and encouraging excellent players to create documents and help create monitoring dashboards through analytics. From there, disaster risk management software can easily make auditors accessible from the information gathered by these embedded processes provided by the relevant employee with ongoing monitoring. Indeed, it is logical, in modern complex connections, with powerful regulatory policies and rapid project livelihoods to effectively use intelligent software, collaboration.

Initial planning and reliable monitoring, as well as continuous communication, carry a lot of risks. The use of disaster risk management software helps to make all components of the process easier, in any living environment. Do not allow disaster management to remain active after a repetition. Instead, take control and use unexpected things.

Chapter 5


By all the research and the strategies of the risk management and observation of the Glastonbury festival, we came to know that there are multiple risks associated with the festivals in the UK in which the main thing is the terrorism which is mainly affecting the country. To imply risk management strategies all the employers must be assured and given license when they apply the strategies and mitigation factors should be kept in mind.

Now coming to the point of terrorism we know that it’s not the issue of UK only but it is the issue worldwide and the whole world is fighting against it and it is clear for sure that it’s affecting the people of large scale. As we have seen in the introduction that people in the UK are crazier about attending the events. If we won’t ensure the public safety and will free the terrorists to go and attack people who will visit the events and how will the economy grow?

For that, we have also seen in the analysis that it is affecting the UK on large scale and the attack in Manchester has taken many precious lives. Looking at the present conditions of UK we can clearly see that most of the companies are much concerned with the safety of the common public and most of them are also applying the risk management techniques but the threats require more steps to be taken and it should make sure that all risk management strategies are applied in order to ensure the public safety at musical concerts or festivals. Metal detectors and proper gates should be installed in order to ensure public safety. Risk departments should be ready to encounter every problem. Risk department should make compulsory that before every event there should be a proper risk assessment which can ensure that even if the unusual incident happens the teams should be able to fight and control the situation after the disaster.

Floods have always been a serious problem in the UK and whenever a flood or disaster comes like hurricanes the United Kingdom and its people have to bear most of the time. Even in Glastonbury incident, we came to know how the flood has affected people and how they survived. As these events are unusual and are really affecting the people and the festivals or the events we should properly maintain a risk management which would ensure the public safety before and after the disaster comes. Disaster Management authorities should inform the organizers about the present risks and ensure the safety of common people who are contributing a lot to the economy of United Kingdom. Looking at the threats of the floods UK authorities should properly contact the climate change departments in order to ensure public safety at the outdoor festivals. Flood authorities should give warnings by time and in case of this is not done risk authorities should be ready to fight with any kind of mishap.

Having a look at the high winds in the UK it is obvious that high winds affect the festivals that are outdoor ones. This should also be taken into account and made compulsory that every risk assessment should be done. High winds are a serious concern to the festivals which are outdoor ones. All the people are under the sky and the wind speed in the UK is very high and due to that people can be injured. This need to be seen critically and every aspect should be taken into account.

Moreover, all the companies who want to work in the UK and are organizing events should be given licence only and only if they are having a proper risk management department and team. They should be made compulsory by the legislation to have a proper risk analysis team so that people of UK may not face disasters anymore.

On the same side, people participating in such events should cooperate with the risk analysis team so that they should not face any difficulty in assessing the probability of incidents and risks associated with particular events. Along with that people should collaborate in identifying any kind of absurd activity around them. Terrorism can only be overcome if the people contribute to public safety. If you see any activity that is unusual in your area or you see any person who is wandering in your area and is having an absurd behaviour you should properly inform the agencies fighting for terrorism so that they can counter it on time. By such means, we can counter collectively all those issues which are a serious concern to problems in the UK.

At last, I would end by saying that a collective effort can make everything possible and this can be done by the contribution of teams which assess risks as well as people.


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