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Redemptive love in the Spitfire Grill

1. Are there moments in our life that hurt us deeply and it is difficult to acknowledge them? Why is it so painful to heal?

There are moments in our lives which leaves a deep impact on us. Such moments injures our souls deeply, and healing of a soul is a painful process. Sometimes the pain is so deep that we cannot bear even to recognize them and all we do is try to forget them as if they don’t even exist. A wound heals when we give proper care to it. We deny the existence of the wound so that we don’t have to care for it, but an uncared wound is also painful. In the movie Hannah, Percy and Eli (Hannah’s son) were all deeply wounded, and their wounds were so deep that it was affecting their lives.

2. Which characters embody the idea of redemptive love?

Redemptive love means losing oneself for the sake of saving or emancipating another person. In this movie, redemptive love is portrayed by different characters like Percy who sacrificed her life not only to save Elli but the whole village. Her sacrifice bought dignity, desire, and longing back to Gilead and bought Hannah and her son back together.  Shelby relative of Hannah also embodies redemptive love. As the movie progress, we see that Percy and Shelby, after Hannah got injured pitched in to save the spitfire grill. Hannah allowed Percy to work at her place and letting her manage everything after her injury depicts redemptive love.

3. Introduction to the movie

The movie Spitfire grill is a movie which teaches us sacrifice for the sake of others. This movie illustrates a deep bond between three women and this friendship in the base of the movie. In this movie two main characters, Hannah and Percy had deeply wounded souls, and they helped each other in the healing process. Percy gave her life for the sake of Hannah and the village and was healed for the guilt and shame she was suffering from. Hannah got her son back and was healed.



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