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Ethical and Culturally Relevant Considerations

Research Pre-Proposal

The ratio of counselors to students has been so low in schools. Counselors are less in the community hence resulting to burnouts. Due to the high population of students counselors have allocated specific time for counseling the school. Providing guidance and counseling to students can be quit draining and at the same exhaustive. This is facilitated by stress and the load of work that counselors encounter. Through the research I came up with an outcome that counselors are very helpful to most students and in fact to society at large. They help students to make transitions, academic programing, education support and disciple. My research at the school of TY assisted me to find out the hard task faced by counselors in helping the students. The school has a capacity of 570 counselors and a population of 2500 student’s .Comparing the two the ratio of students was high comparing that of the students.

I had the privilege to have a discussion with the two counselors .They say they do a lot of work but they have a way of dealing with the burnouts .Being a high school, students undergo a lot of things and as such they need counseling in every situation of their lives. But their roles kept changing each day. Their role in the school was that they were supposed to be accountable and analyze data that will be effective and maximize the value of students. More so, they are supposed to know a problem of a student and advise accordingly. Another one was to deal with problems like cyber bullying among younger students in the school .You are supposed to engage your students and tell them the consequences of cyber bullying in school. By doing that it enables students to be equitable access to educational opportunities and broadens their knowledge in thinking.

The present investigation is set to identify the work of counselors in school and the burnouts they go through because of work. They say to become a counselor you must sacrifice yourself because of the many things that you have to handle. The research discusses about school counseling and some of the struggle they undergo in their work.

Research Problem

Currently the students to counselor ratio are at an all-time high. Today we know professional counselor found themselves suffering from burnout. What we don’t know is if providing more professional counselor in each institution will be effective enough to address school counselor inadequate practices due to onset burnout.

The significance of the Problem

Today school counselors are confronted with issue of complexities while remaining responsible for meeting the needs for all mandated/non mandates students in their school environment. Studies suggest onset of burnout ultimately results in inadequate servicing. Evidence base practices of counseling programs help provide implementation of necessary support (Wardle, & Mayorga, 2016). However limited amount of service time puts a strain on counseling professional resulting in onset of burnout.

Benefits of the Research Project

Addressing and identifying the current student to counselor ratio for prevention of inadequate practices is vital to providing liable development of instructive, emotional social-personal operational attainment for all students. Lowering the student to counselor ratio will benefit school counselors practice habits and their student’s success over the lifespan?

Literature Review

Predictive measures were considered in determining burnout indicators (Wardle, & Mayorga, 2016). For instance, a recent survey research was designed to determine if Master level counseling students revealed conceivable indicators of burnout

Recent studies suggest a positive correlation of student’s success relating to allotted time for more counseling sessions (Kovač, & Krečič, 2014).

Recent studies address Wood’s research study was able to provide clarity for the essential further methodologies to support gifted students. However she was only able to discuss the basis for this particular area. Perhaps this is due to the small amount of literature and outcome research that documents gifted and talented students experiences with counselors.

Sumerlin and Literell research bridged a gap between social science, psychology, and education in its connection to the impact of passion over the span of a counselor’s career. The terms passion and burnout presented in the literature was clarified and defined. The phenomenon of passion is clarified as internal fuel and can be measured by presented behaviors of emotional attributes of love and care. Whereas the phenomenon of burnout is the personification of physical, mental and emotion exhaustion. The organization of the literature is clear and provides an understanding to the importance of maintaining a sense of passion in the event of avoiding burnout. However a large portion of this research suggests spirituality and religion are heavily influential avenues in maintaining passion and enthusiasm throughout the career span. Therefore potential biases within this study are presented.

With a large numbers of reviewed literatures indicating professional counselors experiencing stress and burnout; leaves counselors in a state that is not equipped to provide high levels of quality services to their students.. A non-experimental approach to investigate the quantitative single survey was distributed via electronic mail. The survey was broken into a two part instrument. Part one consisted of a demographical inquiry such as: age, gender, race and employment. Part two consisted of burn out assessment questions On the other hand a recent Quasi-experimental, nonequivalent comparing the partners in prevention (PIP) program to the school counseling model with at risk elementary school students. The sampling was selected from a rural school district in central New York City. The PIP selection was larger (2,500) than the school counseling participants (570). The data was collected and analyzed through Likert-type scale and academic overall averages. All though both studies utilized a form of Likert base research, the quasi experiment did not use a randomized selection and implemented a comparison amongst two groups.

Research Design

This is a qualitative phenomenological research design. Supported by with the Ground Theory implementation to build a theory grounded in the outcomes.

Research Purpose Statement and Questions

The purpose of this study is to know why there is burnout among counselors .It has been discovered that it is because of the ration of students to that of counselor’s .During my interview with them they said that they have got used with their work and they are working so as to help their students.

Present your research purpose statement. Present your research question(s). If you are proposing a quantitative study, you may present your research questions in the form of one or more hypotheses.

Data Collection Plan

If you are proposing a qualitative study, use the following subheadings to present your data collection plan and erase the subheadings for the quantitative study.

Sampling Approach

In the current investigation, random sampling method has been used. The approach is very useful in the present research because of the equal opportunity provided for each sample to get selected and leading to reduction the chances of error and personal bias

Gaining Permission

Before any research you have to seek permission to get the premises .By that I visited the school lucky enough I was given the permission to access it .

Data to be collected

Data collection is the key value of research .You have to collect that you want from your investigation .Collection of data involves the use interviews and questionnaires so as to get good results.

Procedures for Recording Data

Research allows a researcher to use various methods to record their data. In the current study, inductive approach has been applied which will help in investigation from specific to general. The main focus of the study is to understand the important attributes of project manager in the success of manufacturing industry in Cambodia. It is development of new theory as a result inductive approach has been used. So, it is the best approach for achieving the objective of the study.

Data Analysis and Interpretation Plan

If you are proposing a qualitative study use the following subheadings to present your data analysis and interpretation plan and erase the subheadings for the quantitative study.

Preparing and Organizing Data for Analysis

  • Exploring and Coding the Data
  • Building Description and Themes
  • Reporting Findings
  • Interpreting Findings
  • Validating the Accuracy of the Findings

Ethical and Culturally Relevant Considerations

Research ethics focuses on the application of ethical norms and principles in the research .The research concept becomes very important when human participants are involved in the research since ethical issues are a focus in this study as people are included as respondents .There are three main objectives in ethics. Firstly, ethics is meant to protect the human participants. Secondly, the research should be conducted in such a manner that protects the interests of people and the entire society. The last objective in concerned with the promotion of confidentiality, management of risk and taking consent of the participants. Researchers should follow the guidelines and ethical norms during their research. They should take care of the safety and security of the respondents(Madiba, ).Confidentially should be maintained.

In the present research, the author has taken all the appropriate steps to ensure safety and security of the data. Some of the information has been collected from secondary sources which have been referenced. Plagiarism and manipulation of data has been taken care of in the entire report. Moreover, the present study has followed all the necessary rules and guidelines related to ethics in research.


In conclusion, research work is one of the best things to do but also the hardest. Counselors in most schools suffer burnouts because of the work they do. This is because of the ratio of students to that of counselor’s .My research work was successful but I encountered so many problems during my investigation. The first problem was that the counselors had no time like there were students who came for counseling classes and by that the counselors had to stop and serve the students. I would try managing that by interviewing the counselors during their free time .The second problem was that of managing my data in that it was hell because my notes were scattered because I would interview them differently .Coming out with the actual information and data was very hard. To deal with such a problem in my next research was to take advantage of technology and stay focused during the research period. Another problem I had no research team this made my work to have challenges and problems during my research .To that I learnt that counselors play a significant role in our schools .They build a study line for students and build their career.References

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