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How is Gilgamesh described in the prologue? What makes him unique?

Gilgamesh is described to have perfect body, beauty and courage all which are a gift from the Gods. He is also said to be two-thirds God and one-third man.

What is the name of Gilgamesh’s friend and equal?

Enkidu is the name of Gilgamesh’s friend and equal.

Who is Ishtar? How does Gilgamesh treat her? What is her response?

Ishtar is the goddess of love and sexuality; she proposes to Gilgamesh but he rejects her. Ishtar feels deeply insulted and releases Bull of Heaven killing three hundred men.

How does Gilgamesh’s friend die and why was it considered ‘shameful’?

Gilgamesh leveled the cedar forest and killed the guardian of the forest Humbaba so as punishment, the Gods took the life of his beloved friend Enkidu. He considered his death shameful as he is cursed by the goddess and did not die in a battle.

How did Gilgamesh react to the death of his friend? Give some specific examples from the text.

Gilgamesh lamented the death of his friend, he wandered in the wilderness and plains. He cried for seven days and seven nights refused to hand over the body of his friend. Until on the seventh day when a maggot crawled out of Enikdu’s nose, he finally accepted his death.

Why does Gilgamesh seek out Utnapishtim?

Gilgamesh sought him to gain immortality.

Where does Gilgamesh find himself after he emerges from the darkness of the mountains? How is this place described? What are the two things Shamash notices about him?

He finds himself in the garden of the gods. There are bushes covered with gems, fruits hung from vines while leaves were of lapis lazuli, thorns and thistles were made of rare gem whereas the sea was made of pearls. Shamash noticed that Gilgamesh wore the skins of animals and ate their flesh.

What did Utnapishtim do to be granted immortality?

He saw a prophetic dream in which he was advised to build a boat and place pairs of every living creature. He did so and the flood came and covered the earth for seven days and seven nights. Then his boat landed on a mountain, where he made a sacrifice to the gods and was granted immortality.

Where did Gilgamesh find the secret treasure revealed to him by Utnapishtim? What was the intended use of the treasure Gilgamesh found?

Gilgamesh found the plant underwater and it was said to restore a man his lost youth.

What creature stole the treasure from Gilgamesh? What happened to the creature and what does this explain?

A serpent stole the treasure and immediately shed its skin. This indicates that the serpent’s youth was restored.


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