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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The EPA is the administrative agency that governs the manufacturer’s regulatory compliance.

The agency administers all laws relating to the environment such as laws on toxic substances, pesticides, solid wastes, air pollution and water pollution.

Safeguarding of the natural environment and protecting human health is the mission of the agency.

EPA researches effects of chemicals on the marine waters and mandates the limits of chemicals and other water pollutants. The aim is to conserve and protect the natural environment.

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The agency regulates the processing, manufacturing, and distribution of chemicals and other environmental pollutants.

The EPA has the role of determining the safe tolerance level for the paint in water and ensure the manufacturer complies with the set level.

The agency uses sanctions, fines and other procedures to enforce its regulations.

The agency was developed due to the neglect of environmental effects of chemicals by manufacturers, for instance, the birth defects on marine animals caused by the paint manufacturer.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)

The function of the agency is to protect wildlife, fish and their habitat.

It coordinates with other federal agencies such the EPA to assess the impact of chemicals such as paint on marine life.

It works to ensure proper management of wildlife, fish and natural habitats.

The paint causes birth defects on marine life hence goes against the mandates of the agency.

The law enforcement office contributes to the agency’s effort to prevent marine environment pollution.

Readers notes.

The EPA administers the laws relating to the environment and ensures the manufacturer comply with the set laws. The EPA laws prevent the marine environment pollution due to toxic chemical substances such as paints, pesticides. The laws are set to safeguard the natural marine environment and protect human health. The agency ensures the manufacturers are knowledgeable of its regulations.

The agency ensures marine life protection by regulating processing, manufacturing, and distribution of potential chemical pollutants. The research that the agency conducts on the effects of chemicals on the environments assist the regulation of the chemicals used. The agency enforces the law through fines and sanctions on the manufactures who fails to comply with the laws. The paint manufacturer neglects the effects of the paints on marine animals.


The EPA coordinates with the FWS agency to ensure the protection of marine environment, wildlife, and fish. The FWS agency conduct assessment to determine whether the chemical from the manufacturer causes birth defects in the marine life. The law enforcement office assists the agency in protecting the aquatic habitat.



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