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Elder’s View Of Aging


The aim of this paper is to discuss the elderly and their view on ageing. After several efforts in looking for a person to interview, I finally met an old man outside the church and asked him if I could interview him. At first, it wasn’t easy, but after a lengthy conversation, he gave in and agreed to conduct an interview with him during the midweek at his apartment.


The interview kicked off well, but the respondent was a little nervous. During the interview, the old man revealed to me that he lives alone. He has two children, both of whom are ladies and got married in different nations. Her wife died in her late forties due to lung cancer. He has been living alone since then and taking care of himself since her two daughters rarely come to visit her.

Due to my anxiety, I asked the respondent what he loved doing most in his youth stage and missed a lot. Openly, he told me that he misses his youthful life. He enjoyed playing football and basketball. They were one of the best games he used to play with his friends.

Elder’s View Of Aging

When I asked him about his view on ageing, his response was quick and first. He said that ageing is a process and is a blessing from God. It’s something that you cannot avoid, and everybody has to pass it.

During the interview, we discussed various challenges faced by the elderly. We started off the interview by discussing how ageing adults start to feel when they think about nursing home care. The response he gave is that it’s not a good situation when they hear about that. Most of them start to fear that their death is approaching. These cause a lot of mental problems, worsening their health more. From the interview, the respondent acknowledges that nurses employed in the nursing home should practice more caring to them than dictating to them.

Another issue we discussed is the diet the old adults and the ageing are taking. Most adults, more so those who are ageing, skip meals regularly. The respondent told me that this is due to the stress they undergo. You find some are divorced and widowed, so they do not have somebody who takes care of them. Some of them they have lack enough teeth to eat meals that they require chewing. Due to this, they result in poor nutrition, leading to their poor health. He advised nurses to understand them and not judge them for their health, which is in a poor state.

The last and third issue that I came across that old adults go through is the challenge of financial problems. The respondent told me that most ageing adults lack enough finances. Due to this challenge, they fear that they will not get assistance from those who will take care of them. Some of them will look down upon them, and they won’t get enough care.

At the end of the interview, I thanked the respondent for his time, the honesty of his answers, and the patience he showed. This is due to the fact that people like to share their private as they fear being disclosed and discussed with others.

Therapeutic Communication Techniques

To gain a deeper understanding of the interview process, this study utilized Van Mane’s Phenomenological approach to analyze the responses given (Murray, 2018). Therefore, this therapeutic technique was found to be appropriate for the interview. The interview used therapeutic communication techniques such as silence and the use of broad openings. The silence was employed to enable the elderly couple to digest all the information concerning their life experiences.

Therapeutic communication generates enough information when the respondent is given the opportunity to direct the flow of the interview (Murray, 2018). The respondents gained a chance to communicate what they decided concerning the topic of the interview. More insights were developed from this technique. Therefore, the interview was highly accredited for its utilization. It is a predominant method of collecting data. Mostly, it is applied by the researcher to avoid potential and actual sources of bias (Murray, 2018).

The interview was faced with a semantic barrier. Next time, I will avoid the use of more subtopics and be general. The interview brought positive change because the findings were employed by the concerned agencies.

Teaching Topic:

Causes of Duodenal Ulcers

Some of the techniques used to present information included drilling and practice and cognitive domain technique. Drilling and practice helped the respondent commemorate basic health and well-being concepts. Various adult learning principles, such as motivation and preparedness to learn initiatives, were employed. They were motivated by public awareness initiatives, which enlightened them on the entire structure and content of the lessons. The teaching lesson is intended to create awareness of the agencies that facilitate support for the elderly’s needs. The writing was used to evaluate the cognitive aspect of teaching and tested if they were able to teach (Carey, 2018).

The digestive system organs, such as small intestines, duodenum, and pancreas, and the enzymes produced were also analyzed. The secretin enzyme is responsible for sending signals in the secretion of water and bicarbonate from the pancreas (Macinko, 2018).

The study also took into account duodenal ulcers and their causes. Duodenal ulcer is an open score due to the breakage of the lining of the duodenum, which is the upper part of the small intestines, which is normally connected to the stomach. From the stomach, food moves through the duodenum. Enzymes in the duodenum are stimulated to produce mucus and some chemicals responsible for protecting the tissues and covering their walls from the acid. If the acid interferes with this protection and passes to the walls of the duodenum, it causes an ulcer. In the real sense, men are more affected than humans by duodenum ulcers. The infection is also common in families with a history of duodenal ulcers. (Macinko, 2018).

Symptoms of duodenal ulcers involve complications such as bleeding and perforation. This causes a lot of pain, which calls for medical attention. The infection is caused by bacteria called H.pylori. Other causes involve the anti-inflammation medication used by people to relieve muscle pain, which causes excess production of acid in the stomach. Other factors contributing to duodenal ulcers include caffeine, nicotine as well as the excessive consumption of alcohol (Carey, 2018). The prevention of duodenal ulcers involves triple therapy, which is aimed at reducing the production of the acid in the stomach.


From the elderly perspective, the interview and teaching added to the list of their best and most enlightening life experiences as well as the duodenal ulcers and their effects, symptoms, organisms and other factors that contribute to their infection. In my opinion, the entire project positively impacted the ageing elderly group.


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