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Education as a tool for gaining a better perspective on the surrounding world


Evolution depends upon learning. We observe, learn, and grow. Historians call humans social animals as we tend to connect with each other and get knowledge from the interactions. This knowledge makes us a species with intelligence. Education plays an important role in the human mind’s and consciousness’s personal growth. We can observe a clear difference between the mindset of a person belonging to today’s civilized society and a person who belonged to a society ten thousand years back when people used to live in caves. We observed and learned from the environment using our five senses documented those experiences and passed them on to our generations. That is how we accumulated knowledge and became civilized.

The first and most important thing about education is it brings the necessary knowledge and ability to process that knowledge for the benefit of people around us. Education is a tool for gaining a better perspective on the surrounding world. It shapes our opinion and builds our point of view regarding certain things like politics, economics, behaviors, religions, society, and life itself. Education might not be the only thing that brings knowledge but it plays a critical role in our personal development, and at the moment we don’t possess a structural process like education to enhance our behavioral capabilities. We get information about the universe through our senses but that information is in the raw form, and education is the tool that converts that information into meaningful knowledge. Education allows us to differentiate things and thoughts while developing techniques like critical thinking, analysis, and collaboration. The education helps you understand the meaning of life the purpose of this universe and how it works. Education breaks myths and superstitions by concentrating on the thought that every happening has a reason, which we can explain using scientific methods. So, getting knowledge changes our perspective regarding life and we understand the meaning of it (Why Is Education So Important in Our Life? | Blog at EdLab, TC).


I think that education made me what I am right now. Education developed good behavior and an excellent understanding of me. It made me think objectively and critically about the matter and do my job efficiently. I have had many educational experiences during my school and college life, which have shaped my personality. Still, the technical projects sharpened my managerial as well as research capabilities. During the last year of my school, I had to perform a project in a group setting. We were a group of three, and we created a handmade weather station that could measure six environmental variables including wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, air humidity, air temperature, and amount of rain. This project was very interesting in the way that it made me create everything from scratch which was quite challenging and at the same time very interesting too. We had quite distinctively completed the project along with all the deliverables and the final presentation. This project educated me very well as it had a lot of new things to offer and it was my first mega project. This project developed my managerial, research, and teamwork skills and I learned a lot of new subject knowledge during the project. The teamwork ability I learned from this activity helped me in other areas of life because it developed a sense of tolerance and respect for others in me. So overall this was a great experience to learn and grow.

I had the biggest stage of fright during my school life, which made me fall behind in most of the activities during school. I happened to be shy from the beginning, so I always used to sit behind and try not to get into the limelight. I used to hate the show-off and boast about it, so these were some of the reasons that I tried not to get attention. In the eighth grade, a science teacher had the habit of asking the students to read the passage of the chapter loudly while standing in front of the whole class. This experience was like a nightmare for me, I can feel my ankles right now.

It was the first time I stood up in front of other children, making me very nervous. When I was on the stage, I was shivering and unable to concentrate. And after that, the worst thing happened. The children started whispering and exchanging smiles, which made me panic most horrible. Even now, this makes me think less of myself, think I should not be afraid of them, and have confidence. At that moment, the role of the teacher was to cheer me up and give me confidence, but she did not say anything nor boost my morale. I think it was my teacher’s responsibility at that moment to counsel me on that matter and should have given me some tips to overcome that situation, but no help came from a teacher that day. That made me struggle, but now I am confident enough to present on any topic after years of practice and fighting. I think it was my worst educational experience due to the irresponsibility of the teacher.


Hard work and devotion are two very important things to be successful in life. Luck plays a little role in one’s prosperity, but determination will always be fruitful. So, I think if we devote ourselves to learning and doing hard work, we will be able to achieve wonders no matter what hardships and difficulties come our way.


Why Is Education So Important in Our Life? | Blog at EdLab, TC. Accessed 5 Feb. 2018.



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