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Don’t judge a book by its Cover Essay

Too many people make assumptions about the things we meet and have every day based on their appearance. Right from the simple things like the vegetable from the grocery store, to complex decision like choosing a person whom you spend the rest of your life with, are decisions made by the appearance of these things. We choose things on their appearance from the outside. If something on the outside has not defected, we are excited and believe it is the same on the inside.

However, many things in life, the outside beauty, perfection is not the most important to the inner beauty and perfection. For instance, a vegetable at grocery store tastes bad, but high nutrient content, a book with the colorful cover page but boring and uninspiring. A beautiful woman with a perfect figure, but not a good choice for you to marry. In other words, appearance it is not the essential thing.

Consequently, the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” speaks volumes in many aspects of people, things, and situations. The phrase avoids people to make misleading judgments on a book just because of its covers. An example, for many students, they don’t like the idea of raising up early in the morning to go to school. Some mornings are colder than others and the sleep it is very sweet! But yet they don’t have a choice to raise up leave their bed for school. Given of the sacrifice the student is making, many of them do not quite see the value of their work. Neither can they comprehend that the same sacrifice will be continued for some years.

Nevertheless, the true value of what they have been doing for many years is seen after they start eating the fruits of their labor. Yes, education may be very bitter because of the way we acquire it. However, when we look deeper, education eradicates mediocrity, it improves the livelihood of a person and society at large.

Therefore, conventionally don’t judge a book by its cover means that for you to know the true value of a thing, you have to spend time with it to know. In other words, appearance lies. But the true value of a person is on the inside, their character.

In the leadership history of Jews people, as we read the Bible, we come across an old man by the name Samuel. Samuel was a prophet, he could see things yet to happen, and all his life he was dedicated to the service of God. One day, he had a task to undertake, he was directed by the Lord, to go and anoint another king for the people of Israel from Jesse’s sons since the king who was already in the leadership had disobeyed God. Samuel went to Jesse’s home where he was to anoint the next king of Israel

Upon arrival, Samuel explained the reason for coming to the old man Jesse. So the old man, Jesse, called out his son and lined them up in order of their age. Oh, these young men on the outside, they seemed to have all it takes for a king, or rather what Samuel was looking for. The men were tall, handsome, attractive and were men for battle and so Samuel was tempted to anoint them because of their looks, but they were not the best choice.

The best choice for a king in Jesse’s family was in the forest looking after his father’s flock. David, the youngest son had the qualities of a king; his older brothers never knew neither his father. So, when David came from the grazing field, Samuel knew that he was the perfect choice, so he anointed him to be the king though the youngest in his household.

David, while grazing he cared for his father’s sheep. He killed a lion and a bear, which could harm the sheep and saved them. This was so brave of this young man, but none of their family members knew. After the anointing, David achieved many great things like liberating his society from the slavery by the Philistines by killing a fierce warrior Goliath. David killing this giant, Goliath, escalated his fame by leaps and bound. All the warrior in Israel, including his own brother, feared the giant. There wasn’t a person who dared to confront Goliath, all the warrior had stayed for a day in battle camp in shame and intimidation. However, when David heard of this Philistine warrior hears was burned with eager to kill him and liberate his people. This act can only be done by someone who is brave than we can see.

In the light of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ we obviously see how we are used to judging people for their appearance. David, though young he was the best choice of king, he was so brave and caring. This was qualities not seen on the outside and are not appearing. So, beauty is only skin deep; the true beauty is on the inside.

In conclusion, it is difficult to change the way we see things or people because we are visual people. It is easy to be lied to that the shiny, beautiful and flashiest things to be ‘better.’ The only way to put discrimination aside is by looking keenly to the true value for everything and by maintaining strict self-discipline. It is only by looking, the less obvious features we can know the true value of a person, idea or a thing. Then we shall be confident to judge.

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