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Writing A Professional Cover Letter

The cover letter is the first impression of the candidate towards the employer. Since the employer will be generating an opinion by seeing the cover letter before interviewing me, I would try to make it completely professional and explain my potential to the fullest. Even a simpler cover letter with the name and address at the top centre of the document. The date will be on the left side following the general template, and below that would be the person I am communicating through the cover letter, along with the address and appointment stated.

Once these initial requirements are fulfilled, I will begin with direct communication and state the purpose of applying to this company. Since I have to opt for professional goals, I will be upgrading my skills and education in the financial sector. The statistics show that the finance sector is the fastest-growing sector in industrialization. I would like to state my motivation for offering my services to this particular company with the aim of growing and learning within their professional setup. Also, I would like to state the expertise without any repetition and how it is exclusive and will help the targeted business to experience growth in the financial sector. In the end, I would pay my gratitude and desire a positive response from the management.




Mr. John Ellington

Florida Financial Services

1290, Studio Street

Orlando, Florida 2210-6789

Dear Mr. John,

Florida Financial Services has been ranked as the top-notch financial institution within the finance sector. Since your company has only exceeded the standards of perfectionism and professionalism over the years and has been able to correspond to the business needs, it has been a motivation and inspiration for the people interested in pursuing a career in this field. Considering my personal expertise and motivation to grow in this industry, I find your company to be the most privileged platform with which to begin my career. Not only will it help in growing in the professional spectrum, but it is expected to guide in achieving the highest standards of perfectionism, which is the biggest virtue of Florida Financial Services. I graduated with prominent grades in financial studies. Also, as an experience, I have done a few internships during the degree, which is mentioned for gaining insight into the professional work environment. I hope this letter will explain my motivation and determination to work with your company and will help me nourish my dream of growing as a professional financial individual.



Forum Week-1

The base and success of any business depend completely upon the mission statement of the business. Every business, whether it is service-oriented or manufacturing, begins with the aim of what it wants to serve its customer sector. For example, the food business would like to serve quality food products to its targeted market. The manufacturing company will only manufacture the products which they find are required and demanded by the clients. Thus, every business activity is completely linked with each other. No action is executed that has no link with future business activity. Success depends upon how any company is able to manage communicating and bringing into reality business goals.

The basic task is to determine how these goals are instilled in the work routine and practices of the lower staff by management. The organizational goals are developed after the mission of the business is defined. These goals are the realization of the mission statement into reality through a set of activities that will help bring the mission into reality among the targeted market. A business is only able to be successful if it is able to deliver on time.

The organizational strategies are formed while keeping the organizational goals in view. These strategies help successfully complete the organizational goals within the assigned resources. The assigned resources for any task shall be efficiently used. Only then can the business cost be reduced, and some financial benefit could be offered for the consumer sector. Since the business sector is facing major competition, customer loyalty can be changed by offering quality products and services along with perks which similar services are not offering. The functional goals and functional strategies are supportive strategies that help management, and dedicated departments decide whether or not the short-listed strategies are result-oriented.

Report Creation

These days, business depends upon the services and their details, which are available through a simple click. Microsoft Access is an efficient platform for the development of business reports. This software gives the freedom to generate reports within the selected base. Thus, not every report has the traditional settings and the preferences or the importance of the report could be changed. Other classmates also observed that the report base can define the importance of the report. The business can simply classify these reports within a folder and then develop certain passwords for it, which can be accessed on time without any hassle. Also, it was discussed in the class that it would reduce the issue of generating different files and then safekeeping them. The files or the data saved in the written format could be destroyed or lost. However, the reports generated through Microsoft Access are to be stored with high security so that no unauthorized person is able to access this data without permission.

Also, since the report is divided into different sections, it becomes easier for the authorized person to access the different or any desired section of the report without wasting time. It is a simpler way of report generation, but even then, it requires some form of security, which seems to be missing in this software. The security standards are not up to grade and could be hatched with little effort. Thus, it was agreed in the class that Microsoft access could be used to store unimportant data, but the data of high value, like employee salary, would be at risk.

BUSN 499 Week 1 Forum

The portfolio is the written representation of data in the form of loose sheets. This data could be printed or handwritten, depending upon the nature of the portfolio development. However, the e-portfolio, on the other hand, is the electronic generation of skills through web-based software. It is a professional presentation of the individual’s skills. The classmates also reported a similar understanding that the e-portfolio could be better and more professionally able to present the data than the regular portfolio.

Nowadays, people can simply develop their videos of skills, which could help the evaluator to clearly see how the applicant is able to conduct certain tasks. Many people are able to forecast their skills through the blog posts they have been writing over the years. Thus, it is an improved medium for getting better job opportunities in the current scenario. The development of an e-portfolio depends upon the type of job opportunity. For example, if the person is applying for the position of video editor, then he shall develop the e-portfolio using different video editing software available on the market. In addition to this, other classmates suggested that YouTube videos are also an important way to present skills.



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