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Do you believe the committee system in Congress is beneficial to the law-making process? Why or why not?

Committees are a necessary part of the lawmaking practice. Senate monitors ongoing operations at the governmental level and it identifies issues that are suitable for lawmaking reviews. Senate committee is used to gather and analyze the information and further senate is recommended suitable actions(Bills, 2016).

Committees assist in organizing the most significant task of Congress. Shaping, considering, passing and implementing laws to govern the nation. Annually there are thousands of bills that are submitted to the committee, only a few of them are considered on the ground. Members of the committee are responsible for viewing the bill and checking it clause to clause or maybe sometimes from word to word. The bills are then passed forward to the lawmakers.

Parties decide memberships of the committee. Each party is responsible for creating a committee who further recommends the members that will represent the other committees. At the start of any new Congress, makers of law decide which party leaders would sit on the committee. These committees are the true engines of the lawmaking that drives the lawmaking process and it allows lawmaking to be passed in a timely manner as possible.

Committee system is beneficial to lawmaking process because in committee system memberships are assigned by the members of the parties, they recommend best people for the lawmaking process this is beneficial to lawmaking in such a way that these highly devoted members suggest best policies and laws according to the goodwill of the country. They are specialized to work on the subject matter and they usually work in parallel to executive level brand ministries. The level of specialization differs among the law makers, the working committee members hold more power, responsibilities, and expertise than the others.

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