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Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

One of the most famous works of the poet Dylan Thomas, “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”, stands out the most. It was first published in the journal Botteghe Oscure during the course of 1951, while the original draft was written somewhere between 1951. It was written in the time period when Thomas was in Florence with his family. Looking closely at the poem, there are many people who interpret the fact that the poem was written keeping in mind the overall situation and mental state of Dylan when his father was dying. It is despite the fact that his father did not die until 1952. The other interesting aspect about the poem is that the line itself “Do not go gentle into that good night” is a line that appears as a refrain during the course of the poem along with some of the other refrains. It has to be noted that the poem is under copyright, though the text of the poem is available online.

How This Poem is a Type of Villanelle

Villanelle is a poem that has six stanzas that go along with the line of the simple rhyme and communicate a complex message or theme throughout the narrative of the poem. The message of the poem is made clear with the help of literary devices, and the point that is most evident during the course of the poem is the way repetition of the whole event is supposed to be carried out.

Usage of the Symbols across the Poem

One of the key ways through which the understanding of the poem can be developed is by making sure that the understanding of the symbols is being done. What this poem tends to do is how the symbols are interpreted and discussed during the course of the narrative of the poem, which might be either temporary or permanent. In the case of this poem, the symbolism that is being discussed is death. At the same time, the terms rave and rage are used during the course of the poem, which talks about how the revival of his dead father is being done and urges the revival of the father.

The Setting of the Poem

The setting of the poem is also important to make sure that the understanding of the context of it can be developed. During the course of the poem, Dylan is sitting with his father, whose health is far from ideal. His father is in a critical state, and the curtain seems to be drawing on his life. It is where Dylan cites and quotes the example of some of the people who did not wither in front of their death and faced the adverse situation in a really brave manner. At the same time, the metaphors that are used by the poet also start to make sense if one gets to understand the context that goes behind them. For instance, the poet talks about the sun and how sunrise is compared to the birth of the person, while on the other hand, sunset is compared to the death of the person. Just like the sun, which is very radiant and gives away heat, the poet expects the same thing from his father: that he should not merely submit to death and instead “rage and rave” in front of death to make sure that death should be faced in a defiant manner. Again, the sensation of burning is being used during the course of the whole narrative.

Discussion about the Wise People

During the course of the second stanza, the poem discusses the way wise poem people are supposed to act. Dylan gives examples of creators, as well as artists who have created and contributed a lot to the world. The key thing that these people do is use their own words to make sure that they bring about change in this world. The implication that is being given here is that the words are extremely powerful, and they have the capability to make sure that they can change everything that is happening around them. The aim and the idea are to make sure that the modification can be carried out in the society that is operating at this level. The idea is to make sure that people are willing to make sure that they want to bring about change in society and the way it operates at any given point in time.


The core essence of this poem is that how the willingness to survive is bound to be the strongest human emotion ever. The ideal trait of human beings is that they try to survive as long as they can in the face of adversity, even if they are suffering in the bid to survive. It is something that is worth doing all the time. In this poem, Dylan makes a deliberate effort to make sure that all the good men and women are connected to each other and that they are all bound to face death at one point in time or another. Not only that, the idea is to make sure that there should be an urge on their part to make sure that they fight for what they believe is right.



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