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discussing the Russian organized crimes with reference to some news articles

Russia was found involved in considerably outnumbered organized crimes, which are observed by American and European intelligence and government representatives. The main aim of the paper is to explain Russian organized crimes, and for that, three news articles are selected and discussed.

Russia was found to be involved in the electoral as well as other political processes in 2016, and now, after an extended period, Trump has explained that this problem is resolved and nothing more is left over (Blank, 2018). Russia is found recently in the annexation of Crimea, because of this act the Russian officials and people in business are banned from entering Europe and as a punishment froze their assets as well. Discussions are being made, and the decisions will be announced soon. Moreover, there is a list of individuals in the article being discussed their properties being frozen in Europe (Balay, 2018). Russia is found keeping and detaining the suspected narcotic drug producers. The news was released after the clean investigation and research operation of FSB. The conspiracy was being used to transport the drugs (Xin, 2018).

Russia is found to be involved in some organized crimes that are affecting the United States, China, and Ukraine. American politics and elections are affected by Russian actions, and it is stated in the intelligence reports. Russia has always tried to expand, and now, after so many years, he is still intruding on the neighboring lands. European Union is acting strictly against these attempts and Russia will rethink its actions. Drugs are banned in most of the world, and there is no tolerance for drug transporters in any part of the world. Russia had kept the drug producers for an extended period and now, some of them found and are a great embarrassment for the country.

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