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DISC Personality Test

After completing the DISC personality test, it is evident that the outcome blends inspiring, cautious, and supportive traits. It stands out that the inspiring character is dominant in the case, making it possible to influence others around. The ability to inspire banks with certain characteristics also forms a crucial part of every leader. Being friendly is one of the attributes that makes it possible to relate to a more substantial team (Hogan & Judge, 2012).

Kindness is also evident according to the test. Being conscientious and approachable makes others comfortable around me. Being people-oriented and task-oriented, according to the analysis, indicates the best personality to improve success within any organization. Being reserved and outgoing at the same time also makes it possible to fit in different environments. The test indicates the personality of working with others to ensure the best outcome.

According to research, four different personality tests exist, and a person can relate to any of the outcomes. Sanguine is one of the personality types. The individual is mostly optimistic as well as positive in any difficult situation. That is the same case I present, and I simply advise others to move with the flow and understand all the dynamics involved. Choleric is another type of personality that a person can present in most environments (Spangler, House & Palrecha, 2004). This kind of person is bad-tempered and is unlikely to work with individuals with annoying behavior. It does not relate to my personality since I accommodate almost every personality. The third type of personality is the melancholic personality, in which a person openly expresses any engaged sadness or disappointment. This personality doesn’t blend well with me since I tend to evaluate the consequences of any expression. It might hurt others in a way. The last type of personality is phlegmatic, in which a person will strive to please others in their environment. Even though I don’t fully subscribe to this personality, it is part of my life since I value what a person encounters in any given instance.

Different personality styles exist in every space. It is the responsibility of a leader to understand the dynamics that relate to human resource management (Hogan & Judge, 2012). Failure to address diverse opinions and ideologies is the main reason for conflict in most organizations. I will be able to understand the different feelings of members of the team and give them a shoulder to lean on. Moreover, it is possible to have a clear way of communicating to avoid any aspect of negative perception. All the approaches will ensure a robust and reliable team.

Everyone with a Sanguine personality is likely to remain productive in organizations. That applies since the individuals will use all the available means to ensure cohesion and productivity. Being optimistic and positive in every situation inflicts a decision that is good for individuals as well as the organization. The instance thwarts the aspect of being self-centered in any space. As a consequence, what matters most is a decision that will improve the welfare of every stakeholder within the team.

In conclusion, it is imperative to understand every member of the team and make it possible to have a shared mission and vision. That will improve the quality of life through minimizing stress and frustration. Blending personal competencies, as well as the contributions of other members of the team, gets a lot done. The ability to effectively communicate eliminates any aspect of the conflict.


Hogan, R., & Judge, T. (2012). Personality and leadership. Unpublished manuscript.

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Spangler, W. D., House, R. J., & Palrecha, R. (2004). Personality and leadership. Personality and organizations, 251-290.



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