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Binge Drinking and Domestic Violence


Binge drinking and domestic violence are real problems in the current society. Binge drinking is a challenge affecting many of the college students as they consider it as a lifestyle. Many of the students get to the college level with their character on a check. However, influence gets many of the students into alcohol addiction as they get on with their studies. The results are discouraging as many of them end up dropping out of school while others get into deep addiction. A campaign to create awareness to the young people of the dangers of binge drinking is necessary. This should be done to target the young people in high schools to prevent them from engaging in the same acts. Also, the campaign ought to target the college students to help them shun the behavior and live an alcohol-free life. Also, domestic violence takes the lead in the number of crimes committed in the US as well as across the world. Worse, some of the domestic violence cases have resulted in deaths. Many of the violence cases arise from the misunderstanding between the parents as well as between the parents and the children. The death rate has risen over the years which are a worrying trend. A campaign is necessary to help bring down the unfortunate occurrences (Pun et al, 2016). The targets include the young couples intending to get into marriages as well as the old couples to bring to their attention the need for better conflict resolution avenues. The two problems affect the society as a whole in that there is no peace in the society when there is no peace in one home. The youths form the future of the country. As such, their protection is fundamental in ensuring that the country is promised of healthy and sober citizens in future. The campaign is then fundamental and ought to target the largest number of people from all social groups.

Introduction/Literature Review

Binge drinking entails the taking of too much alcohol within a short period to get highly intoxicated. The high rate of drinking raises the alcohol content in blood above 0.08% (Orchowski et al, 2016). This is an avenue to addition and thus a risk to the health of the affected students. Binge drinking is highly motivated by the freestyle form of the campus life. Also, many of the students get influenced due to their tender age and the affordability of alcohol. Then many alcoholic dens around the campuses contribute to the high level of drinking among the students and make it difficult to control altogether (Pun et al, 2016). A campaign to warn the students of the imminent dangers of the binge drinking is necessary to save the future generations. Binge drinking takes an average of more than 60% of the campus student population, portraying it as a disaster for the entire country.

Domestic violence is a menace in the United States as well as the rest of the globe. The level of domestic violence has risen from time to time, with many of the victims being women. About 80% of the reported cases have women as the victims while about 15% are children and the rest share the 5%. Currently, a woman is beaten after every 8 seconds in the United States (Cunradi et al, 2015). The need for a campaign to stop such acts is, therefore, necessary to save the situation. Domestic violence has claimed many lives and left others injured. Thus, the drive targets the current as well as the potential victims to walk away from the abusive relationships. Besides, the campaign ought to target the perpetrators to get out of the violent behaviors.

The role of the campaign

The campaign will raise awareness about the existence of such a menace. Many are the times that binge drinking and domestic violence are taken as usual acts. Therefore, the acts continue rising uncontrollably, leading to the extreme loss of values in the society and leave many of the victims suffering. Thus, the campaign ought to raise awareness among the potential victims to warn them of the dangers pending the respective acts. Also, the campaign serves as a form of persuasion for the change of behaviors. In this case, the students ought to be warned that binge drinking is harmful to their health as well as their future. Also, the campaign ought to persuade the violent couples to let go their violence and be part of the solution to their family matters.

How the ads will attain the objective

The campaign aims at influencing the psychological status of the victims as well as the perpetrators. In this regard, the ads will let known the evil that lies with engaging in the two forms of acts. As such, the victims are lily to be remorseful for their actions and thus will strive to make a change (Orchowski et al, 2016). This leads to the attainment of the campaign which is the reduction of the level of binge drinking and domestic violence.

Conclusion and recommendations

As a recommendation, the ads should take the persuasion form. This serves well in persuading the students to refrain from binge drinking for the sake of their health and a better future. Also, a persuading ad will illustrate the challenges that domestic violence cause to families and thus influence the perpetrators to refrain from such acts. The post-setting ought to be simple and attractive to catch the attention of as many people as possible.

Also, consistency means a lot in the attainment of the set objectives. Drinking habit is something that is continuous among the young people in the campus. Therefore, a campaign shall need to match the constant nature to attain the objective of reducing the high level of addiction. As such, similar campaigns ought to be carried out from time to time both in the campuses as well as elsewhere and in the clubbing places. The same ought to be done in the domestic violence campaign. The violence takes place on a day to day basis. There is a need, therefore, to cater for the new cases that occur in the attempt to react to the already occurred situations.

There is a need to include the rehabilitated drug addicts in the campaign. This paves a suitable way for better understanding of the dangers that the students face due to the abuse of alcohol. The rehabilitated addicts serve a good example of what the students would become after shunning their drinking habits. It is also necessary to include former domestic violence victims in the campaign against the same. Similarly, the victims will offer an excellent platform for revisiting the bad side of the domestic violence.

Anti-drug abuse ambassadors and sponsors ought to be included in the campaign. In this regard, they are essential in enhancing a big drive with their resources. A big drive is likely to attract the attention of large and big audiences as opposed to small drives. Also, such organizations have a long experience in dealing with such occurrences and helping the victims out of such messy situations.

As a conclusion, the binge drinking and demotic violence are real problems in the United States and the entire world. Binge drinking claims the health and the future of many students in the campus. Domestic violence claims many lives from time to time and creates tension for families. A campaign against such is, therefore, necessary to persuade people to shun from engaging in such. A drive serves best if it creates more awareness and reduces the level of the contrary acts in the society.


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