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Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation Reduces Inflammation in Obese Pregnant Women: A Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Clinical Trial


Initial Observation

The initial observation was that the obsessed women who are pregnant are found to be inflammation reduced due to the dietary Omega-3 Fatty acid supplement.


The hypothesis is that the supplement of Omega three, if given to pregnant women will cause positive effects,


The study was designed in a non-sequential, double-masked controlled trial conducted for overweight as well as in other words obese women who are pregnant. They were assigned to receive DHA plus EPA or something equivalent.


The sum of the plasma DHA plus EPA was increased by 5.8 fold in both the treated as well as the untreated women. It was also found that there was an activation of the TLR4 induced by palmitate in the adipose culture in the cells of the trophoblast

Author’s conclusion

Authors have found that the data analyzed resulted that four out of eight women failing to run the course because of their age. Also, the results have concluded that the inflammation required was found successful.


The main finding of the study is that the ω-3 supplementation could be used during the pregnancy period for the reduction of inflammation. Also, the findings have suggested that the systematic effect is found rather than the placental ones.


Hagia, Maricela, et al. “Dietary omega-3 fatty acid supplementation reduces inflammation in obese pregnant women: a randomized double-blind controlled clinical trial.” PLoS One 10.9 (2015): e0137309.

Taking the Long View on Sexism in Science

Initial Observation

This paper is composed by a biologist, Pat Shipman which he initially explained his experience of being victimized by sexual stereotypes in which his paper on fossil animals was turned down just the base of its controversial approach.


The main hypothesis is that women are facing career development.

Basic design

After a long discussion, she was stunned by hearing that the committee demanded to have a sleep with her and that if she would reject, her Ph.D. would not be awarded. She asked the editor to let them speak to her. Meanwhile, the editor took a long pause and after that, he said that the committee didn’t demand such a thing but still he will not publish. Fortunately, Harvard University published my report. Her main aim of the paper is to explain that many women after even a decade leave their scientific research unpublished just because of these attempts.


Pat Shipman also discovered one that she is the least paid in the university as an associate professor. Her colleague congratulate her on her 20% raise when she argued on the point and explained that her point was discarded because of the reason that her husband was well paid. The writer has explained a case of Tim Hunt’s fall from Grace. In this case, she explained the number of women was less than the number of men on the campus. One case of a mentor wanting to see inside a female’s shirt is highlighted in the paper as well. This culture of discrimination is ongoing and far-reaching.

Author’s conclusion

The women are facing peer harassment as well as the talented and well-educated team of women working under the less educated man which is a terrible situation in the institution.


At the end of the paper, she also explained that as long as the leadership in science is so devastating, the discrimination will be observed and people will fight against it.


Shipman, Pat. “Taking the long view on sexism in science.” American Scientist 103 (2015): 392.




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