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Descriptive Essay – Ocean

The ocean is one of the most beautiful creations of God. It covers almost 70% of the earth’s surface. There are five big oceans and a great number of seas. The oceans are great salty water resources containing a life of uncountable species. Humans have only explored 5% of the oceans and the rest is still a mystery. There is much amazing research on oceans, and scientists have preferred to ocean over space because it is a real nature and the accessible mystery of the universe. The main aim of the paper is to describe the qualities of the ocean, its hugeness, and its mysteries.

Humans are land-bound creations of God, and we can only visit the oceans by ships and planes. Visiting an ocean is an outstanding part of anyone’s life. Its traits change with the passage of time. If an individual is on a ship and the ship is moving at a very high speed then the people on the deck can observe the changes in the traits gradually. At one time it would be as silent as nothing can move it. At a moment, its anger will be touching the sky. In the morning, there would be sharks around the ship, somewhere the dolphins would be roaming around, and whales would be slipping on the top. The most amazing part is the sunset. Oceans have a quality to goodbye to the sun. The sun gradually touches the horizon of the ocean and then disappears. In the night, it is the most silent, and the beauty is enhanced. The peace could be observed very precisely, as well as the anger. When the ocean is in peace, it seems that life will never end, but when the tide is high, it seems that the next minute would be the last, and the death is close.

It is true that the ocean has a huge number of mysteries, scientifically and historically. The Atlantic Ocean is known as the cruelest ocean. Outnumbered ships and airplanes are lost forever and the reasons were not found ever. The Titanic is the most remarkable example. It was one of the biggest ships in British history and was drowned on its first journey. The maker of Titanic had a claim that this ship would never be drowned, but the ocean has shown its truth that no ship could be as big as the ocean. Pacific Ocean is known for its peaceful nature and it’s very rare that it would create a tornado or tsunami. The Indian Ocean is unpredictable, and the earthquakes result in the rise of tides, which are tens of feet above normal levels.

Scientists have revealed that there are outnumbered species living in the ocean at different levels. Currently, some sponges created a new classification genre of species which was one of the revolutionary discoveries in the science world. There is an expectation that there are many ecosystems which are not yet been discovered and will not even be seen in the next century as well even when we are so much modernized and are living in 2018. There are hidden cities under the seabed, and they are not in the scientific books but in the historical and folk tales.

In a nutshell, the ocean is unpredictable. According to science, its size is increasing day by day, and it is engulfing the great parts of the earth that were owned by the land once. There is a lot to know about the oceans and their mysteries, which are still hidden, and humans are trying hard to uncover the truths of nature.



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