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Dental Assistant job vs Machine Operator Job

Choosing the right career is a big challenge for new graduates due to its long term impacts on the personal and professional life of a person. For dental technician professionals, there are two options, either choose dental assistant or machine operator job. Both of these jobs have their own pros and cons which must be considered before choosing any of these. This essay will provide useful information to the students and fresh graduates while choosing their career path.

First of all, those students who are inspired by the dentistry as a profession, and studied the dental technician course will pursue their careers in this field. The dental assistant is closely working with dentists, and facilitate them to provide services to the patients. The dental technician directly deals with the patients and work as an important team member of the dentist. While the machine operator is not closely working with the dentist, and mostly works in the back end of the clinic. Some people want to work as a front desk officer and enjoy public dealings. However, some people work efficiently in the back end and enjoy working with a minimum degree of supervision and public dealings.

Furthermore, the dental assistant must have strong communication skills with good teamwork quality because they are considered as the second pair of hands after the dentist. They are required to follow the directions of the dentist and communicate with them to provide the required tools and assistance. They are playing a vital role in the field of dentistry, and a dentist can’t provide services without a dental assistant. The most important role is to obtain information from the patient and update the existing profile of the patients to ensure quality services. Owing to the fact that the dental assistant has huge responsibilities and mostly required an active and energetic personality to efficiently assist the dentist and patients.

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On the other hand, the machine operators not directly dealing with the patients and they often communicate with the dentist. The machine operator is also playing an important role in the field of dentistry. They provide support to the dentist, just like the paramedical staff in the hospitals. However, they have less interaction with the dentist and patients. They work independently, but it could be boring work for some people due to less interaction with other colleagues and patients.

Dentistry is a rapidly growing sector of the health care industry around the world. The employment ratio of the dental assistants and the machine operators is also increased during the last decade. The dental technicians have two choices, and both are worthy and playing an important role in the dental clinics. The dental assistant must have strong communication skills and be a good team player, while the machine operator has the ability to work under less supervision and self-motivated personality. An outspoken person who enjoys working in a team should choose the dental assistant job, while a quiet and calm person who doesn’t like public dealings should opt for a machine operator job.



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