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Recommendations by the Task Force & its Adoption

Research California Assembly Bill 3121, which authorized the establishment of a taskforce to study and develop a reparations plan for African Americans, and summarize the findings of the taskforce. After summarizing the recommendations made by the taskforce, explain whether or not you recommend that the state of California adopt the plan, why or why not?

Undoubtedly, American history has heart-rending tales of slavery adorned with cruelty, barbarianism, and the inhuman malice of generations for decades. However, to mitigate some of its black scars, California is the first state to establish a task force under Assembly Bill 3121 to propose legal suggestions as remedial steps for the descendants of enslaved persons(Kalish). This essay will explore the summary of these recommendations encompassing ending legal slavery, racial discrimination, political subjugation, segregation of houses, uneven education opportunities, injustice, mental retardation and a widened wealth gap in alliance with the plan’s practicality.

Summary of Recommendations:

The recommendations suggested by the task force are very comprehensive and almost cover all the life aspects of African Americans. The foremost on the list is the end of legal slavery by deleting the language from the constitution and omitting section 2700 of the Penal Code. In addition, legislation should be done to improve prisons, focusing on labour wages, education facilities and mental health treatments. Another aspect deals with eradicating racial discrimination in all walks of society. The police force and judicial system should discard discrimination by constantly looking at blacks as criminals. Such discrimination should also be nullified from the business sphere, job opportunities, and acknowledging Blacks’ sacrifices for society’s welfare. The task force further recommends the political rights of blacks in the state on both ends of the strings. Either as a voter or a contest for election, on an equal basis. Additionally, persons from black should be entertained to serve all the state departments, including juries, without discrimination.

Moreover, the housing segregation of blacks in society should be legally banned. The housing loans and mortgage-related issues faced by the blacks in the state should be ended without delay. In this context, article 34 of the California Constitution must be repealed. Similarly, on educational grounds, there should be no discrimination in institutes, class groups and counselling aspects. Black students must be facilitated with equal financial aid opportunities in alliance with higher education opportunities, including career exams. It further recommends that black personnel should be given equal opportunities concerning profession selection, performing business, and job opportunities. For this sake, policies must be formulated to entertain black youngsters into the workplace and devise fund platforms to help them. There should be equal wages policy in the state(Lee).

Further, the legal system must eliminate all the discriminatory policies, statutes, rules and regulations that affect the equal rights of Blacks in the state. Similarly, the wealth gap must be patched by adopting a detailed reparations program for Afro-Americans. These compensations must be handed over to descendants of enslaved personals.

Whether California should adopt the Plan or not

Based on Task Force’s recommendations, the plan is so comprehensive that its applicability may improve the relations of different races in the state. So, according to my viewpoint, such a plan must be adopted. Implementation of such a plan will ensure harmony among the masses. Similarly, the infringed rights of blacks for centuries would be restored. African Americans can become responsible and dutiful if given equal opportunities to progress(Lee).

Further, the destruction of these families can be compensated to make their generations valuable citizens. Adopting this plan will automatically reduce the crime rate as most blacks are involved in criminal activities as a rebellion against the white community. In addition, the legal amendments ensuring equality among all the strata of society will ensure harmony instead of destruction and frustration. In other words, peace and progress are enormously linked with the adoption of this plan given by the task force. So, it is the need of the hour that the State of California should adopt.

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