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Critique of a Nursing Research Article


The article analyzes the occupational stress as experienced by the anesthetic nurses practicing in ACT settings in relationship to the SOP. The article describes the importance of this issue and the undesirable impacts it can have on the performance and the productivity of the nurses. Moreover, the author has also called for immediate action in this regard as if this phenomenon is left unchecked; it may result in various negative impacts on the health of the patients. To explain this, the author demonstrates the direct link between the activities of the anesthetic nurses and the role played by the occupational stress of the hectic job.


The purpose of the article is to analyze the occupational stress experienced by the nurse anesthetists that practice in ACT setting relating to the SOP. The problem has a major significance for nursing because occupational stress has a direct effect on performance and economy. The issue of stress is not just limited to the workplace, but also has related effects, such as decreased job satisfaction and reduced productivity. The article can persuade the intended audience because the study is a great one under interpersonal factors which are considered vital for improving the quality of healthcare and nursing. The problem statement assists in creating a persuasive and cogent argument for the current study, as the consideration of interrelation factors and nursing qualities can be made different with the aim of improving the nursing field. The research is relevant because it demonstrates how stress can be linked to some factors. These factors have a profound impact on the daily anesthetic tasks performed by the nurses, like the acuity of the patient, the vigilance of the job, and the necessity for a rapid response to the status of the patients. It is quite evident that the problems associated with the occupational stress are vast and, therefore, there is the need for immediate action to address the issue. The match between the problem of the research and the quantitative paradigm and tradition used in the study is perfect. The identified purpose is open, relevant, and full of potential subjects that can be easily researched. The research variables have been defined, and the setting is elaborated. The purpose of the research is, therefore, well directed, thus providing the basis for study and discussion.

Literature Review

The author has provided a relevant literature review, and it has been conducted extensively. In this particular article, the author has reviewed the literature right from the section of introduction.  The studies performed previously have also been utilized which have significantly assisted in the literature. The researcher demonstrates that one study investigated the nurses working in intensive care and examined the stressors with the help of Stress Audit, using 1794 respondents. The sources are relevant and are based on when the article was written. Some old sources have also been used by Alves, as early as 1984. The documentation that has been used in this article is complete in the bibliography section. The author has criticized the study by showing the relationship between the current and the previous reviews. The author has provided relevant case studies in the research article by referring to earlier researchers and their assumptions. The current knowledge of the research problem has been extensively discussed through the use of previous research.

The author of the article has also managed to organize the literature structurally by linking different concepts in the piece together to create an unobstructed flow of thought. He has identified previous studies and connected them in a way that it makes it easy for the reader to understand the progressive development of the ideas. He has then concluded by showing how the researchers have contributed to the understanding of the subject under study. He has taught how the previous information has not added cohesively to the relationship between the concepts under investigation.

The Research

The research type can be defined as a descriptive one. In this specific article, the study design is clear from the method section, where the author states that a clear correlation designed was used to address the objectives of the research. The descriptive design is also evident from the abstract where information was collected without being manipulated. There is no mention of a pilot study that was carried out before the primary research. The descriptive analysis can be described as any study that is not experimental. A descriptive study was the most appropriate for this kind of research because it is the most relevant to the issues that pertain health studies. It is also the most appropriate because it involves interaction with people. This kind of research allows the researcher to interact comprehensively with the participants. Descriptive study is also considered the best because it presents relationships and the world just the way it exists. The design helps in answering the question of “what” and “why.” Because of this characteristic, the design has been considered the most appropriate in examining all the objectives, questions or hypothesis. Various interrelating variables have been used in producing a particular effect.

The design assists significantly in expanding the objectives and addressing some of the vital questions that have been raised in the research. The threats to the validity have not been mentioned or described in the study. The conceptual clarity offers the theoretical variable meaning. The independent variables were identified as the occupational stress, and OSI was used for its measurement. The dependent variable was defined as the interaction of individual CRNA practice process and was measured by a practice scale. The mediating variable is the care anesthesia coordination.

The objectives are logically linked to the research purposes and study framework. For instance, the study aimed at the examination of the relation of collaboration and SOP with the occupational stress faced by the nurses that work in ACT settings. It is directly related to the concepts of the research objective. The ideas are interconnected and depend on each other.

The Sample

The target population has been explicitly described in the research. The criteria of exclusion and inclusion have been described in the results section. The author points out that, the questionnaires that were returned the amount to 347. It means the rate of return to be 30.87 percent. According to the author, the response rate was adequate and ensured the sampling to be useful regarding power and size. The author has managed to present an appropriate sample size for the research. Using the power analysis, the size of the sample can be assessed.

This analysis provides any hypothesis that is null to be rejected. From the review of the research, it can be argued that cl is 95% while the significance (alpha) is 0.04. Therefore, there is merely a 5 percent chance of an error of the second type, and it proves the adequacy of the sample. The significant characteristics and the sample size are relevant and appropriate. However, there is the need to make the sample representative of the population. The best strategy to make the population sample representative, it is prudent to use a procedure of selection that is random. However, the same is not accomplished by Alves. The biasness in the sampling method can be a result of a random community of nurses. The author may have carried out probability sampling, which is convenient. However, there is the need to show how the random sampling was carried out.

The Practicality of the Research

The research is practical as the most of the findings have been generalized based on the objectives. The author has examined different explanations for the results. The interpretations of the findings are not biased, and hence, the conclusion fits perfectly with the findings from the analysis. The conclusions are elaborate and are based on statistical significance. The researcher has not identified any limitations in the research. There are no inconsistencies in the report. The study is efficient and achieves its goal. The writing is straightforward and clear and is easily understandable. Moreover, it is complete research that is effective to its full potential. Therefore, it can be stated that the article does not need any improvement. The findings can be generalized to the CRNAs.

Further Research

Future research that can be envisioned is the strategies of how to reach an understanding among the ACT anesthesiologists and the CRNAs. The findings identified directly relate back to the framework. The results have provided an avenue for future research. The findings have also provided very relevant information that can be used to address the issue of occupational stress in the workplace. Therefore, by the previous studies, it is clear that the scope of practice of restricted CRN has been proved in the respondents working in the anesthesiology groups in contrast with the CRNAs that operate in the hospitals. Some of the missing elements in the study are the relation of the effects of occupational stress to the patients and clinical administrators.


            The research article selected is very comprehensive and gives a clear understanding of the topic. Moreover, the author has conducted the review of the relevant literature efficiently in this regard, accompanied by an adequate sample. However, there is a slight issue with the sampling, as it may appear to be somewhat biased. Furthermore, even though the research has raised the questions that how can occupational stress be handled between the two groups (subjects) under study? Moreover, what are the role of stress and its implication away from the workplace? However, the research article was not able to address them. In the end, the article achieved its desired purpose in the most efficient manner possible.



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