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Constructing an Argument

Part A

Argument: Happiness without wealth is a sure way to blessed and content living rather than possessing every luxury and missing true happiness in life.

Part B


The question selected for constructing an argument is “Is it more important to be wealthy or happy?” because it has been a topic of debate for many years, with proponents on both sides. The argument is that happiness does not come from wealth, but contentment and happiness come from a blessed life (Csikszentmihalyi, 1999). Therefore, it is better to be content and happy than to have every luxury in your everyday life. The part of the argument that would be more compelling for the general audience of this article is that, for some, wealth is more important because it allows them to achieve what they desire. On the contrary, others believe that the pursuit of happiness is more important than wealth because it provides a sense of satisfaction that comes with accomplishing things we value. However, this argument puts forward the stark difference between being happy and being wealthy. Having a comfortable life with plenty of material possessions does not equate to happiness, but a happy life is the best wealth one can have. The argument explores for the general audience that the so-called definition of happiness should not be based solely on financial wealth. Instead, happiness should be measured by the conditions of life we experience on a daily basis.

A persuasive essay has three essential parts that should always be incorporated into the writing, including a thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Each of these parts must be written carefully and thoughtfully, and they should be completed in the order that they are curated above. These parts are vital to the structure of the essay and play a pivotal role in the overall argument. The most important part of the persuasive essay is the thesis statement, as it has the main point and basis of the argument. This statement establishes the argument that is being presented in the body paragraphs and helps to set the tone for the essay. First and foremost, persuasive essays are written to convince an audience of a particular viewpoint. The organization of the ideas and formatting, therefore, are dependent on the subject and audience the writing style of the persuasive essay is intended for. The persuasive essay genre can be very tricky to write for some people because it requires a lot of skill and knowledge. To become confident in writing a persuasive essay, one must need to have the necessary skills including appropriate language, proper sentence structure, use of active voice, and usage of words and phrases that are commonly understood by the general public. This will help the author to connect with the audience and make the message more convincing.


Csikszentmihalyi, M. (1999). If we are so rich, why aren’t we happy? American Psychologist, 54, 821–827.



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