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Consider the Lobster Essay

The sole purpose of this paper is to analyze the use of precise language in a descriptive writing design and apply the method in David Foster Wallace’s article back in the year 2004, which is about, “Consider the lobster.” In his article, Wallace says that there is no amount of lobster paraphernalia or even cleaver market plans or rather strategies that can reverse his intention of finding out if it is right to boil sentient creatures alive just for the gustatory pleasure. (Wallace, 2004). Mr. Wallace seeks to answer that question in his essay but instead of directly answering the question, he points out reasons, which will one to come to the conclusion that question.

The writing pattern used by Mr. Wallace in this article is the use of explicit language by avoiding the use of abstruse words; this improves the quality of the essay making it striking and tantalizing. Using ambiguous words in an essay makes it lose the touch making the readers not get the message properly. Readers are not always interested in how much vocabulary you have but the content of your article. The only important thing is how good your article is, as we see Mr. Wallace doing in his article of consider the lobster.

Mr. Wallace avoids useless words and all through his article, he is simple and clear to the point. He directly posts arguments, which will help the reader make a conclusion on the topic he is discussing (Wallace, 2004). This is well illustrated in his argument where he directly outlines the reasons he feels can make one come up with his/her own conclusion on the topic. My plan as a student is to apply Wallace’s pattern of description by sidestepping useless words in my essay to save the readers’ time while going through the work.

In summary, David Foster Wallace is trying to provide the readers to his article with the necessary information they need to know what is a ring and what is wrong with the topic of discussion, consider the lobster. He stays with his answer to the topic but clearly gives the arguments required for decision-making.


Wallace, D. F. (2004). Consider the lobster. Gourmet magazine, 50-64.




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