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Company Loyalty and Self-Interest

Company loyalty is fundamentally important for personal satisfaction as well as the progress of employees who want to add value to their workplace. However, it is also the responsibility of the respective company to address the issues and concerns of employees in a constructive manner so that employees can utilize their full potential for the benefit of the company and thus play an important role to achieve its business goals. Therefore, I believe that company loyalty is not just about working for a particular company whole life, instead, it means to work effectively and put your honest efforts to move it on the road of progress and success. In this sense, the concept is even more important in today’s world when employees can find several other opportunities very easily with the help of different online platforms in a highly competitive marketplace.

There is no doubt that we have to conflict of interest many times at our workplace resulting from different factors. For example, during my internship at one of the reputed organizations, I was asked by my boss to make a coffee for him. First, I thought that why should I do that when this is the sole responsibility of the office boy while I have many other responsibilities to perform based on my job description. But I could not resist myself serving him coffee because he was the only person to evaluate my performance and recommend me for a formal job. On the other hand, sometimes self-interest also diverges from what we have believed to be morally right. For example, once I was asked by my supervisor to sign a particular contract that was very profitable for the company but it had a few miscalculations. Despite knowing this fact, I intentionally signed it because of its financial benefits. So, I think it is very difficult to avoid such situations, especially when dealing with administrative issues.



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