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Communication is the way by which all other important parts of marriage are performed. If one loves someone and does not use words to express it, then the person is doing wrong with his or her partner. If one trusts someone, he or she should communicate. Love, honesty, trust and all other important factors of a strong marriage may not be meaningful in themselves. The expression of these things produces a marriage worth envying. The expression of love and trust is where magic is.

Communication is not just limited to speaking. There is verbal and non-verbal communication along with physical acts that are placed under the umbrella of communication. In a marriage, both of the partners want to hear that he or she is looking nice. Being able to express how another person is looking is one of the ways to make one’s spouse feel loved. If one loves someone but never expresses his or her love, then the other person will never understand how much he or she is loved by the other person. Nonverbal communication explains the gestures and postures of a human and conveys more accurate information than verbal communication. No leg or arm crossing will make one’s spouse feel that he or she is open to listening to what the other person has to say. Is communication essential in building strong marriage relationships?


According to Tannen, a study has shown why it is so hard for men and women to talk to each other. In her study, she explained that most of the complaints from a woman in a relationship are related to the phrase “He doesn’t talk to me”. This phrase arises when a husband does not effectively communicate whatever is happening to him or if there’s something that is troubling him, but he does not want to let his wife know about the problem. This is where a problem comes up. It has been said that every problem has a solution, and one has to look for one. This will be done with the help of communication. The study explored that most marriages end in divorce because of a lack of understanding and a communication gap. From a man’s point of view, women always make unnecessary demands, that’s why they avoid having conversations with them. However, from the female point of view, Men don’t want to talk and don’t listen to them. Because of not having conversations, this will raise misconceptions and misunderstandings in the minds of both husband and wife. Both of them may be right in their own way, but they’re unable to find common ground on which they can have a good conversation. With the help of conversations, all the problems in a relationship will be mitigated.

According to Duncan et al., in the study of saving relationships, a healthy marriage is one in which both partners actively participate in bringing about change. The study focused on rules by explaining the fact that with the help of switching rules, both partners can benefit. For instance, one partner initiates sex while the other does the dishes. Most of the time, these rules are set and not openly communicated because it is understood that these are the rules that both partners have to follow. However, the study explored that changing these types of rules can increase the healthiness of a relationship. Rules actually simplify life by limiting options to an acceptable few. The most important feature of a relationship is communication. This is considered as more of a system. What one person does is dependent upon what the other person does. In a marriage, one person is constantly being influenced by another person. It doesn’t matter how strong one’s personality is; it is always influenced by another person on an ongoing basis. If one loves someone but never expresses his or her love, then the other person will never understand how much he or she is loved by the other person. Letting other people know about what he or she is looking for increases the effectiveness of a relationship.

According to Lavner et al., the quality of communication between husband and wife is widely assumed to affect their judgment of relationship satisfaction. However, it has been said that communication is just a consequence of a spouse’s previous level of satisfaction. The study showed results that couples who communicate effectively are encouraged to have more positive and less negative views about each other. However, the findings of this research gave birth to other questions about other factors that might indicate communication and satisfaction.

Braverman, in his article on the key to a successful marriage, explained the importance of communication in a marriage. If one doesn’t have a healthy way to express his or her thoughts to the other person, everything in the relationship will ultimately end. In order to have a successful marriage, one has to make himself an expert in communication. With the help of communication, all those small misconceptions can easily be removed and most probably become larger at the end of a relationship. In a marriage, one person has to become an amateur psychologist to figure out what the other person really wants. It is essential to focus not on just words but on the fact of how they are implied. The article explained that if one wants something from his or her partner, he or she should ask for it rather than hope that the other partner will understand on his or her own. This is not possible. One has to communicate. One of the most important things in a healthy marriage relationship is the power of listening. Listening helps to resolve many issues.

According to Bagwell, “We need to talk” is one of those phrases that are the most dreaded sentences in marriages. It has been said that those couples who send text messages to each other increase feelings of connectedness. Those couples who have been married for more than 50 years cannot always predict what the other person is thinking. In most marriages, one person thinks that the other person just knows, but in the end, it turns out to be a misunderstanding. Minimizing the confusion and through assurances are the pillars that build a healthy marriage. Couples who effectively communicate with one another are reported to have great satisfaction from their marriage and live longer and healthier lives. Communication is the process of continuous learning that brings couples closer to each other. It has been explained in the article that the time a couple learns to communicate, they develop a unique language that only they will understand. Poor communication between couples results in dissatisfaction with the marriage and mostly leads to divorce.


The aim of this research was to see if communication is essential in making up a good, healthy marriage relationship. From the studies provided in the discussion, communication does play an important role in maintaining and building up a strong and healthy relationship as it allows the other partner to know exactly what the other partner is demanding. With the help of effective communication, all those small problems are mitigated, which can lead to becoming giants and ending the relationship. Misconceptions and misunderstandings will never arise in effective communication. It has been found evident that couples who send text messages to one another are more likely to live longer than other couples. Also, it increases the feelings of connectedness.

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