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Commerce without Morality

The aim of any business is just to maximize profit through the exchange of goods or services. Commerce without hypocrisy involves people engaging in any business in order to make a profit without bothering about business ethics. This means that, today people engage in business to make a profit regardless of whether the business is legal or illegal to improve their living standards. This essay is aimed at critically evaluating the effects, advantages as well as advantages of commerce without morality.

Today many people engage in any business to make more by any means possible. This is because of unemployment in many countries. This has made people join illegal businesses to improve their livelihood (Sherry, James pg121-142.).

Effects of commerce without morality

Although the businesses seem to be immoral, it has enabled people to talk and exchange ideas as far as business is concerned. This has contributed to many businesses applying such ideas hence maximizing profits. Due to the lack of ethics people cheat in business and make false claims with the aim of their benefits for instance employers cutting benefits and salaries of employees. Therefore, this kind of business has both negative as well as positive effects because the business is conducted without any sense of right or wrong (Sherry, James pg121-142.).


Regardless of the moral foundation, commerce without morality has also improved their living standards through any means possible. This has to some extent created some job opportunities for people and people are able to cater for their needs.

The business has also reduced the laziness in people and therefore they are able to work hard with the aim of maximising profits.


The business has no moral foundation. People are after making a profit regardless of the kind of business. This has impacted humanity and people are not fair to each other hence increasing criminals. This has led to loss of life as well as properties (Sherry, James pg121-142.). For instance, some of these inhuman deeds include price gouging, cheating as well as making false claims with an aim of making a profit.

Therefore, commerce without morality has more negative effects than positive ones. In conclusion, everyone should apply moral foundation as well as humanity as far as business is concerned.

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