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Good organizations working effectively in the world show similar kind of characteristics. For the companies which need to achieve long term success, the healthy environment needs to be maintained in the workplace. Effective organizations follow collaborative effort as their keen characteristics in the gaining the corporate culture running successfully in the market. Besides this, effective organizations follow certain aims and objectives to achieve a prominent position in the competitive market. This paper addresses the characteristics of effective organizations, compares the aims and objectives of the British Council and British American Tobacco private organization. Besides this, the legal status of both the companies has also been highlighted after mentioning the controlling body in the organizations.

Characteristics of effective organizations:

Effective organizations maintain prominent sharing goals in the organizations. The effective sharing of goals with the employees of the company makes the employees to get involved in achieving the goals of the organization keenly. Besides this, the manager and employees achieve shared goals with the collaborative effort. Effective organizations implement the idea of teamwork. In the organizations where teamwork is highly maintained, the organizations stand firmly in the competitive market (Rainey and Steinbauer, 1999). The working of the organization is in the hands of the employees creating a work balance in the organization. Effective organizations maintain high morale in their employees using different means such as morale-boosting activities. Employees with high morale show higher productivity rate as well. Training the employees of organization within the territory of the organization is another essential characteristic observed in the practical organizations. The necessary departmental knowledge for the employees makes the employees understand the situation of the working successfully.

Maintaining a proper position in the market is only possible when the leadership of the organization is strong. Besides this, the trust level of the employees in the management is high. The attitude of the management towards the poor performance of the employees is positive in an effective organization (CAMPION, MEDSKER and HIGGS, 1993). Strong leaders of the active organizations confront the poor performance rather than ignoring the problem since the leaders understand all the risk involved. Adaptation to the opportunities and risk of the competitive market is another good feature of an effective organization. Maintaining risk, confronting poor performance of the employees and all good characteristics are done following a defined plan and structure implemented in the organizations. Effective organizations have well-known company policies which are followed by other organizations as well. Hence to sum up effective decision making, adaptation to the changes in the competitive market, strong leadership, shared goals and maintaining the importance of the employees in the organizations are the characteristics of effective organizations.

Aims, objectives and values of chosen organizations:

The two organizations chosen for analyzing the aims, objectives, and values of the organization are The British Council and the British American Tobacco company. The organization of British Council specializes in international cultural and educational opportunities. The British Council aims at reaching high standards of English learning and teaching skills. Art is an important way of connecting and seeing other English teachers throughout the world. Besides this, the British Council aims at connecting on an international level with the help of enhanced leadership in the United Kingdom. Sharing and learning from international education is making the basis of The British organization. Another aim of the British Council is to maintain strong global citizenship among the people of the United Kingdom and worldwide as well. In this attempt of making the organization reach a higher level of the aims destined by the organizations, the organization is proceeding with higher objectives and values. Education, mutual understanding, trust, and respect are the key values followed in the company. All these key values make up the future of the United Kingdom. Creating a high living culture and working in the United Kingdom is the objective of the British Council. British Council I successfully progressing with the objective of creating opportunities for the people in the United Kingdom. The organization aims to create these opportunities in other countries as well which will develop trust between the organization and all other countries worldwide.

Contrary to this, British American Tobacco is one of the leading international tobaccos manufacturers around the world. In the organization of British American Tobacco, there are some employees working from different cultures and having different lifestyles(Samy, Odemilin and Bampton, 2010). The major value of the BAT is to maintaining diversity in the organization. The diversity focus of the organization makes the company understand the consumers, customers and stakeholder behavior to meet the needs effectively. The fundamental aims of the company include focusing on the talented individuals, manage diverse customers, meet the needs of the diverse workforce and set fair-minded employment principles. By the mention of focusing on the talented individuals here, the company means to maintain a standard for the workforce in the company. The reason behind having diversity in the company is to attract people from different cultures having talent and various strategies skills for managing the workload in the company. Diverse workforce comes up with managing diverse customers as well. To manage the diverse customers, BAT is following the values of trust, respect, and understanding of the culture they are operating in. The objective of the company is to maintain a unique mix in the company with the help of diverse culture people supporting each other in the path of achieving success for the company. Target customers are made aware of the products through different means. Hence the company is basing on the diverse culture operating effectively in the organizations (Samy, Odemilin and Bampton, 2010).

There the two main differences between the two organizations. The first difference is the type of the organization. The British Council is the public sector organization of the United Kingdom with its branches and expansion in different countries (Garnham, 2005). Another difference between the two organizations is the basis on which the companies are formed. British American Tobaccos is formed on diversity since there are many people from different cultures working in the organization. Contrary to this, the British Council has native people from the United Kingdom in their main branches.

Legal Status of both the organizations:

Founded in 1934 and incorporated by the Royal Charter in 1940 (Council, 2018), the British Council is a public corporation gathering charity for the different people working out there. The organization is controlled by the executive non-departmental body. This gives the organization independence in operation and freedom from the government of United Kingdom as well. The Patron of the organization is HM Queen Elizabeth II. The Vice patron of the organization is HRH the Prince of Wales. The biggest advantage in this scenario is the independence from the government of the United Kingdom. Independence form the working of the government saves the organization from the controversies involved in, and thus the relations with the other branches of the organization work effectively. However, there is a disadvantage to this style of working as well. Since there is a non-departmental executive body, there are possibilities that the personal affairs get dominant in the working of the organization. Therefore the government needs to look into such issues.

On the other hand, British American Tobacco is an international organization working effectively from the past years in the world. Due to the private working of the company with its diverse culture, there are immense people who are involved in the workforce of the organization (Meherson, 2015). The indulgence of different people from different cultures makes the organization achieve fame and success easily. Offering information, ideas and practical steps make this company well-known throughout the world. Strong market position and diversification are some of the advantages associated with the current legal status of the company. On the other hand, the company exhibits some weaknesses as well. Increasing health concerns and no backup from a single government are some of the prominent disadvantages to the company.


To sum up, effective organization work by the competitive market by creating opportunities for the employees and by maintaining a strong leadership style in the company. The comparison of the British Council and the British American tobacco has shown that both companies have different aims and their main difference is the type of the organization. BAT is a diversified company having private grounds while British Council is public sector organization managing the native people mostly.


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