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Chicago police and Federal agents to team up on gun violence by Mitch Smith

The article “Chicago Police and Federal Agents to Team Up on Gun Violence” was written by Mitch Smith in June 2017. The author in this article highlights the issue of gun violence happening in Chicago over the past months. There have been more cases of street crimes, and more people are being killed and affected by it.

Smith says that President Trump has made steps to form a team of federal agents, in collaboration with the police,e to overcome this gun violence, and that Trump mentioned in his tweet message as well to eliminate these crimes. In this case, Smith tries to offend the statement of the president and the tasks that will be performed in Chicago gun violence. However, Chicago had the most amount of killings last year, i.e., 760, which is the highest amount compared to other cities. The authors’ stand here is what difference a few more agents would make in this scenario. There are more and more street criminals in Chicago than the officials, so it might not affect the situation if compared to other states like Illinois.

Smith says that President Trump made an official announcement stating that there will be a gun stroke force for Chicago, which will include federal agents and 20 personnel from the ATF squad. Their main task will be to fight gun crime in the city of Chicago, as there will be more cases to cover the street and gun crime. Smith tells the story of the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, who had tense relationships with Trump on election days and even after those days. Referring to Emmanuel’s statement, Smith says that if the President had made resources about gun violence instead of just tweeting about it, the issue might have been resolved. In this case, the author states that gun violence is more of a law enforcement issue and is often derived from the morality of a person or community.

Democrats from other states believe that Trump should have focused on social programs and increased their funding. It is also of great importance that, with enforcing legal laws for this issue vi, violence is eliminated or not. In the article, Smith highlights the statement of Mr. Davis whose grandchild was shot dead in Chicago. Smith mentions that there is a need to change the attitude, behavior, and mindset of the people to decrease gun crime in the state. He believes that the ATF or federal agents might not make much effort to eliminate the crime. Moreover, the ATF promised to deploy forces in Chicago by the month of February, saying that the forces would come into action by the summer season, but it has not been practically done. Smith makes a comparison of the past year, where the criminal homicides were 320 last year, and this year the number is 322. This case has shown detailed knowledge about Chicago’s crimes and its law enforcement and how the state has referred to the claims made by the President. However, the audience of this case might come from Chicago state and the surrounding areas. Also, the people who are being affected by gun violence and street crimes in Chicago are also the target audience of this case.

In this case, I think that Smith has pointed out a valid reason because only tweeting the issue will not do any good for the cause. It needs to be addressed practically so as to eliminate the crime. However, at some point I do not agree with Smith, that if there a step going to be taken for improvement in the state, than the people of the state should also support the casue. Gun violence and street crime in Chicago have increased in the past time, but I believe that the state and authorities should keep a good view and be positive about the law enforcement agencies and the ATF. If there is a good thing happening for the people, it should be supported rather than keeping a bad view about it.



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