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Character Analysis of Penelope in “The Penelopiad”

The myth presented by Margaret Atwood, “The Penelopiad,” is the one crucial aspect related to the Odyssey. The character of Penelope is crucial as she retells her story with the consideration of mythology and invention. The opinions raised by Penelope in the story are crucial as they provide the necessary indication of the facet of the storytelling and truth. The particular focus is to assess the character of Penelope as trustworthy as compared to Odysseus in the Odyssey.

The particular tone adopted by Penelope in the myth of “The Penelopiad” can be assessed as the crucial feature of fiber work and her own interpretations, which she uses to create the feature of deception. Throughout the novel, she tries to provide an opinion that is misleading to Odysseus’ version of the story in the form of Odyssey (Fagles, 1997). The prime idea of Penelope’s version is to indicate that only Odysseus cannot be considered as the trustworthy or reliable source of the story. It is crucial to understand that the facet of the Penelopiad is not the correct version of the Odyssey when it comes to identifying whether Penelope is a more trustworthy narrator than Odysseus.

The prospect presented by Penelope cannot be considered as more trustworthy in comparison to the narrative of Odysseus as she also creates deception and confusion in the overall feature of storytelling. She told her own truth without the consideration of the other aspects of reality. The specific presentation of the chorus of Maids throughout the story provides the necessary indications about the confusing form of truth presented by Penelope. It is crucial to understand that objective truth does not exist in the case of the story narrated by Penelope. The character of Penelope explains her form of truth without complete consideration of the rational narration for the whole scenario. The judgmental interpretation presented by Penelope makes her less trustworthy about the overall paradigm of the story.


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