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causes of Osama bin Laden’s hostility against the West


Osama Bin Laden is still remembered to date for the role he played as the leader of Al-Qaeda. Osama engineered the September terrorist attack in the U.S. as a revenge mission against the atrocities the U.S. had committed to the Islamic world. In “Bin Laden’s ‘Letter to America,” he provides reasons for his hatred towards the West. Bin Laden argued that the U.S. had supported the atrocities against Palestine conducted by Israel. He additionally cited other countries that the U.S. had helped waged war, leading to the deaths of a dozen innocent lives. Bin Laden was also critical of the manner in which the U.S. had imposed leaders against their will who helped in governing countries while disregarding Islamic religion. These were part of the reasons that motivated Bin Laden to cause the 9/11 attack to avenge the deaths and the cries of fellow Muslims. It was through such attacks that the U.S. would stop interfering with Muslim states and stop supporting Jews in killing Palestinians and occupying land that is known to belong to Palestine.

Military Attacks against Enemies

Bin Laden was particularly angry with the U.S. for the constant military attacks against its enemies. It was through these attacks that their enemies lost so many citizens as a means of suppressing diverse opinions. Bin Laden provided an example of the atomic bombing in Japan to advance his anger against the historical attacks the U.S. directed at its enemies. The twin bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a clear example of how the U.S. used its military might to suppress countries that were perceived to be enemies. If a country would go into a war because of disagreement and the result was the loss of lives of innocent citizens, it meant that America cared less about other countries and would use any force against countries with different values.

In the letter, Bin Laden expressed his anger at the continuous support by the West on violence against innocent Muslim countries. Bin Laden noted that the U.S. had supported Israel in advancing violence against Palestine because of territorial issues. Bin Laden argued that historically, Jerusalem and other parts occupied by Israelites belonged to Palestine. The attacks on Palestine had been made to look like they were in the wrong because the Jews had infiltrated the media and controlled issues in the U.S. The U.S. had only moved to support a war that had seen innocent people lose lives, women widowed, and children orphaned.

Bin Laden also brought up the example of Somalis, where the U.S. military had killed innocent Muslims. The war in Somalia had destabilized the country, which was left in ruins and civil war. The same applies to the support of the U.S. to Russia to attack and kill innocent Chechens. The U.S. had also supported the aggression against Muslims in Kashmir and constant attacks against Muslims in Lebanon by the Jews. The aggression against the Muslim world using military tactics had not only led to the loss of lives but ruined countries that were previously stable.

Imprisonment of innocent Muslims is the other issue that was addressed by Bin Laden in the letter. Bin Laden was particularly angered by the constant imprisonment of Muslims with false accusations of terrorism. The conditions in Guantanamo Bay injected pain and suffering to the Muslims, and the U.S. continued to fund and support the operation of the prison to torture Muslims. The international courts that seek to address such atrocities are also controlled by the West, which makes it easier to hold countries like the U.S. accountable for the pain, deaths, and suffering it has caused to innocent people.

U.S. Economic Greed and Exploitation

Bin Laden was critical of the U.S. involvement in the politics of other countries with the aim of installing puppets. It was through such leaders that the U.S. exploited economic resources to display its greed. The Middle East had plunged into war, and the U.S. had moved to steal oil from those countries. The U.S. had waged war in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan, and the result was siphoning off oil, leaving the countries in a poor state. The installed leaders had become the agents of the U.S., helping them steal economic resources.

West’s Immorality

In the letter, Bin Laden noted the increased immorality among Western countries. The rise in immorality contradicted the teachings of Allah. The U.S. positioned itself as a country where personal freedom has been promoted, which has led to the degradation of values. The case of Bill Clinton’s immoral acts at the white house was a clear example of how a country had sunk. There was also widespread homosexuality in the U.S., which undermined the expectations of society. The freedom in America had advanced the spread of diseases, which had threatened the existence of humankind. The country objected to the sale of intoxicants, yet it was leading to the abuse of these drugs. The U.S. had also promoted gambling, which had seen criminals become rich and control the economy at the expense of the poor. Women had also been misused as tools of advertisement with the intention of attracting men. On the Kyoto principle, Bin Laden faulted the U.S. for being the last to implement international laws but was quick to institute sanctions against other countries. The U.S. had destroyed nature through industrial wastes and had refused to sign the Kyoto Agreement in a bid to protect the profits of its companies.

Immoral Separation of Church and State

Bin Laden noted that the U.S. had spearheaded a campaign in Islamic countries to have a separation of church and state. According to Bin Laden, Islam was a unified religion, and as such, Islamic states had to abide by Islamic teachings and values. The U.S. had, however, moved to create a division between the two to create conflicts and divisions among Islamic followers. It was only through the unification of church and state that Muslim countries would be able to achieve peace, but this had been compromised through interference by Americans.

Sending a Message to Stop the Practices

The letter by bin Laden served to send a message to Americans to stop these practices if they wanted to enjoy peace. Bin Laden particularly argued that the war would be directed at all Americans as they supported the government. It was through the democratic elections they held that the citizens elected a government that would later advance war with Islamic countries. The same citizens paid taxes, which would later be used to fund the war and support Israel’s operations against Palestine. These actions had angered the Islamic world and attacks on New York, and Washington was part of the attacks to avenge the pain and deaths of Islamic citizens.


Osama Bin Laden’s letter to America expressed the reasons for anger towards the West. Bin Laden was particularly angered by the constant attacks on Muslims in Palestine and other parts of the world because of American support and direct involvement. The American government had used military attacks to suppress Muslims and steal their resources. By installing their preferred leaders, the West was able to control and advance war in Islamic countries, which resulted in the deaths of several Muslims. It was only through terrorist attacks that the U.S. would stop these atrocities. Quran teachings inspired the attacks, and this war would continue unless the U.S. complied with the demands of the Islamic world.



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