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Physics is the branch of science that deals with the structure of matter and the fundamental constituents.


Cohesiveness means a tendency of a given group that come together and agree to be united, at the same time working towards their objectives or to satisfy their emotional needs. The togetherness of a group might be caused by internal factors such us group pride, threats from other groups, influence and the intensity of the interaction of an individual.

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Introduction Of Circuit Protection Fuse

The new product investment will come with benefits to the organization, as it will yield new value for customers. As it is known, the first and most significant reason for any further progress is to provide new worth to the customer. Without this, there is no motive for them to trade their money for the new maneuver. However, because I believe the merchandise will offer overwhelming value, then clients will

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Series and Parallel Circuits

Procedure PheT Sims Play Electricity, Magnets, and Circuits Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DCy) To add elements to your circuits, simply drag an item into the work area. To remove an item or change it, right-click the item you wish to change. To uncouple two circuit elements, right-click on the circular junction and choose “split junction.” To measure voltage and current, click on the boxes to the left. Remember, voltage is read

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latent heat numerical analysis

Q1: (60 marks) A piston-cylinder device initially contains air at 200 kPa and 127 0C. At this stage, the piston rests on a pair of stops, as shown in the figure below, and the enclosed volume is 200 liters. The mass of the cylinder is such that a 300 kPa inside pressure is required to move it. The air is now heated until its volume has doubled. Determine (a) the

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natural and human-made sources Radiations

The transmission or emission of energy from a source through the propagation of particles or waves via a medium (whether material or space) is known as radiation. This radiation may be categorized as either ionizing, with an energy of more than ten eV, or non-ionizing, with an energy of less than 10 eV. Radiation may be generated from a variety of sources, both natural and human-made. The most important natural

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Burke’s Thesis

In numerous ways Burke’s thesis is  more related to avant grade principles theory of chaos in quantum physics. The reason how we are able to understand, interpret and explain what we want to define and measure, directly changes what we intend to define and measure. This is time and again referred to as ‘Uncertainty Principle’ attributed to the German physicist Weiner Heisenberg. In the simplest form, the principle states that

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the key researches that contributed to the development of classical mechanics

The term Classical Mechanics, also known as Newtonian Mechanics is one of the major fields of physics which is the collection of research done by Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. This term originated in the twentieth century to describe the principles of physics as described by Newton. It includes the astronomical theories presented by Johannes Kepler and projectile motion concepts as given by Galileo. However, many scientists consider the

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Generating Digital Signals with the Addition of Noise, and Building a Digital Threshold Detector

Objectives The primary objectives of this lab are: To generate digital signals with the addition of noise To build a zero-crossing threshold detector Abstract This experiment is about generating digital signals with noise content added to them and making a digital threshold detector. Thus, this lab will help us understand the concept of noisy signals and assist in comprehending the underlying design of digital threshold detectors. This report, however, caters

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Using levers to examine the Ruler Balance mechanism 

From the observations after balancing the two rulers (one shorter and another one longer), it is observed that a shorter ruler balances faster than a longer ruler. This is due to the effects of the force of gravity on the rulers, plus other factors, including the effort and load distance.  Effort distance can be considered from the fulcrum or the turning point (the finger) to one end of the ruler.

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The Use of Micrometer, Vernier Caliper, and Digital Meter in Lab

Lab Report In this Lab, I have learned the use of Micrometer, Vernier Caliper, and Digital meter. With the learning from the Lab, I can now measure the length of any object with the help of Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, and Digital meter. I have taken measurements of different objects with the help of these instruments. Measuring with the Micrometer: The micrometer is a precise measuring device, mostly used by engineers

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How to design a Micrometer

CHAPTER 4 ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION 4.1 Component Design The micrometer is a precise measuring instrument, mostly used by engineers each part of the micrometer was designed with the ideas and variables that were set forth at concept design.  The interchangeable micrometer was developed in order to reach the goal of improving the older models of micrometers in order to make it more efficient and affordable.  The dimensions of the tools

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