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List five positions at five different organizations you would apply for if you just finished your degree.

Currently, I am studying international business and marketing, and I have planned to start an appropriate job after the completion of my studies. It is very important to find a related job to my studies, as the job market is very saturated nowadays. Relating to the field of my study, I have considered my self to be applied for the position of international marketing director, social media coordinator, fashion marketer, digital marketing associate, and sales/marketing coordinator. As international marketing is a vast subject, there are a lot of international companies working in the same field and I can also consider to apply in some companies for the position related to my field. I have listed five companies in which I will be applying for the concerned positions:

  • Position of Digital Marketing Coordinator in Freeman Inc. located in New York, USA.
  • Position of Social Media Coordinator in WebPageFX located in New York, USA.
  • Position of Social media Coordinator at Amazon located in Seattle, USA.
  • Position of Inbound Marketing Coordinator at Wire Stone Inc.
  • Position of Advertising Manager at Miller Group Advertising Inc.
  1. List each position description, responsibilities, minimum qualifications, entry level salary, location, and opportunity for growth in the organization.

As for each of the position in the companies, there are different responsibilities, job description, and detailed job summary for the position.

Digital Marketing Coordinator

An employee at this position is responsible for the digital marketing of a company. For a company which serves as a digital marketer for any third party company, digital marketing coordinator is responsible to aid the manager of the department in making digital applications, online advertisements, and any specific need by the company (Ali et al., 2017). For the company itself, digital marketing coordinator works in making the online marketing campaigns and working on online community management. Minimum qualification for this position is atleast 16 to 18 years education in the related field and from a well reputed university. The salary range for this position is between $40,000-$60,000 per year. It varies from company, depending on the size and sales of the organization. As far as the growth in this position is concerned, it is believed that if the employee’s performance is good in the company, he/she might be promoted to the assistant manager position in the company in a period of 3-4 years.

Social Media Coordinator

Responsibilities for this position are diverse in nature, due to the demanding social media marketing. An employee at this position has the responsibility of gathering new trends in social media, gathering information from the audience, creating new social media content and texts, measuring web traffic, analyzing search engine optimization, training of new employees, staying up to date on the changes in the social media context, catering customers queries effectively, creating schedule for posting online content of websites, and handling the traffic (Ali et al., 2017). However, the job requirements for this positions are experience of using social media platforms, detailed knowledge of SEO and Google analytics, in depth knowledge of online marketing strategies, ability to create online content and text, multitasking, effective communication, and atleast a bachelors degree in Marketing or relevant field. Salary range of this position is from $30,000-$40,000 per year. However, there is a a lot of growth in this field because of the modern day advancements in the field and increasing demand from the audience.

Advertising Manager

The role of an advertising manager is to take the team forward with the advertising strategies and the tasks assigned to the departments. The person on this position has to oversee the advertising activities, create strategies for the organization to take forward the advertising, managing campaigns for the company, evaluating advertisement campaigns and creating unique ways of advertising (Ali et al., 2017). Educational requirements for this position is atleast 18 years education in the field of marketing and specialization in advertising. Additional requirements of the positions are, having advertising skills, execellent communication, implementing ideas extracted from the department, effective managerial and supervision skills. However, growth in this position is a vital concern for the employee, as it is one of the higher positions in the company related to the department.

  1. Provide a paragraph on each organization describing the product ,or service, CEO, and history of the organization.
  • Freeman Inc. is one of the world largest digital marketing company. It is also considered as a brand experience company having more than 90 offices worldwide and almost 7000 employees, with more than 2000 employees located outside USA (Company, 2018). It is located in New York. Freeman Inc. is in the business of digital marketing for almost 90 years. It is a company which provides digital marketing techniques for their clients (Company, 2018). The company is more of a service based company, which helps the clients to plan, organize, and design digital marketing techniques to cater their audience. Joseph V. Popolo, Jr is the Chief Executive Officer of Freeman Inc. who is serving the company from the past ten years.
  • WebpageFX is a pure digital marketing company, providing digital marketing tactics for their clients to meet their marketing goals. The company consists of experienced marketers, desginers, content developers, and skilled managers (“SEO Company | Results Driven Digital Marketing by WebpageFX,” n.d.). It provides SEO for the clients in terms of all types of marketing. WebpageFX has been listed in the top 500 best companies of digital marketing and topped the table of best workplaces to work for. William Craig founded the company ten years ago, and he is also the CEO of the company (“SEO Company | Results Driven Digital Marketing by WebpageFX,” n.d.). William is an entrepreneur who also works for Forbes.
  • is an electronic commerce and cloud analyst company. Amazon is the world’s larget internet retail company based on the capital and revenue. Amazon is based in Seattle, USA and was founded as an online bookstore in 1994. But, now Amazon serves everything a customer needs and can buy it online (“ Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more,” n.d.). Amazon serves in almost every country and provides every product/service worldwide. Jeff Bezos is the Chairman and CEO of and he also founded the company, first running from a small room. Now, Amazon is the eight largest company in USA (“ Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more,” n.d.).
  • Wire Stone is a digital marketing and consultancy company which was founded in 2000 by Dan Lynch. Dan Lynch is also the CEO of the company now, and is serving since the beginning (“Wire Stone – a Digital Marketing Agency,” n.d.). Wire Stone is located in different cities of USA with 245 employees uptil 2017. The main product/service of the company is to creating marketing transformation which gathers the audience to witness the marketing done by the company (“Wire Stone – a Digital Marketing Agency,” n.d.). The company enables digital channels for their clients to satify the marketing needs of the clients. The company was acquired by Accenture in 2017, while there are Wire Stone labs still working separately to support the innovation and creativity for the company.
  • The Miller group is an advertising agency which focuses on public relations, digital marketing, advertising and production of advertising content (“Miller Group | L.A. Marketing & Advertising Agency,” n.d.). In 1990, the company was founded by Renee Miller in Los Angeles, USA. Renee Miller is the firm’s director and serving as a CEO. The Miller group has worked with top companies like Kenwood, General Electric, and Anthem. The company speciliazes in introducing different forms of advertisments whether long term or short term for their clients (“Miller Group | L.A. Marketing & Advertising Agency,” n.d.).
  1. Provide a

    written page that describes a detailed information interview with someone who has worked or currently works in one of the positions.

Recently I got in conversation with one of the employees from The Miller Group. Gary, who is the advertising manager for the Miller Group and is serving the company from 2004. He had been in the film industry previously, and relating to experience, the company offered him the position of advertising manager (“Miller Group | L.A. Marketing & Advertising Agency,” n.d.). I talked with Gary about the company and its workplace and how to get the job in the company. He told be about the expertise required to enter the company, as the market is filled up with candidates (“Miller Group | L.A. Marketing & Advertising Agency,” n.d.). He told be about his experience in the company, and that he was also hired on his experience. Further, he told me that this position requires a lot of leadership skills, and the ability to take a team of skilled workers with the company demands. The time he was hired in the company, the market did not had any one similar to him and that gave him the opportunity to enter the Miller Group.

  1. How you would be a great fit for each position and why each position would match your employment needs.

Referring to the details about the companies and positions listed above, I think I can be a good fit for each of the positions, because I have gained a lot of knowledge about the subjects im studying right now. It is of great importance that a person enters a practical field, which matches with his/her field of study. I have studied all the aspects of marketing in my international business & marketing degree and it has given me a wide experience about the diversity of the practical world. However, I have learned the principles of digital marketing and advertising in my courses, and for the start of my career these positions will support me in entering the organizations I have chosen for my career. Each position I have listed above, matches my employement needs because each position is similar to my course of study and depending on the things I have studied it matches the career I wanted to chose.

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