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Can A Collapse Of Civilization Be Avoided

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Our earth is home to millions of species and is dominated by humans. Industrialization dramatically changed the Earth’s ecology and the relationship of humans with their environment. Industrialization started in the 1700s in Great Britain, which vividly altered every aspect of human existence and lifestyles. Environmental degradation has a negative impact on the growing industries worldwide. Emission of Carbon dioxide results in ozone depletion. CO2 emitted from the combustion of fossil fuels is the most important greenhouse gas, and it is absorbed by the atmosphere, land, and water (NASA, 2018). Other waste materials from industries are a source of water, air, and land pollution.

During the 1900s, speedy industrialization in America led to water contamination due to the free discharge of unwanted material into surface waters (Robertson). In the beginning, the impact of industrialization was not recognized by the world, and people started to become more and more dependent on the products manufactured by different industries. In the 21st century, it is impossible to think of the world without industrial manufactured goods. We are imperfectly adapted to our modern manufacturing domain of cars, computers, and swarming metropolises (Robertson).

Every single person using industrial products is responsible for the environmental degradation. I drive a car instead of walking, which contributes to carbon emissions. I use many electric appliances throughout my day, and I waste water in many ways. So, I can say that my daily activities release a considerable amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. It is time to recognize the harmful effects of industrialization on our lives and environment; otherwise, there are possibilities that our whole world will become a terrible place to live in. Paul R. Ehrlich in his article termed this as Global collapse, he is of the view that many other societies have collapsed in the past because of environmental issues and now problems because of industrialization like overpopulation, over consumption of technology and energy can result in global collapse (Ehrlich and Ehrlich).

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