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Brown and Douglas Community Centers in Winston Salem

Part A: Brown and Douglas Community Centers in Winston Salem –Tennis Team

Brown and Douglas community center is located in Winston Salem Indiana State, Loudon County. It provides various activities such as physical fitness, recreational center and library for studies. The facility receive thousands of visitors annually and it is visited by the local community to seek services and also for recreational. However, establishing a tennis team would be beneficial to the facility and local community as well.

Program philosophy

The program philosophy would be to look for potential individuals who would wish to join the team and train them on how to play tennis. Since, it is the first time the tennis team is being established in the Loudon County, the program philosophy shall comprise of training of the local community, couching of the team and offering community support or needs when required.

Program Mission

The mission statement of the program is to build well-l rounded team which can play professionally and win against any team. It is also being started to improve the life of young people through provision of engagement activity which can be economically benefiting to them.

Detail of what is needed

In order to establish a complete tennis team a couple of things shall be needed. Some of the things which are needed are tens balls, tennis bag or backpack, towel, ball holder, strings t-shirt and strings. The management already has USD 50,000; the balance remaining for the budget for the program is to be completed is USD 80,000. The budget shall go into purchasing of equipments and other running capital.

Revenue Stream for the Tennis team

The source of revenue for the team shall be the gate charges when the team is playing, donation from well wishers, and sponsorship. The team can print T-shirts and other materials or merchandise and sell to the public or fans as a way of raising finances for the team. Most clubs do have merchandise which is being sold through different outlets and the tennis team can do the same.

Part B: ice skating rink to the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina

YMCA is a community center offering variety of services to a whole family. The center offers programs such as after school lessons, library services, providing after school care and sporting activities for the youth. However, established Ice skating within the facility will be an advantageous to the center since the number of services being offered shall be many hence the traffic to the facility shall increase.

Program philosophy

The Ice skating facility shall provide training to the community especially the young people on how to skate, and other relevant trainings which are required. It shall be used to mobilize the stakeholders to sponsor various programs which empower the young and women in the community.

Program mission

The mission of the program is to bring Ice skating as a sporting activity within the community so that young people and other interested party can perfect their ice skating skills. It intends to create a strong and skilled ice skating team in the region. In order to have an outstanding team which can play any ice staking team, the following materials shall be required. Some of the things which shall be required are Gloves or mittens, helmet, Socks, Long sleeved shirt or turtleneck and individual skate. The light jacket, pants and sweater are also needed for ice skating. It is has been noted that the team has already be given 15000 which should be spread across. The total budget for purchasing the listed items which are need is ISD 250000 including the amount which shall be used for registration if it will be utilize.

Revenue Stream for the Tennis team

The ice skating team can generate revenue through the sale of its outfits, promotion, sponsors and donation from well wishers. Membership contribution can be another source of revenue for the team.



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