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Bluffing in Business Essay

bluffing in business is described as the act of giving some false information to the client. It is done to get some economic favors from the client. This is mostly done by the business class. The idea or the message the author is putting across is that any person who has an interest in business, he/she must be ready to say lies.  In most situations, the businessmen are forced to deceive their customers or clients so as the transaction may go through.  But he goes ahead and says that even if one is forced to cheat the customer, he/she must ensure that the will of the customer is served and fulfilled

Sometimes, the businessmen are left with no option other than giving false information to their customers. The main reason of that is to convince the client into buying or accepting his/her services. For that reason, I am satisfied that there are no damages to the client as long as what the client needed is offered to the maximum. For example, that young man who was forced to lie that he had only read some books and not others which he considered has not appropriate to guarantee him the job.  Again there was also the old man who was forced to turn his grey hairs into black to help him secure the position. Therefore, I fully support the author’s argument that false is necessary for any business.

I am of the opinion that deception in the is unethical and people involved in such practices should avoid it as much as possible. Most of the clients don’t like to be deceived. If they realize that they have been duped or given misleading information, they may not be happy with the organization. The result of that is bringing a bad image to the business.

On the issue of deception, the author is discouraging the business community from acting in such a way that their clients are not happy. It is the responsibility of the businessmen to ensure that he/she provides the best service and products as is expected by the client.



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