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Biography Of The Coldplay

Diversity is a big debatable topic in the world at the moment. The music industry is playing a big role in making sure that the music is not only used as a tool of entertainment but as a source to provide power to words that talk about diversified topics like “racism”, “gender inequality” or “poverty”. This is because music has the ultimate power to touch the audience sentimentally and raise awareness. The diverse topic of poverty, especially the bridge between the developing and developed world, is alarming. It is inspirational to see huge profit-making music bands, like The Coldplay, contributing to social welfare.

Biography Of The Coldplay:

Songs, if written or played for a cause, bring so much more meaning to art than they could not do without. Many bands have simply worked on producing songs and selling off their albums without any cause, merely to make a huge lump sum amount.

However, many artists and bands, songwriters, etc., have worked on promoting their work for a specific purpose.

Coldplay Is A Band From London, UK.

Coldplay first released its song in 2000 “Yellow,” as their first release, and it became their first biggest hit. After that, they were able to release “Parachutes” and then “A Rush of Blood to the Head.” The Coldplay band originated from the College of London when the group mates had first started their singing profession in college with a name of the band called “Starfish” initially. The name officially turned into Coldplay inspired by a book of poetry called “Child’s reflections-Coldplay.”

The group comprises of bassist Guy Berryman, guitarist Buckland, drummer Will Champion, and main leading singer, guitarist, and pianist Chris Martin. Three of the four members of the group have completed their graduation fully, while Berryman dropped out of the university. They had invested most of their college time writing and rehearsing various songs.

Genre & Musical Style:

Coldplay’s music style has been widely popular as pop, hard rock, and pop rock.

As per the lead singer, Chris Martin, the song’s music is rather limestone rock as opposed to the “hard rock” music style. Their band usually works on music to convey feelings and emotions. This causes the singers to say that “their sound might change, but they will focus on the melody and emotions.”

In the group’s fourth work on their biggest hit worldwide, “Viva la Vida,” their music style shifted to art rock. The fame of this work got the Coldplay seven Grammy Awards. Moreover, they have also won MTV Music Awards, Brit Awards, and 83 more.

Their musical style is all about the modern British popular culture, reflecting the ideas that have inspired them from their native culture.

Coldplay Making A Difference:

The band has worked incredibly to promote causes other than major heartbreak, such as blue romantic themes in their songs, to social causes like “environmental issues and poverty” in the least developed world or even in a developed nation. The crux point of their support to address such niche topics is that Coldplay has realized that it is part of their social responsibility to be famous and inspirational to a vast audience.

They have, in the past and since 2002, raised voices for Fair trading practices, and this was merely for the WTO to realize how poor farmers, who sell crops for their earnings, are being exploited at the hands of the bigger farmers in the developed nations. They spread messages to eradicate poverty and cut off inequality in societies.

Moreover, many of their trips are for the purpose of sharing their profits for a social welfare cause, like orphanage houses, poor people, cancer institutions, and environmental concerns, and to endorse many such social causes.



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