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Bermuda Becomes the First Country in the World to Repeal Same-Sex Marriage

Recently, it was announced that Bermuda officially became the first country to abolish same-sex marriage. Although it was legalized in Bermuda just six months ago, the governor of Bermuda, John Rankin, signed the bill today, although there is no news about it being accepted as law. Several groups have started complaining about the change and are claiming that this decision would revoke people’s rights to marriage equality.

They also claim that this decision will negatively affect Bermuda’s foreign relations, reputation, and economy. These groups also claim that this fight for marriage equality will continue until every person is given the right to marry the person he or she loves. This law is said to be applicable across the whole country including cruise ships that started marriage ceremonies for gay couples. However, it will not revoke the marriages that have already taken place.

This example explains the relationship and dependence of various social science disciplines or, in other words, social science interdisciplinarity. Gay marriage is a concept of human behavior that negates the age-old concept of opposite-gender attraction and marriage. In most countries of the world, this concept is accepted, and it gave rise to communities that are now standing and fighting for their rights and acceptance. This human behavior was powered by the societies that came into existence as a result of the popularity of this concept, so one factor behind the acceptance of this behavior can be cultural support. This example shows us how human behavior can depend on culture and is encouraged by it. Similarly, we can see that the abolishment of Gay Marriage has started facing opposition from some groups. This gives an idea that this act of government will result in the political instability of the country as gay marriage supporters will start strikes against this bill. Hence, we can prove the importance of Social Sciences’ Interdisciplinarity and the dependence of each discipline on the other by claiming that it is the collective effect of theories of sociology, cultural anthropology, psychology, and political sciences that allow us to explain the overall condition of a community.


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