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Beating Someone at his own game

The story “Beating Someone at his own game” is a narrative in which I am the protagonist, with the other characters selected by choice. My main role in the story is to handle the main problem based on the change in emotions, physical, and counts. Thus, I should make a rational plan of things based on the story itself (Willis, 2016). To ensure the proper end of the narrative, I had to select the characters based on the ethical code of literature. All the characters in the narrative requested to be included. The narrative is illustrated below.

My daily routine starts very early in the morning. I start by preparing myself before I go to work. After eight hours of work, I usually go home, and later in the evening, I go to the university to study. However, on 27th February 2018 was different. The day started badly since my car had a mechanical problem, but I had to adjust to the situation. I boarded a train to work, and later, I decided to walk to the University for my Classes since the distance wasn’t long. After completing my classes, I was on my way home when I was arrested in an operation that was done by two police officers. I was arrested with the other drunken people who were causing a disturbance on the streets of Chicago.

Everyone could tell from the harsh scent of a drink that could be smelt by those people. They were seen struggling to keep the balance of their body, and it was a sort of out-of-body experience. Their legs and their hands couldn’t work as they were being commanded by the body. I can probably guess from their reactions that the brains are sending some signal telling them what they should do, but their bodies are telling them a different story. The body is moving anyhow, but they are unable to stop it. They were caught trying to walk down the street, but the legs were telling them otherwise. They were swaying right and left. Suddenly, it all went dark. And suddenly, they found themselves in a police car without having any idea the way they got into it. Both the police and I were looking at them with the slaughter in the eyes. We know as they know that they are recklessly drunk. They were very drunk.

We went into a serious confrontation with Detectives John and Joseph, and they realized that I wasn’t drunk. They could not easily release me from the cell since they were corrupt, and also they didn’t want to admit that they arrested me by mistake. Therefore, they decided to change the accusation of being drunk and causing disturbance to reckless bicycle driving. The following day we went to the court of law, and in the course of my case I had no witness, and therefore I was found guilty. For the sake of the other people who were drunk, they were guilty too, and therefore, they were discharged with a fine of $50 or three months imprisonment. For my case, I was charged a fine of $100 or six months imprisonment.

However, as soon as the magistrate finished providing the ruling of the case, I stood up and told the court that I would pay the fine. Also, I wanted my bicycle back so that I could continue using it. Therefore, it was the responsibility of the police to look for the bicycle and present it to the court immediately. Unfortunately, they had no bicycle to present to me. Thus, the police were forced to purchase a new bike worth $270 after it was discovered that they had fixed a case concerning factual traffic charges.

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