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Are You An Introvert Or An Extravert?

Differences Between Introverts And Extroverts

According to psychology, introverts are those people who are anti-social, not too talkative, and private people, while extroverts are those who are outgoing and social. Introverts like to spend their time alone, reading or watching movies, etc., while extroverted people cannot spend their time alone. In fact, they prefer going out with family and friends, etc. While having a conversation introverts go for one-on-one conversations, but extroverts mostly enjoy having discussions in groups. Talking about friends, introverts are known for having few but close friends. On the other hand, extroverts have a large group of friends, but the bond is not that strong. Changes are not too acceptable for introverts, while extroverts adapt to changes easily. Introverts reflect before opting for anything, but extroverts are quick in decision-making. Introverts are least concerned about gaining any attention from people but are loved by extroverts.

The following are some examples from Bem P. Allen’s work.

Stimulating Environments

According to the German psychologist Hans Eysenck, the differences between introverts and extroverts arise due to cortical arousal, speed, and the amount of brain activity. Introverts are known for greater cortical arousal than extroverts. For instance, in a loud restaurant, introverts become overwhelmed, and they don’t prefer to go to places where the stimulation is high.

Lemon Juice Experiment

An experiment was conducted to show that the reticular activating system has higher activity in introverts than in extroverts. It reacts to all kinds of inducements, which include food. Introverts have augmented RAS activity, and they react with more salivation in response to lemon juice.

Drug Intake

Ritalin was the drug given to the participants of the research published. The drug enables the chemical dopamine to release, which is convoluted in reward and enthusiasm. The participants were made to watch videos displaying arbitrary natural sights while on Ritalin. The intake of a drug was removed after three days, and then they watched the same videos. The introverts were not at all excited by the videos, while the extroverts were.

Attention To Human Faces

It has been observed that extroverts focus more on human faces than introverts. Introverts’ brains react to human faces in the same manner as they respond to an image of a flower.


The participants were given pictures and asked for their oral descriptions. It was found that introverts are more precise than extroverts.

Choice Of Clothing

A study suggests that extroverts wear more decorative clothing, while introverts are more practical in their choice of clothing.

Talking about my personality, I have both an introvert and an extrovert nature known as ambient. An ambient person possesses both introvert and extrovert traits in a rough balance. The extrovert characteristics that I possess are wearing dark-colored and decorative dresses as they always attract me, and I therefore never buy a light or a dull-colored dress that depicts my extroverted personality. I do remember and am able to recognize human faces. If I am given anything to describe, I go for the details. I am unable to describe anything in just a line or two. I’ll explain every aspect of the image. I enjoy group conversations.

Considering my introverted properties, I do not seek environments where my arousal levels are augmented, such as loud restaurants or concerts. I usually prefer peaceful places. I am shy in front of the majority of people but talkative with the ones I am close to. I love adventures but have a fearful nature as well.  The inability to make quick decisions, excessive daydreaming and introspection, and withdrawal in stressful situations are also part of my introverted personality. Allen’s study was applicable to some extent for me, and I could observe my personality traits. Some of the experiments stated were not applicable, such as the lemon juice experiment and the drug intake.


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