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Are genetically modified foods safe for human consumption?

Thesis Statement

The paper’s main aim is to discuss the benefits of genetically modified foods and their key impacts on health. Genetically modified foods are generally considered safe for human health, but there are some basic side effects that may cause damage as well. The genetically natural food is incomparable and is generally much better than the genetically modified ones. In a broader view and by concluding all the studies on genetically modified food, there is no solid, positive or negative evidence which could clear whether genetically modified foods could benefit human health. According to the studies, there are no long-term effects of genetically modified food, so it can be explained that the critics and scientists have no such clues to protect their claims against genetically modified foods.


Human beings have been consuming genetically modified foods since the 1990s. It is a continuous debate on the impact of genetically modified food on human health and will not end until there is any evidence that would completely prove the pros and cons of GMFs against natural Foods. The critics have arguments about the impact of genetically modified food cultivation on the environment. The Food and Drug Administration has strictly required evidence of the damage that is being caused by genetically modified crops and foods on the soil and human beings respectively. In a general discussion, it can be explained that genetically modified foods are generally as beneficial as natural foods, and no problem or harm has been seen since the two decades of use of them in the United States of America. People have a business for them because of the myths generated by the production of genetically modified foods. The purpose of the composition is to explain genetically modified food’s purpose and health effects and to describe the pros and cons with the help of good claims and situations.

Literature Review

According to the question which required an explanation of the safety of genetically modified food consumption to be safe for human health if the proven evidence would be considered and the powerful debates which ended with no conclusion would be excluded then the answers would be Yes, the genetically modified foods are safe for the human health and could be consumed as positive for the human health. One of the main factors causing doubt in the critics and the normal population’s minds is that the techniques used for producing genetically engineered foods are new and very few studies could prove that these foods are not suitable for human health or could explain the positive answers. So, the scientists have explained that without proper evidence, it should not be concluded that genetically modified foods have no positive impact on the human population.

In the United States, many health and food discussions have concluded this fact and explained that engineered foods are normal and have no such prominent side effects yet. The best and the most popular genetically modified plants currently in use by the population of the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, china, japan, Russia and several neighbouring territories are soybeans, cotton and canola. They are providing the same benefits as the naturally produced ones. Same as there are foods like tomatoes, Corn, Yellow Crookneck Squash and Zucchini, which are highly consumed and are produced from the farms of both original and genetically modified plants. These foods were tested in the labs before market production, and after the approval of a good number of tests and the approval of the United States Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), they were introduced into the market.

Genetically modified foods are safe for humans and the environment.  The main reasons for making them genetically modified were several factors, including the dependence of the plant on the mud, increased production with less fertiliser and water service, and higher quantities of food within controlled environments like greenhouse effects and indoor production. Several critics argued that genetically engineered foods and were concluding that they are unsafe for health but a well-known dietician has provided a statement as well in which she concluded that well-balanced eating could be the main source and the primary way of achieving better health status as required. South China has researched a lot on this fact and concluded that having a variety of foods could be a source of a healthy lifestyle and there is no need to differentiate between genetically modified foods and natural food.

Opposing Claims

In the opposing claims of the genetically modified foods, there are also some studies, experiments, research and regular experiences of the producers which concluded that the genetically modified foods are tested to check the natural balance of the calories, vitamins and proteins but they are not experimented and tested for the safety of the human intake/usage. The study concluded that the soybean intake caused digestion issues as the digestion tract bacterial gene collided horizontally (horizontal transfer) with the soybean gene. Also, several patients were tested, and it was found that their skin had the worst immune response through genetically modified genes and non-genetically modified ones. It was recommended that those patients stop eating processed foods and use naturally produced food or processed diets including artificial flavours and colours.

It is also seen that the insecticidal proteins were circulating in the pregnant and non-pregnant women’s blood. This special insecticidal protein was found only in insecticidal sprays on soybean plants to kill pests and perform organic farming using chemically based processing. No evidence was found of how the BT toxin protein was found in such quantities circulating in the women’s blood vessels. The only intake as expected, is through food or any blood supply. 90% of the women being tested claimed that they were used to eating several types of foods and that they hadn’t had any blood or injections for more than a year. These patients were sent forward for the proper examination so that causes could be found as soon as possible for a good and adjusting response, which would stop this hurting situation they also started studying the BT toxin protein from the start and its impacts on the human body (“Myth: GM Foods Are Safe For Human Consumption”).

A claim which could be used as evidence for the critics who start an argument against genetically modified foods is that in China the genetically modified plants of soybean, corn and canola are being cultivated specially instead of the natural ones so that the insects cannot get attracted to them. These plants are insect-resistant and there is no evidence of how much they would be human-resistant. In many claims, it is also explained that since the plants are antibiotic resistant and they produced allergies to man humans how is it possible that they would be giving proper nutrition to the body? Due to the increase in the variety of genetically modified foods, allergies and different problems are also seen in the human metabolism system the most prominent ones as discussed are the blood transfer of genetically modified genes as well as skin allergies.


In a nutshell, it can be explained that the genetically modified foods are grown only for the two basic purposes. The first is to increase the supply of foods from less resources and energy consumed. Critics and scientists have considered that people who have doubts about genetically modified foods should definitely wait for the next upcoming reports and research so that they will not blame the less work on genetically modified foods. In supermarkets, most of the healthy food tags are seen on genetically modified food while non-genetically modified food is almost not available mostly in supermarkets, which lets the customers forcefully buy genetically modified foods.

It is unclear what kind of side effects could be seen or whether they are currently under observation due to genetically modified foods or some other cause. Nevertheless, it’s better to live on natural foods so that there would be no effects on health directly or indirectly. The above claims against and in favour of genetically modified foods show an extreme requirement for further research to end this debate of equal balance completely. Genetically modified foods and crops should not be commercialized without testing unless the results are produced, observed and approved internationally.

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