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Anji Heng Feng Sanitary Material Company., Ltd.

Company, Brand, and Products

Anji Heng Feng Sanitary Material Company Limited is situated in Zhejiang, China. It manufactures medical bandages (crepe bandages, gauze bandages, Plaster of Paris bandages, medical elastic bandages), face shield materials, and surgical masks. This company was started in February 2006 on a piece of land measuring 12,000 meters squared and is so near to different ports including Hangzhou International Airport, Shanghai Port, and the Ningbo Port. This makes it so easy to import and export materials inside and outside the county (ANJHENGFENG, n.d.). The company has over 200 employees working in a clean favorable environment. Out of the 200 employees,15% form the technical workforce.

Out of the 16 years Anji Heng Feng Sanitary Material Company Limited has been in business, its main products that have been greatly sold are; crepe bandages, Plaster of Paris bandages, first-aid bandages, and medical elastic bandages (ANJHENGFENG, n.d.). Their products are being sold to different countries of the world including the USA, the Middle East, and Europe. Anji Heng Feng Company has also met the ISO 13485 together with the CE and has been certified by both TUV and FDA which are the certification bodies.

Anji Heng Feng Company for the years have been in business, producing commodities that are of the best quality that meets the demands of the customers has always been the goal. They have always been led by one intention of “seeking evidence by quality, seeking development of technology, seeking benefits by management, and seeking market by reputation.” (ANJHENGFENG, n.d., par 4). Their commodities are made of the right materials, have a proper thickness, perform their intended function, and are in line with the required industry standards. Because of the quality of their products several institutions all over accept them.

Internal (Micro)Analysis: Customer, Competitor, and Company

Anji Heng Feng Sanitary Material Co., Ltd sells its products both locally and internationally to different countries. Their main markets are the Middle East, Europe, and the USA. In terms of percentages, Denmark takes the lead with 29%, Canada with 25%, the United States at 18%, Australia with 16%, and Germany with 15%. These percentages represent countries buying rates from the Heng Feng Co., Ltd. The company has been able to stand out in business for various reasons. The very first reason is that they produce items that are of high quality that meet the needs of their customers (Export hub, n.d.). Let’s take the case of their face shield which has a shelf life of three years, a thickness of about 0.18 to 0.255mm, size of 32×22cm, apart from this they are also comfortable as they have been made from a medical-grade PET and foam(Made-in-China, n.d.). The second reason why they have been able to beat their competitors in business is the idea of service first, delivering to the needs of their customers is a key factor that they have always considered. Thirdly ceaseless improvement with continuous innovation has made them maintain being on top. For them, it is all about durability, proper prices, quality materials, and the comfortability of the products.

In every business, there are competitors and Anji Heng Feng is not left out. Their major competitors include; Schneider Medical, Assure Suigilab, Henso Medical, Unimax Medical Products, Dynamic Techno Medicals, Tairee Medical group, and Perfect Sugicare Industries, and many others who are in the business of producing the same products. According to Market, Watch Anji Heng Feng has been doing so well in business because “they have been utilizing their strength to the fullest and updating themselves regularly largely to remain competitive in the market.” (MarketWatch,2022, par 2). They mainly sell to hospitals and clinics. In terms of reviews, most customers are satisfied with their products and the kind of work this company is doing, and on a scale of 1 to 5, most customers awarded 3.5 meaning that they were satisfied (Port Hub, n.d.). In terms of on-time shipment, most customers awarded the company 3.2 (Very Satisfied), in terms of product quality 3.1 (Very Satisfied) and supplier service most customers awarded 3.3meaning that they are very satisfied.

External (Macro)Analysis: PESTEL

The government has successfully ensured that the industry at this point is meeting the set standards of pharmaceutical products. This has offered Anji Heng Feng a chance to flourish after meeting the required standards. Companies that were not able to meet the required government standards were scrapped thereby reducing the number of competitors. The fact that Heng Feng is located in one of the most developed places in China has got great advantages in the development of the company. The company is so near Shanghai Port, Hangzhou International Airport, and Ningbo Port giving it the opportunity of being able to move its products outside the country easily. The company has been able to pass ISO 13485 and CE and has been certified by the different certification bodies including TUV and FDA (ANJHENGFENG, n.d.). Getting certified by FDA and TUV legally means that one has fully complied with the government’s requirements for producing medical materials and that the products are safe for use (U.S FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION, 2022). For one to be certified one has to go through a series of activities and all these Heng Feng Company met.

Companies like Dynamic Techno Medicals, Schneider Medical, and PERFECT SURGICARE INDUSTRIES have proved to be worthy competitors because they offer a wide variety of medical products including bandages and masks which have proved to be very effective, latest technologies have also been part of these companies, experienced employees, and a company like Dynamic Techno Medicals has four plants sitting in a piece of land measuring 200,000 square feet and also uses the latest German and Italian machines, apart from that, it also serves about 30 countries with its products.

Being able to sell both within the country and outside offers Heng Feng Company a great opportunity to keep on producing to meet the market demand. Getting to sell internationally enables the company to be seasonal meaning that they can sell all year round, secondly, this makes them able to keep up with the competition, as they have a wide market to sell to. Also, they have been able to expand their market reach, meaning a lot of sales and more profit in the long run.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT)

Internal External
Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
Being located near ports that include Shanghai port, Hangzhou International Airport, and Ningbo port makes exportation easy. Not so big space as compared to their competitors like dynamic Medicals which has four plants sitting in a 200,000square feet Covid19 outbreak has led to masks, and face shield materials being required in high demand both within and outside Covid 19 outbreak led to several countries closing their borders hence low sales
Proper road networks in the area of the company’s location make transportation easy Competitors utilizing heavy good machinery (German and Italian machines The new technological systems Availability of potential competitors in the market
Quality products that meet the market demand Customers thinking positively about our company
Reasonable prices for their commodities Several countries appreciate the new norm of putting on masks and face shields
Getting certified with the certification bodies including TUV and FDA Companies that have not met government standards are being suspended and allowed not to operate.
The right equipment and skilled employees

Marketing Strategy (S, T, D, P) and Recommendations

Products that are being manufactured by Anji Heng Feng Company mostly target clinics and hospitals. They produce a range of products including medical bandages, surgical masks, and face shield materials. These materials are used by people of all ages and because of the current Covid 19 situation, they are in higher demand all through different parts of the world. The bandages, it is made for patients with wounds or who have broken different parts of the body, masks are put on by everyone in our world, and face shields and worn by doctors and nurses who nurse sick patients. It is important for the company to employ a combination strategy that combines different market segmentation strategies which are demographic, geographic, and psychographic (CMG, n.d.). Customers tend to pay more for high-quality products, that are well crafted and meet the intended function.

Products that are being manufactured by the Heng Feng company (Medical bandages, surgical masks, and face shield materials are of high quality and outstanding. The bandages are like the Israeli Emergency bandage; it is elastic, sterilized, vacuum packed, made up of cotton pads, and can effectively be used to carry out multifunctional procedures. The Plaster of Paris bandages made by Heng Feng have a shelf life of 5 years, they are stretchable, made of cotton and plaster of Paris, white, of the right size, and properly packaged (Report Mines, n.d.). The Face shield materials are made of the right material (medical-grade PET and PC) with a thickness of 0.25mm, this product is able to prevent spattered liquids from reaching the face. Bringing together all the marketing segments (combination strategy) will go a long way in ensuring that more sales and more profits are achieved.

Marketing Mix (The 4P’S)


This refers o the commodity that is being sold. For the HengFeng Company medical bandages, surgical masks, and face shield materials are their products. There is always a need for the commodities to be able to fulfill the needs of their buyers. It is also crucial for products to be compelling that the consumers feel the need of acquiring it, this creates demand for the product (Twin,2022). Products made by HengFeng are well branded and packaged to meet the needs of the customers.


This refers to the amounts or costs that consumers pay to acquire a product. It is crucial for the marketers to link the cost of their product to the perceived value and as they do that, they also need to take into account the supply costs, the competitors’ prices, and seasonal discounts (Twin,2022). On some occasions, the executives can decide to lower the cost of a product in order for the buyers to go try the product, and in some situations, they can also raise it to create the impression that the product is luxurious. For the commodities made by HengFeng Company reasonable prices are key.


This is in relation to where to sell the commodity and how the product is to be delivered in the place of purchase or market (Dominici,2009). Situating the HengFeng company in a place that is close to major pots has made it so easy to transport and export products to various international markets.


Promotion involves activities such as advertising, promotional techniques, and public relations (Goi,2009). The main objective of promoting commodities or services is to ensure that the product is revealed to the consumers on why they need it and the reason they need to pay a certain amount for it. Through social media and its website ( HengFeng Company has been able to promote its products.


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