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Analyzing the final speeches of Barak Obama and Donald Trump

American people have not seen an African-American President in their long history of politics until the arrival of their 44th President, Barak Obama. He was a tall, dark, and handsome President who was dearly loved by everyone. It was not just his ability to lead the United States of America but his charisma and personality. He is considered one of this generation’s most eloquent speakers.

He ended his tenure with his final speech in Chicago in 2016 before handing his presidency to Donald Trump ( Barack Obama’s final speech was understandably very emotional yet filled with humor and wit. He accepted his foibles and shortcomings during his eight-year presidency. In his farewell speech, he gave the people of America hope and calmness after they became anxious and stressed by the outcome of the Presidential Election.

Barak Obama was, as always, very eloquent in his delivery of speech, with confidence oozing out of his body. He re-affirmed the faith in people that the future is not bleak, but there is light because the future of American citizens can never be taken away from them. He made witty remarks and also emotional statements. He was in tears when he said the final words of his speech. He thanked the people of America for their constant support while also mentioning Vice President Joe Biden as his constant friend throughout his tenure. Barak Obama, in his final speech to the citizens of America, made no direct or indirect mention of the newly elected President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, but responded with great optimism by saying the future should be theirs. He refused to fight against the newly elected President as people wished and stated that it is better for the people and for democracy that there is a peaceful transfer of presidency from the former President to the new President.

The crowd also engaged with Barak Obama by urging him to stay for four more years, and Obama conceded by saying that he does not have the strength left to lead this beautiful nation and it is time for a new face to lead the people of this land. Although Obama made no mention of Donald Trump in the speech, he refused to acknowledge his ideas and views about the banning of Muslims from the United States. He responded in a very strong and commanding voice that America is a free country and no one is allowed to get banned from this country. He said that the Muslims have the same patriotism as they have.

During his speech, he took a moment for himself and his family by appreciating their relentless support. He thanked his wife for taking up the role she did not have to, which was beautifully fulfilling and left a great legacy behind her. During the final moments of the speech, he became quite emotional and, in his shaking voice, thanked the people and confided in them the immense pleasure he got by serving them for eight years. He finished his speech by encouraging people to have faith in their ability to change the world and to hold the principles and values of this great country in high esteem. He bid his farewell.

In contrast to Barack Obama, Donald Trump’s speech was not that powerful, considering the fact that it was Obama’s final speech, but there was a glaring difference in their delivery of the speech. Obama’s speech, although it had funny moments, showed confidence and professionalism. Donald Trump failed to make that impact. The highs and lows technique speech employed by Obama was not to be seen in the new President’s speech, which he gave at the State of the Union ( Donald Trump started his speech by boasting about himself and his campaign team to win the election and how his policies will pave a new path to prosperity. He also talked about uniting the people of America. He said it is important for them to be united in order to move forward. He also talked about the prices of the medicines and said that he would reduce these prices. Although he talked about reducing the prices of prescription medicines, he did not give any methods of how he and his administration would go about achieving it.

Obama, in his farewell speech, was unequivocal in his statements. In contrast to Obama’s speech, Donald Trump was largely elusive and talked ambiguously about how the change would come. He called China and Russia rivals of America while also stating that Guantanamo Bay would be opened for the terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. Donald Trump, in his speech, did not shy away from saying the name of God at least four times while being the owner of casinos and pubs. The difference between Barack Obama’s speech and the speech made by Donald Trump was that the audience interacted with Obama by asking him to stay, whereas Donald Trump boasted himself by mentioning the presence of the parents of two young kids who were killed by a gang.

At the end of his speech, he said that it is the people who make this nation great and that it is important for American citizens to be proud of themselves. If they keep on working, there will be nothing that cannot be achieved. The final statements by both Barack Obama and Donald Trump were inspiring and encouraging and gave people hope for a better and brighter future.

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