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This study is based on the analysis of the Multinational Corporation’s Historical and Current International Strategies to determine that how the organization maintained their position and competitive edge on the international basis. However, the reason behind this study is to analyze about the international perspective of the organization that how the organization formulate strategies and achieve its goal. The present study is comprised of the understanding of the multinational corporation’s strategies both for historical perspective and current perspective of formulating strategies on an international basis. Henceforth, it is essential to determine the firm’s strategy, structure and rivalry refer to the fact that provides a competition to lead the business in the international business. The formulation and implementation of different strategies are highly considered to find out new ways to the technological development and innovation to increase the production. Related supporting industries determinate refer to the industries upstream and downstream to facilitate innovation in the industry using supporting and exchanging ideas. However, the present study is based on the analysis of the Multinational Corporation’s Historical and Current International Strategies and the selected company for the study is Macdonald. Though it is evaluated in the study that how MacDonald being a multinational corporation works on its international strategies to compete in the market and what are the consequences toward the formulation of strategies and it is also discussed in the study by cogent supporting argument regarding the evaluation of the Current Strategy.


McDonald’s is one of the leading multinational corporations working in the fast food industry. It is noted that the McDonald works with highly comparable efforts to compete in the market. McDonald is the biggest food chain organization that has been working to formulate strategies to deliver best quality taste to its consumer. Due to this reason, the focus of the McDonald is on the strategy formulating instead of branding. They focused on the strategical perspective to create the best image in the food industry. It has been observed that McDonald does not want to compromise on its unique culture therefore it maintains a keen focus on the strategical concern to gain the competitive advantage in the perspective of the international market.

McDonald has maintained its economic competitiveness in the international industry by employing different strategies. These enable companies to work in the context of the international perspective that helps a nation to achieve the competitive advantage. However, the competitive advantage can be achieved by the act of innovation and technological advancement that enables a nation to achieve the better economic conditions. The emergence of new technologies will support companies to work in a unique and better prospect to achieve the economic competitiveness. In addition to this, it is essential to evaluate that how MacDonald being a multinational corporation works on its international strategies in order to compete in the market.


McDonald is one of the Largest and eminent food chain in the United States and other diverse nations. In 1948, the two siblings, Maurice and Richard began the primary McDonald food chain in California and 1955, Ray Kroc; the businessperson opened the principal McDonald’s establishment in Des Plaines and the long run, obtained McDonald siblings in 1961. McDonald’s Corporation has it’s headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois (Jaramillo, 2018).

The Company has both claimed and diversified. Right around 90% of the restaurants on the planet is diversified. The franchisees practice its particular control in business and administration related issues, and on the opposite side exploiting International brand of the franchisor. There are around 37,241 restaurants of McDonald’s serving in 120 nations. McCafe, Express, and Stop are its backups. The product McDonald’s offers include cheeseburgers, French fries, Nuggets, Egg Muffin and some more.

McDonald’s has picked up the biggest piece of the overall industry, and its image is celebrated everywhere throughout the world. According to 2017 money-related articulations, McDonald’s earned a benefit of $5.192 billion which is 10.8% better when contrasted with the year 2016.The primary contenders of McDonald’s are; Subway, Starbucks, KFC Domino’s, Burger Kings and numerous other fast food restaurants.


McDonald always wants to stay competitive in the industry. Therefore, the main focus of the McDonald’s is on the segmentation strategies rather than branding. It is due to the reason that McDonald’s emphasize on the segmentation process to attract consumers effectively and efficiently. It has made the different strategies for the mothers, children, and youth. This will help the McDonalds to achieve the high prospect growth in the market. One of the main concern of focusing on the Segmentations strategies is that it is one of the most efficient techniques to increase the business integrity. Also, the branding is the traditional method to achieve its goals. McDonald’s has created its unique position in the mind of the consumer. However, it is only due to its unique and creative strategies formulation and implementation. Moreover, the focus of the McDonald is on the cross-culture segmentation strategies. It helps McDonald to think about the cultural aspects, values, and norms of the people on an international basis. It is due to the reason for capturing the international market profoundly. In South Asia, the people love to purchase the McDonald Special Salad as the main course; it is because they think that Salad is the healthy nutritional food that is pretty much good for the health conscious people. So, keeping a high concern on making the healthy and nutritional salad helps them to retain their customers in South Asia. People out there order a salad as the main course and other items like the side order, This, enables the organizations like McDonald to achieve its international perspective and competitive edge on the international level in effective and efficient manner. However, in the cultural context of America consumers are love to purchase burgers as the main course; it is because, in America, the people love to purchase the McDonald Special Salad as the main as the side order; it is because they think that Salad is the healthy nutritional food that is pretty much good for the health conscious people. People out there order a salad as the side order, This, enables the McDonald to achieve its international perspective and competitive edge on the international level in viable and profound aspect (Weregr, 2017).


McDonald is the world leading multinational corporation, and it is always centered on the best strategies implication to achieve its unique position in the market especially on the international level. However, it has been observed that the McDonald is highly concern regarding formulation, implementation, and evaluation of the strategies on the international perspective. It is due to the reason that it helps McDonald’s to achieve competitive edge in an effective way, however, mean focus of the McDonald is to retain the customers however from the historical perspective it is observed that McDonald’s is highly concerned about making strategies to create its unique and imperative position in the market on an international level. In addition to this from the historical perspective, it is also analyses that the focus of McDonald’s is on the cost-effective strategy, the main focus on this strategy is to become the number one brand worldwide. This courage of being highly comparative in the market enables McDonald to formulate search strategies that keep them apart from others in the industry. However, it is noted that the main purpose of implementing search strategies is to deliver consumers the best quality food at the affordable price (Pecil, 2018).

Furthermore, from the initial basis, McDonald’s wants to achieve its best goal in the perspective of international marketing. The focus of McDonald’s is to boost up its revenues and sale by keeping proper focus on the strategies. However, in the perspective of international marketing, the main focus of McDonald’s is in the product pricing media planning distribution channel sales strategy and marketing research. The focus of focus on search strategy is to find out the ways to support the customer in the prospective countries. For McDonald’s all the stated activities are highly considered in the context of international marketing it is because that strategies will help McDonald to achieve the point where they start thinking on the respective of consumers in order to deliver them a taste and quality of food according to their need and want to, at this stage it is clear that from the initial basis main focus of McDonald is on making strategies that help them to deliver food at affordable prices as per to the consumers need. Though the proper implementation and evaluation of the strategies have helped in McDonald to create its unique position on the international market, and this also helps them to retain its consumers (Grill, 2014).


In today’s world, it is observed that McDonald is number 1 leading brand that working significantly to improve its services to retain its customer. McDonald is famous for its successful advertisement and unique brand name. However, McDonald’s focuses more on the segmentation side instead of creating a brand name. Thus, McDonald’s do not focus on promoting brand name because of the segmentation strategies enables them to create its position own position in the eye of the customer. The consumer likes to visit McDonald franchise because of its clean environment and save places for the children to play. However, in the context of the international market, the main focus of McDonald’s is to achieve a competitive edge in the industry due to this reason one of strategy they to follow to train their employees on a professional basis to deliver best services to the consumers (Jhan, 2018).

In this era of the highly competitive world, the marketing trend has been changed people are becoming more conscious regarding their health. People want to pick up more healthy and nutritional food in their daily life. Therefore it is a major threat faces by McDonald’s, and the higher authorities of McDonald is worried about this major threat. In this regard, they have hired nutrition as the consultant who delivers them a suggestion regarding the changing of their food by making it healthy. However keeping this in the mind the focus of the McDonald’s is become intended on formulating search strategies that help them to achieve its potential growth in the market by providing healthy and nutritious food to its consumers for this concern they have started there are segmentation and cross-cultural strategies in which they offer food to the consumers that fulfill their demand of having healthy food.

In addition to this one of the strategy, McDonald’s have adopted to reduce it a major threat from the local competitors in different countries. There have been some organizations working in the food industry. In this regard, it is highly important for McDonald who formulates that strategies that with primary consumers profoundly. Due to this reason, McDonald focuses on providing best quality food to consumers at affordable prices.  This strategy of keeping the affordable prices helps McDonald to attract consumers will ultimately increase sales at McDonald. Moreover, it is not put that to compete in the market it is essential to focus on search strategies that help the big giant multinational corporation like McDonald’s to achieve this goal in a specific time frame.

In addition to this, it is noted that in the context of the international market. In this regard, McDonald’s uses the international marketing strategies effectively and efficiently. It is noted that in the proper media planning strategy adopted by the McDonald is to create an advertisement by the cultural values and norms of the country. To attract the customers, McDonald’s make their advertisement in the language of the prospective country. For example like in India they made their ads in Hindi. This is the helpful strategy to reach the customer by delivering them a message in their language.

Pricing strategy is additionally a type of advertising research that causes McDonald to be an available cutting-edge rivalry, and it’s valuing the McDonald aims. As McDonald knows that the moving expense to consume is low and as the greatest brand on Fast Food Industry it always concerns about the Product valuing for all its Brand Products to assure that they have the edge over their rivals. Additionally, McDonald Franchisor guarantees that all its Franchisee any place are concern about the Product Pricing and proper Marketing Activity, and furthermore they guarantee adherence to its consumers about the delivery of the qualitative product (Sunderland, 2018).

Distribution strategy is another Marketing action that is a piece of the International Marketing Strategy that McDonald has embraced. This Marketing viewpoint manages the business part of the business activities on the most proficient method to help deals and to expand income. This will incorporate presenting new assortments on the item, arrangements and offers on existing items and new items, rebates on items and complimentary gift give away on a few or every now and again cherished items.

Distribution channels part of International Marketing centers around the circulation channel concerning how the brand item can achieve its customer bases. This, for the most part, incorporates physical area (Restaurant outlet), home conveyance mode, a site for menu choice and request taking and versatile application that does likewise function as a site, however, all the more consoling for the customer. By concentrating on this advertising angle, McDonald accomplishes the circulation objective of the firm and guarantee that it covers all perspective by which the brand can achieve its focused on customers and how best they can discover more approaches to achieve more extensive purchaser base (Davidson, 2018).

Marketing research strategy is an essential part of advertising and aides in getting pertinent data about the item for another market or existing business sector. McDonald utilizes Market Research to think about the market for Fast Food pieces of the overall industry, contenders, and customer inclinations. McDonald utilized this viewpoint viably before it propelled into the market of Australia and India, in concentrate the way of life, inclination and dietary pattern of the purchaser and this made the opening in these two nations effective for McDonald.

McDonald is extremely fruitful as it esteems its Customer and this consequently brings them great income. McDonald has given two fundamental customers bolster include for customer input; the online criticism that is a piece of its site and in the eatery whine box. These two highlights furnish the customer with a chance to compose back to McDonald about any blemishes or shortage in regards to their item, and this influences the customer to feel unique realizing that McDonald administers to their criticisms. McDonald consequently has a speedy examination of the dissensions and imperfections and think of a great reaction to their inquiries, guaranteeing the customer is fulfilled, and a similar thing does not occur once more.

Public Relation (PR) is a promoting subset that gives or spreads the organization data, and the Brand name through an emphatically oversaw correspondence channel with its partner. PR tries to drive and keep up the positive notoriety of the brand through compelling PR techniques and devices. PR methodology is free or has low promoting cost related to it contrasted with the gigantic cost related to coordinate Marketing and commercial. The primary devices for a compelling PR system are as per the following:

Primary PR apparatuses for an effective PR Strategy begin with; Media Relation, which incorporates flowing positive brand name and message through media channel, new and media proclamation. This incorporates working intimately with legitimate and perceived columnists and media delegates to pass on the positive message and criticism identified with the brand to the gatherings of people.

McDonald utilized this instrument viably when it propelled another Salad titled “Moving Energy” where it went by a public interview of a well-known news media representatives and endorser who talked about the plate of mixed greens. This gave McDonald a lift on the plates of mixed greens notoriety and greater customer base for a similar item.

Advertorials: This is a segment in the global or nearby daily paper that highlights a narrating by McDonald which draws in perusers and guarantees the brand connects more customers through motivating stories of McDonald and guaranteeing they are faithful and genuine partners of the brand. This will likewise incorporate an audit of the brand in the surveys area of the daily paper and realizes in a positive brand name and mindfulness. McDonald in its prior days utilized this to portray its examples of overcoming adversity to its partner and this got a great deal of acclaim and name for McDonald mark. This is free PR showcasing as the media love to portray the stories of achievement of individuals whereby they offer more daily paper and brand like McDonald gets greater preference (Breheny, 2018).

Social Media: This PR showcasing makes utilization of popular online networking destinations like Facebook, Twitter and basic. The benefit of these stages is that the Brand proprietor (Franchisor) sidesteps the media and keeps up an immediate contact with the end customer or partner of the brand. McDonald keeps up a high unmistakable nearness on Facebook and twitters where they communicate straightforwardly with the customer, and this gives them the chance to pick up bits of knowledge of the brand including the questions and inquiries. McDonald pushes the most recent menus, feast, arrangements and offers on their Social locales, and this gives them a more extensive customer base and positive brand picture.

Special Events: This PR Strategy is a greater amount of physical contact with the customers, where the organization shows the brand straight to the customer, and they get an opportunity to see it and taste it concerning McDonald. For McDonald this technique had worked exceptionally well, particularly when they presented the “Throughout the Day breakfast” they had facilitated an Intriguing occasion which exhibited their new breakfast dinner as well as gave away various free breakfast to every one of the customers that went to the occasion. This was an awesome technique adaption by McDonald as the customer had the breakfast for nothing and picked up trust in the item and will now be faithful to the organization. Such occasions likewise give the organization a chance to address its crowds and ensure all questions are cleared, and the certainty of the organization gets greater, and the organization additionally gets a pioneer or trailblazer appearance according to its gathering of people.


This study is based on the evaluation of the Multinational Corporation’s Historical and Current International Strategies to discover that how the association kept up their position and aggressive edge on the universal premise. In any case, the purpose of this investigation is to dissect the worldwide point of view of the association that how the association detail techniques and accomplish its objective. The present examination involves the comprehension of the multinational enterprise’s systems both for the verifiable viewpoint and current point of view of detailing methodologies on global premise. From this time forward, it is basic to decide the company’s system, structure and contention allude to the way that gives an opposition to lead the business on the global business. The definition and usage of various procedures are exceedingly impressive to discover better approaches to the mechanical advancement and development to build the creation. Related supporting businesses determinate allude to the enterprises upstream and downstream to encourage development in the business by methods for supporting and trading thoughts. Be that as it may, the present investigation depends on the examination of the Multinational Corporation’s Historical and Current International Strategies and the chose organization for the examination is Macdonald. However, it is assessed in the examination that how MacDonald being a multinational enterprise deals with its global techniques so as to contend in the market and what are the outcomes toward the definition of systems and it is additionally talked about in the investigation based on apt supporting contention in regards to the assessment of the Current Strategy.


It is recommended to McDonald’s to use the strengths to avail opportunities. McDonald has an entrenched brand name, picture, notoriety and customer trust in its item which can be seen by the number that has made it the main brand. By utilizing this quality, MC Donald can benefit the Opportunity of putting resources into more nations that have higher class or standard individuals that affection Fast Food with the goal that it can build its essence further and acquire income.

It is recommended to McDonald’s to use the strengths to reduce risk besides this the Research and development of McDonald is extremely understanding and fully informed regarding the statistical surveying they can concentrate more on more advantageous and dietary based supper to expel the danger that it is confronting chicer and more advantageous period of individuals.

It is recommended to McDonald’s to reduce the weaknesses to diminish risk because McDonald is children centered and the principle bargains are altogether centered around children which is a decent advancement yet since now the adolescent populace is more expanding than any other time in recent memory and the contenders are for the most part concentrating on youth and moderately aged populace gathering, McDonald needs an adjustment in this with the goal that they can do both spotlights on the children, youth and middle age population to increase its growth.


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