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Analyze the Relationship Between Your Home and your Identity

Every individual has a place they call their original home where they grew up with their families. People may move from one town to another but will always remember where they were brought up and the people they grew up with. Most people have their presents based on where they grew up and who took the responsibility of shaping them up for the future. More so, what an individual turns into greatly reflects their home environment. Home can play a great role in determining one’s identity as most people tend to portray an image that says a lot about their native place of birth. In this paper, I seek to analyze the relationship between my home and my identity.

My experience back in my home determines so much of who I am today. I grew up in Asia, South Korea, and moved to Canada. However, my home experience in Asia identifies who I am growing up into although I have been away from home for three years. For instance, my family and I used to stay in a two-bedroom bungalow where I could share a room with my sister. The experience of sharing a room with my sibling significantly impacts me now that I am staying in a ten-room bungalow.  Whenever I am home alone, I develop fear within me because I am not okay when it comes to staying home by myself while growing up. As a result, I lack the courage to stand the loneliness of being left in a bungalow with ten rooms.

Similarly, I love a very calm and collected environment with as minimal noise as possible. I find it difficult to keep up with the city’s many sounds, from the hooting vehicles to industries and clubs playing loud music. Owing to the calmness of the home environment where the only thing I could experience was calm surroundings.

Additionally, one of my dreams has always been farming, not as a profession, but as part of my future activities I will engage in when I finally have a home and my farm. Growing up we were having a farm back home where I could admire flowers growing, which gave me the urge to one day have my flower firm in my home. However, the place I currently stay is not firm, making me miss watering them back in South Korea. My dream of owning a flower firm is not dead because flowers make life beautiful for me. I am fun-loving whenever I have free time away from school or other activities. I will always ask a friend when free we do some of the things we love doing in our free time just like we could with my sister while home at night. We could watch fireflies together, try to catch them and make wishes whenever we could grab one. From the fun experience with my sister, I grew up to believe doing what you enjoy with people you love adds more meaning to life. Even though fireflies are not in the city, we still find other ways of having fun together without losing the essence.

Being independent is a trait I will forever value in myself. I don’t depend so much on people from my family since I have a passion for achieving on my own and see myself living with it. Growing up, we did not have many neighbours, and the few who were there most did not have a spirit of sharing. Therefore, I could always see my parents working hard to earn a living for us and not depend on borrowing from a neighbour. Thus, we escaped any trouble of lousy debt just in case we could not pay. Finally, having grown up in an environment where there were few people, we had no scenario concerning theft or lost items. The security was a guarantee to the members of my community and my home. For that reason, I am a little bit impulsive when walking around carrying some vital staff or when I lock the doors when I am probably going somewhere. My negligent nature affects me since many theft activities are going on in the city, and becoming a victim often scares a person. The theft cases arise as a result of the growing population where some individuals are jobless or drug addicts.

In conclusion, home determines a lot in an individual growth since most characters or behaviours are based on what one acquires from the environment they grow up. A person may move to a new environment, but this may not have much effect on their identity since they already have a personality from the home they grew up. Growing up in a particular surrounding determines who an individual is. One’s home can impact one’s identity positively or negatively depending on the factors instilled in a person. Therefore, one should always strive to identify positively with where they originate or grow.



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