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Analysis of the “Monster University”

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Organization behavior is considered as the crucial paradigm when it comes to the overall proper functioning of the organizations and the institutions. Culture is known as the necessary feature which provides the necessary direction to the overall facet of the existing organizational behavior in any organization. The movie “Monsters University” is selected to explain the different features of the organizational culture concerning to the particular organizational setting described in the movie. The particular movie “Monsters University” is characterized as the amazing animated movie which successfully provides the effective indications of the organization structure. This specific movie presented by Pixar Studios, 2001, and directed by Dan Scanlon. It explains the life of the monsters who are working in the scare factory with the intention to scare children as much as possible (Monsters University, 2013). Sully and Mike are the two main characters who want to attain the maximum form of power to attain the best monster position.

Organizational culture is one of the significant features which discusses in the movie. Monsters University explains the idea of the organizational structure which successfully relates to the different features of organizational culture. The specific form of organization culture helps to understand the particular behaviors and values adopted by the different individuals closely concerning to the organization of the monsters. It also helps to explore the idea of the overall community behavior of the monsters to achieve the ultimate objective of the scaring children.

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Organization Culture

The prospect of organization culture provides the necessary understanding about the prevailing beliefs and values specifically related to the different organizations. It explains the idea that how organization management its features to achieve the ultimate objectives of the organizations (Alvesson, 2012). Organization culture is one of the significant features which can be a witness in case of “Monsters University.” The overall structure of the college describes in the movie based on the feature of the competition. The overall culture of the Monster Incorporated can be defined as the form of bureaucracy which encourage to use power to attain the ultimate objectives.

Characteristics of Organization Culture

Undoubtedly, the organization culture is the complex facet which comes up with the different necessary characteristics. The overall concept of the culture in case of any organization can be understood by the existence of the necessary features of the cultural settings in the organization (Harris & Hartman, 2001). Following are the main levels of the organizational culture which will be discussed with the consideration of the organizational setting of the Monsters University.

Organizational Behaviors

The overall cultural positioning of the organization of the Monsters University can be identified in the multiple forms. The feature of cooperation and necessary assistance can be a witness in the form of general monsters while there was also the existence of the immense level of competition to achieve the power to attain the highest position among all the monsters.


            The overall prevailing form of values in the organization of Monster University is helpful to understand the true feature of the organization culture. There was the existence of the specific value system which encourages the aspect of safety of all the monsters. The purpose of the organization was the provision of the factors to encourage all the enrolled monsters with the objective of the scaring children.

Fundamental Assumptions

Fundamental assumptions related to the organization culture provides the necessary explanations about the underlying assumptions that might prevail in the organization. Different employees in the organization of the Monsters University were characterized in the form of different levels which interact with each other in the form of individuals who scares children.

Cultures of Conflict or Cultures of Inclusion

It is essential to understand in case of specific organization of the Monsters University is that it comes with the managerial feature of the hierarchy. Roles of management and the employees were defined. The position of management and workers interact with each other to attain the objective of scaring children. The Monsters University effectively addresses the aspect of the culture of the inclusion. This particular organization raises the value of diversity. The feature of the conflicts can be witnessed through the characters of the Mike and Sully who were expelled from the college. Both the monsters come up with the agenda to achieve the highest rank as a monster in their community.

Technology and Innovation

The management of the organization adopt the necessary features to overcome the previous flaws which might hinder the process of development for the organization of Monsters explain in the Monster University. The organization comes with the feature of scaring children which can be characterized as the specific work of the monsters world. The organizational culture come up with the necessary adoption of the technological advancement which allows the organization to achieve its ultimate objective. There was the presence of the high tech door system which permits monsters to enter into the children to scare them easily.


Socialization is known as the crucial feature of the organizational culture as it helps all the employees to understand the necessary values and organizational norms prevail in the particular organization. The aspect of hierarchy was immensely considered in case of the organization of the Monster University as managers can interact with employees but they maintain the feature of the necessary form of distance. It is also observed that students do parties to enhance their positive energies to achieve the assigned targets.

The overall organizational structure of the Monsters University helps to understand the prevailing form of culture in the organization. All the monsters come up with the objective to attain the highest rank of the monsters by scaring children. The Monsters Inc. is going through with different deteriorating features which were address through the element of revitalization in the organization.


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