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an overview of settled norms and ethics primarily designed for the specific positions

A position where one is confused in picking two same unsatisfactory options confronted with the problem of a predicament. This is in fact, a condition wherein one becomes uncertain. Dealing with such a tricky moment required highly sensible attitudes, mentality, and abidance by certain laws of the respective office. Rules that govern an individual’s behavior, towards certain types of deeds, or the conduct of an action are known as moral values. Some are encircled as noble, decent, or rightfulness among these principles.

People choose to respond or to react in a way they like to. Mostly, it is concerned with the personal thoughts and level of thinking that convinces them to act like this or according to the situation. Those actions the person takes show his/her intentions, whether moral or immoral. However, if a personality qualifies for a prestigious position or has status, he/she becomes bound to work under settled norms primarily designed for the specific position. These posts could be the President, king, or Prime Minister.

The same case applies to the President of the United States regarding the values he has adopted as a head of state. During his election campaign, he promised certain commitments to the nation. After becoming the president, he enforced those decisions including changes in immigration policy. The said policy was previously designed to welcome nationals of all states and to build and enhance the diversity in American culture. However this time it goes under serious lapses. His attack on the personal attributes of opponents placed Mr Trump like the very common abuser of any nation, expressing his anger on the streets of Washington or any place. Multiple countries have problems with each other over numerous issues, but there has been no such concept of private attacks on individual personalities.

Confused or uncertain habits of dealing with or handling issues are unsuitable for a person in a highly important position. It is very dangerous that a non-serious and careless man has been given the portfolio of a world superpower. In this world of confrontation and the high state of nuclearised nations, a single or a small mistake could lead to disastrous happenings. The problem with establishing merit for those with several lapses in dealing with people or policy circles of any kind is awkwardness. Their irresponsible attitude spurred the condition that resulted in both stakeholders’ loss. A code of conduct must strictly be followed to eliminate such backlash from individuals with unbearable attitudes.

Regardless of the fact, high-minded values for the president are always necessary to exchange excellent behaviour with other counterparts of the world. Carelessness in following moral values would cause other representatives of the countries to counter and respond in the same way. Hence, it would disturb the atmosphere of protocols and discussion among the nations of various states. It would not be possible for those engaging in talks of international concerns and issues, to continue or to develop some harmony among parties involved in the peaceful discussion. In the same way, it would give a very negative message to the world from the American people, who are now considered the super nation of the earth.

As a president, he should follow certain rules and regulations to respond, counter, or deal with international competitors. Just abusing them in a derogatory way would not serve the purpose. It is very simple if one wants to convey a certain type of message to anyone in a formal or informal tone. However, if he used a formal style of expressing his ideas or thoughts, it would show his professionalism in the office because there is a paramount difference in the use of language in the office and the conversation used outside the workplace. It will have a significant impact on certain relations, and that will be very negative. (Castañeda,2016).

Similarly, the informal style of the president, as he responds to the leaders of North Korea, Iran, RUSSIA, and other developing states of the world has sparked a huge debate about who is running the governance of the US. Likewise, when he used derogatory and insulting words for the nations of Haiti & African Continent, it gave a very negative message from the whole of the US because the representation of the people is given to the President and he is leading the nation. In reply to his insulting comments on the above-mentioned countries, they strongly condemned these sayings by showing deep anger and mistrust that evolved through the remarks. The head of the Haitian republic remarked that such comments would destroy all the efforts made by his state to promote and attract foreigners. In international politics, everything possesses weight, and moral values and conversation play vital roles in breaking or making relations among various world nations. One can get a much more effective and efficient style of conversation. (Teixeira da Silva, 2017)

Those nationals of seven Muslim-dominated states banned from visiting the US by the Trump administration are the case at point. These decisions would harm other countries and have serious consequences on multiple organs and units of the nation. For Example, health care policy has also been affected by the new policy propounded by the administration. According to the medical authorities’ reports, one-fourth of physicians working in the US are foreign medical graduates. They are the nation’s assets, serving more than locals. Ultimately, it will set a setback for the medical class and the people who are grounded in several diseases in general (Kuczewski, 2017).

To sum up the debate, it is imminent that a person of noble character, or a man of high attitude always cares about the feelings and emotions of others. At this world stage, acting actors should consider the core concept of moral standards designed for these personalities. Regardless of their positions, they could make this world happier and more peaceful by following standard ways of conversations. Failing to do this would lead to violence all around.


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