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effective strategies and laws to protect immigrants’ interests in the US

To find the solutions to some particular challenges, the first and foremost thing is to find the cause of these challenges. So, to write some solutions to Immigration law, the reasons for its existence should be discussed. Immigrants are considered to be the people shifting from one country to another. Various reasons can cause this dislocation of people from their homeland. The primary driving forces are security, a better and prosperous future, and good career opportunities. Legalization of a person is a very tiring and hectic phenomenon. So, as a shortcut, some people try to breach the borders of other countries illegally. It is commonly known as Illegal migrations. These illegal immigrants pose a significant threat to the national security, resources, and other administrative issues of the country. To regulate this phenomenon, immigration laws are created. So that the regulation of those people can be made possible, these laws vary from one country to another, mostly depending on the political situation in that country (Nunez, 8).

In the case of the United States of America, nearly 1 million undocumented immigrants are allowed every year. The number of immigrant visas issued by the United States is more than that of any other country in the world. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is responsible for keeping a proper check and balance on immigrants. There has been an unending debate on almost all the forums in the United States about the legalization process for these immigrants. After many discussions and untiring efforts of legislators, the current legislation divides visas given to foreigners into two categories: non-immigrant and immigrant visas. The principal purpose of nonimmigrant visas is work, tourism, study, family, etc. But there are some necessary conditions for that. For work purposes, it is mandatory to keep a check about the fact that whether any US citizen is eligible for that job or not. Then, depending on the results of such cases, a visa is issued.

In the recent past, this debate reached its apex, when immigrants from Syria and other war-torn countries started breaching the borders of the countries. To cope with the challenge, G.W. Bush devised an immigration amnesty program in 2007, but it could not get the approval of the Senate. On the other hand, Barack Obama’s approach differed slightly from his predecessor. He preferred to go for the policies and work on them from all aspects before putting them in front of the Senate. The basic purpose of both presidents could not be achieved, and it depicts the importance and complexity of this immigration scenario. The primary concern of the US at that moment was immigrants coming from Mexican territory (Chishti and Pierce).

The first and foremost solution, seeking the success of the Canadian guest-worker program, would be implementing such in the United States of America. This plan will allow the immigrant to apply as a guest worker. Special taxes should be imposed on such workers so that other workers in the United States can be compensated. The mandatory visa fee should be imposed on these workers. Visa should be provided individually rather than on a consolidated or group basis. Only those jobs should be advertised for vacant guest workers because US citizens lack interest. In this way, philanthropists and a good image of the United States can be projected onto other nations. Its other benefits include the generation of revenues, flourishing industry, and promoting a serene and peaceful environment. There should also be some restrictions on the employers of such people, in case the guest-worker tries to make some discrepancy the employer should be the one to control them and report them (Carson, 12).

The other solution to this issue should be assigning a green card to the immigrants. The immigrants can work, travel, live, and perform other actions by this card. The renewal period for this card should be one year.  A yearly renewal fee should be imposed exclusively on the taxes being paid by these immigrants. The citizens of the US should discriminate against them by not allowing them access to regular welfare programs suggested by the Government. All the rights given to a green card holder shall be granted to these people. In the case of any wrong behavior or deceptive act, the immigrant should immediately be deported back to his or her country. It will ensure that no other person will try to do such an act in the future (Nowrasteh).

The third and most important solution to the problem of illegal immigration could be enforcing a law that stops people who have entered the United States of America from getting a work permit. If someone has entered illegally, he or she has no right to get any job or work permit. First, the legalization and documentation should be assured to the relevant authorities; then, the work permit should be provided. (Williamson, 87).

Benefits and Solutions

The major benefit of the law discussed in the above paragraphs would be the legalization of immigrants. At the current moment, the United States of America is the arch-rival of terrorists because of its anti-terrorism policies and the wars it fought to defeat those elements. These elements try to create insurgency in the United States by doing terrorist activities. These terrorist activities are rarely possible with the help of residents and citizens of the United States. But on the other hand, the immigrants entering the US are from a poor background. Most of them are affected and dislocated by the war on terror, and they blame the US for that. So, the insurgents now try to brainwash these people by offering their families residence in the US and a huge amount of money in case they perform terrorist activity in the US. They also take the help of religion in this regard. These illiterate economically broke and dislocated people fall prey to the hands of such elements. They show a willingness to perform such activities in the USA. They think it’s some revenge, but they don’t know that some elements are using them for their own personal benefit. So, these laws will ensure the regulation of such elements. These people shall be given some lectures on these issues. The primary benefit of these laws is that they ensure that the citizens of the United States of America have a serene and peaceful environment.

Another primary cause is the people looking for jobs. The economic instability of some undeveloped and developing countries adversely affects the developed countries. People try to move towards these areas. This mobilization creates a disturbance in the balance of resources and other material. Population control is also not possible with this many people entering the country illegally. So to sum up, these laws are mandatory for the bright future of the United States and its citizens. There should be a regulatory procedure to track these immigrants, and illegal immigration should be blocked.

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