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Abu Dhabi Excellence Award Implementation on Etihad Airways


This document represents the report on Etihad Airways. The report covers some of the aspects of the second and third pillars of Abu Dhabi Excellence Award self-assessment in Government Performance. The sixth main criteria ‘Innovation Management’ of the second pillar are going to be mentioned very well. This submitted document will concentrate on the third pillar of the award PRN that is “Organizational enablers” to the organization. it’ll discuss the eleventh and twelfth main criterion implementation of the third pillar that square measure “Risk management and business continuity” and “Resources and plus management” severally. Other than this, it provides findings from this project and also the space of improvement to the mentioned organization at the top.

Keywords: Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi Excellence Award self-assessment, Innovation Management, Risk management and business continuity, Resources and plus management

Abu Dhabi Excellence Award Implementation on Etihad Airways


These aspects include the standards through which the organization is dealing worldwide, the ways of interacting with staff and the other requirements for the fulfillment of the services that need to be delivered in the international market. The progress established by the organization is measured in terms of structure excellence which holds the idea of total quality management in it. A continual improvement process is observed in this. The United Arab Emirates believes in making their organizations work in a better way by introducing excellence awards and the parameters involved in it measure the performance. This is why private and public sectors in the United Arab Emirates have shown improvement in their overall working. The excellence is analyzed with the help of self-assessment tools which can be further utilized by the government of the country in different forms. Abu Dhabi Excellence Award in government performance, sawyer Khalifa Government Excellence Program, and Dubai Government Excellence Program are the existing examples of how government as a whole can play their part in the organization development. This paper can spotlight on the second and third pillar of the Abu Dhabi Excellence Award in government performance.

The Abu Dhabi Government Excellence System is compatible with the Fourth Generation Government Perfection System connected within the UAE government. The government Excellence System was composed supported fruitful analyses that dead by UAE government. The set up depends on the standards that facilitate the administration components in achieving the main position by about to apprehend the comes, activities, and systems to be embraced and connected and that are incorporated into 3 noteworthy columns: accomplishing the vision, development and hierarchic empowering agents.

The fundamental goal in applying the Abu Dhabi Government Excellence System is to fulfill government needs by applying the Abu Dhabi set up, concentrating on its outcomes, connecting it to the execution pointers arrangement of the administration components so as to attain the foremost elevated quantity of authority, what is additional, turning into a sophisticated, spearheading and ingenious government that may be a model to be imitated in applying government best practices through the related execution analysis devices: potency, effectiveness and learning and advancement with the employment of gift day concepts, as an example, advancement, future molding and incorporation in government work.

The Abu Dhabi Government Excellence System focuses on come regarding that empowers government substances to accomplish supportability and also the constant advancement of capacities thanks to gaining from execution comes regarding. It’s a comprehensive stage covering all stipulations of the Abu Dhabi Government, that represents the position of its accessibility and reconciliation in accomplishing the Abu Dhabi Vision. Moreover, it is not an extra weight on government components because it centers around the elements’ execution of their primary capacities. The framework centers around the basic empowering influences of brilliance such as human capital, financial framework effectiveness, hazard administration and business congruousness, corporate correspondence and advancement. The framework is likewise straightforward to share by means that of the substances key record and also the consequences of the thoroughbred execution pointers, instead of manual/physical reports. The framework mulls over the distinctions and recognizing attributes within the nature of crafted by government substances’ work. This may be mirrored within the weighted midpoints within the 1st Pillar Achieving the Vision. Many criteria square measure weighted relying upon the thought of a substances fill in as found in its basic capacities, whereas different criteria square measure obligatory over all substances. The appraisal are going to be light-emitting diode by universal specialists spent vital time within the field of AN element’s primary capacities; this may embrace AN incentive towards making execution in correlation with the most effective worldwide practices.

Implementation of Abu Dhabi Excellence Award on Etihad Airways

  • The carrier was established by Royal Decree in July 2003 and is entirely claimed by the government of Abu Dhabi with a command to figure firmly, financially and fruitfully.
  • Etihad’s guests square measure at the core of all that it will. The carrier is in AN impeccable geography position and offers its guests a system of over a hundred and ten person and cargo goals crosswise over six mainlands, with a vernal and ecologically cordial fleet of in way over a hundred and twenty heavier-than-air craft.
  • Etihad is, in addition, one amongst 5 key business divisions of the Etihad Aviation cluster (EAG). The distended worldwide flight and travel amass, in addition, incorporate Etihad Airways Engineering, Etihad field Services, Halal cluster and Airline Equity Partners.

Innovation Management:

The measure centers on the endeavors applied by the element to guarantee making a work culture and condition supporting imagination, development and persistent change. This ought to be done through the utilization of frameworks and components intended to improve the support of partners in giving new and imaginative administrations, and by executing inventive approaches to convey an additional incentive to all partners. The measure additionally puts accentuation on how driving outcomes are accomplished.

The worldwide aeronautics industry is getting increasingly aggressive, driving carriers to be at the front line of advancement in an offer to win and hold travelers. Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways is handling the test head-on with the dispatch of another best in class Innovation Center. The new office involves two completely prepared gathering, venture administration and research rooms with innovative varying media and IT gear, and in addition, an assembly hall proposed for addresses from worldwide specialists in configuration, administration, advertising, and visitor encounter.

The Innovation Center is an examination focus of magnificence, where new thoughts are enlivened as one of a kind items and astounding encounters. Encouraging this is an item idea room where early reasoning can be immediately roughed out sans preparation.

Subside Baumgartner, Etihad Airways’ main business officer, stated that they are dependable on the front line of advancement. The new cutting-edge office innovatively shows their striking item and administration and exemplifies the vision for the eventual fate of Etihad Airways and the Etihad Experience.

He said that, subsequent to commending a time of development, they are presently taking a gander at the following decade – and the new Innovation Center gives them, the team and accomplices, the correct condition to meet up to make new open doors for Etihad Airways and for Abu Dhabi.”

The Etihad Airways Innovation Center has been intended to empower individuals to talk about and share thoughts. The middle is likewise home to Etihad’s Innovation Training Academy which involves the biggest A380 and B787 lodge administration and well-being coaches on the planet.

Baumgartner included, that the Etihad Airways Innovation Center and the Innovation Training Academy additionally exhibit our sense of duty regarding security, advancement, and uniqueness, which are a piece of the DNA of Etihad Airways.

“We have built up a world-class preparing condition like no other to guarantee we keep on delivering on the desires of our visitors.” The lodge coaches are supplemented by 10 classrooms in an open preparing condition. The Innovation Training Academy is the development in learning required to get ready lodge group with the abilities to convey the most elevated amount of security and friendliness for visitors.

Risk management and business continuity:

Integrated TMS helps the firm to control risk and increase sustainability. The framework foundation at Etihad has contained a scope of unique arrangements that mirrored the quick development of the organization in the course of recent years. Before 2016, Etihad had two diverse treasury administration framework (TMS) stages; one for item hazard and one for whatever is left of the treasury tasks and money related hazard administration. The stages were a mix of programming as an administration and interior facilitating (Bhaskara, 2017).

There are four primary saving money accomplices, each with a different stage for making installments. Just a single earlier framework had an immediate association with the banks, so the larger part of installments was made through manual record transfers or manual passage. Counterparties sent printed bargain reports to Etihad, whose SVP’s would then audit and physically catchword/affirm.

There was likewise little issue with the ERP; the procedure included manual downloads and transfers of Excel spreadsheets. There was an immediate market information nourish from Bloomberg, however, the SAAS framework incorporated its own market information and in this manner, the valuations were in a black box with no capacity to perform complex situation investigation. There were no interfaces to bargain execution stages, which implied merchants invested noteworthy energy re-keying bargain data starting with one framework then onto the next.

An FX supporting day frequently implied that the merchants remained late to guarantee that everything had been caught in the TMS, hence postponing downstream operational exercises. The lion’s share of administration level announcing depended intensely on manual downloads and Excel spreadsheets. The group concurred that the current framework foundation should have been supplanted.

The two TMS’s have been supplanted with a solitary stage, gave by Open Link, which covers all key treasury prerequisites. The new framework has significantly decreased manual preparing, and incorporates guide interfaces to managing stages, for example, 360T and the ERP. An overnight market information download considers situation examination to be incorporated into key reports so the effect of movements in rates and costs can be surveyed for supporting procedures. The framework gives a valuing device, including unpredictability examination, which considers correlation and approval of statements given by counterparties and showcases information suppliers.

Back office forms have been rearranged by the usage of SWIFT for all FX and currency showcase affirmations, and also MT101 age for all treasury installments. The SWIFT venture was additionally taken off to the new ERP actualized in 2016, which decreased expenses through File Act mass installment exchanges. The measure of paper has been enormously decreased, by affirming and paying by means of SWIFT, as well as using electronic marks with the banks who will acknowledge them. Exceed expectations utilize has changed, with large-scale filled format spreadsheets including pre-arranged turns and diagrams, which are straightforwardly populated by framework information in a controlled and confined mold.

Asset and Resource Management:

Updated software such as TMS as discussed above and efficient team is the one responsible for the asset and resource management. Previously, Etihad has reshuffled their staff due to the lagging performance of asset handlers.

Best Practices:

The TMS is presently a basic piece of gathering treasury tasks, with financial gain conjectures being sourced from the business to be transferred into the TMS as a focal store. The asserting created from the data within the framework can carry on being improved for the duration of 2017 (Lawana, 2018). The TMS is likewise being embarked on to Etihad’s Equity Airline Partners, with shoppers from 3 distinct aircraft currently about to a brought along info, with additional carriers created arrangements for the year and a 0.5 ahead. Over late years, OpenLink has focused on figuring out the treasury administration functionalities of its Finder stage, and after among TMS suppliers, Findur incorporates best in school enterprise danger and credit revealing.


  • Etihad is another organization with a promising future in front of it. It needs to expand its present base and after that solidify its position. It ought not to develop past the point that it can’t control. Remembering the current worldwide monetary situation, it needs to back off and center on specialization. It additionally needs to band together with key providers.
  • Etihad needs to discover more market specialties with the goal that it can grow in those business sectors and pick up the primary movers advantage. This should be possible through broad research.
  • Etihad has to enlist old people in its employees. It has to be compelled to be a mixture of youth and knowledge with the goal that the accomplished employees pass their insight to the adolescent in reality on shortly.


The paper portrayed the implementation of the primary pillar of the Abu Dhabi Excellence program to the Etihad Airways, it gave a full summary look to the program and also the main criteria, it more enforced the sub-criteria on the second and third pillars of the award as requested that is “Innovation” and “Organizational enablers” to the mentioned organization, additional over findings from this project and instructed space of enhancements were mentioned at the top.


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