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A Study of Business Culture in Germany

Wind turbines and solar panels are increasing day by day, and different sources are available to benefit from such renewable energies. The idea of our business is that the use of solar energy (green energy) will not only benefit health but also help to make the economy strong. Before starting any business in any specific area, you first have to study their business culture. Our group’s idea is to use solar panels in Germany. So, we have to study how German culture perceives business and what their business etiquette and rules are.

Germany is a country with a stable economy so, it stands with symbol of reconstruction, modernization and technology, this is a reason Germany often associated with high class brands. So, Germany is categorically a hub or main center of business activities. Germans are often defined by non-Germans with some potential, like German business-men are very punctual, practical, Stick to point, precise, unsympathetic, target or future-oriented, proud, dutiful, well-organized, plan-oriented, confident, authoritative, rigid, straight, bureaucratic, trained and professional in their respective field, self-confident, strong, humorless, ethical, trustworthy and organized, these are traits that can vary from person to person. All the above-mentioned traits are very important parts of their business culture. Moral actions are appreciated everywhere in the world, but there are some business ethics, specifically in Germany, which you have to follow because of German business culture.

  • Punctuality is very obligatory in Germany, whether you are somewhere for business meeting or social. Being late is very insulting to any punctual German.
  • Shake hands before and after meetings, specifically in business culture.
  • Considering business ethics, for any meeting, business suits are defined in Germany.
  • Germans are individualistic.

The most significant German business cultural standards are:

Value to Rules and Organizations: before starting any business, there are some legal actions or legal procedures that we have to take to avoid future mishaps. Similarly, in Germany, its business culture is to assemble legal documents before starting a business and to stick with the rules.

Focus on Commitment. You have to focus on or give time to the task or business you started. Because most businesses are contracts, companies demand time and complete interest. Germans also demand reliability to avoid ambiguity. They communicate very explicitly and directly to others in the business world. Before starting any business, Germans study every fact and statistic regarding their business idea.

When we specifically talk about our group project, it’s a high-level project for any community development, but this is what we call business. For our business idea, we all know that we need a lot of financial support, passionate support, and approval from higher authorities. We will definitely need partners for our business who can help us and can collaborate with us.

In conclusion, I would just say that we have to follow the instructions and principles made by different entrepreneurs because these rules are there for our betterment. Every culture has its ethics, beliefs, and morals. Before starting a business, we have to admit the values of that culture.

A Few Questions to Engage Students:

List down any 5 International companies invented by Germany.

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Adidas, Audi, Siemens

Can any one of you list some of the advantages and disadvantages of the project that our group assumed as a business?

What can be cultural barriers before starting any business?



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