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a Spiritual Autobiography

My name is Jane Cogswell. I am sixteen years old and a sophomore in High School. I was raised as a Christian and was baptized as a tiny infant. I am very dedicated to God and thankful for everything he does and has done for me.

I am what I am today, and this is solely because of the various events that have influenced me in different ways. Some of these developments left negative impacts on me and my memory, and there have been events that still last as the best events of my life. It is thus true to say that the spirituality of which I live in this society, interact with the people around me, and perceive and understand different things is because of how the events, people, and other factors in my life have influenced me, negatively or positively.

Because of all these factors, I stand here today, extremely content and satisfied with the moral, religious, and spiritual values that I have been able to inculcate within myself over the span of these sixteen years of my life. The stakeholders involved in my life, include the various events that took place in my childhood, adolescence, and previous years. Coupled with the involvement of many people in my life, they taught me many lessons, helped me face the world’s reality, and gauged my confidence. They helped me understand and deal with the different types and mentality levels of people I will encounter.

The work of all these people and events has helped me develop the level of spirituality and morality I possess. They have helped me get closer to God and strengthened my belief in the religion of Christianity.

From my birth sixteen years down the lane till the age of five, various people have influenced my life and my mentality to a significant degree, whether positively or negatively. Thus, I am recalling not all but whatever I remember from the stories I have been hearing and some of the pictures that still portray many of those memories. Many people in my life have played a very active role in helping me build up as a good human being, believe in God and what the moral grounds are, and thus have helped me develop into a very positive person.

I remember my mother always telling me stories at night to make me fall a peaceful asleep accompanied by my father who no matter how tired he would be from work would make sure I slept while listening to the fairy tales they had made up. My mother tells me, and I even have a video recorded of how I took my first steps and fell after every two steps I took, my mom would quickly pick me up to make sure I didn’t get hurt. But it was my grandfather in the background of the video who would scold my mother to let me fall. If I didn’t fall once, twice, and then thrice, I would not be encouraged to get up and take the next steps. Thus, my grandfather from the beginning provoked me to struggle no matter what hurdles came my way. Not to forget how Aunt Pam always allowed me to mess around her kitchen while she baked those delicious cookies, it was because of that mess she allowed me to create at that time that today I plan to start my baking kitchen.

On the other hand, some significant events helped me get connected and thank God the most that I could, and it was at the time when I held my baby brother in my arms. I couldn’t have been more gratified to God, and it was at that time and at that age that, I started believing that God’s final creation sent such an angel down to me.

However, as said before my life did have positive, adverse impacts on people and events that made me realize the harsh reality of this world, in the form of that girl whose face, comes blurred in my mind when she pushed my uncle down that long staircase. It was in those thirteen years of comma in which my uncle stayed that I went to the church praying endlessly for him to recover. And keeping that strong belief within me that my family taught me that no matter what evil will be lost from the righteous and it was with the teaching of great patience that my uncle recovered from the comma and that girl got the punishment she deserved.

On the other hand, I remember how my best friend Sydney and her mom Julie helped me complete my missed work when I got measles for two weeks straight. It helped me believe in the habit of helping others, and it was because of this gesture that I developed this habit.

Also, I remember the time my brother got that nut allergy, and it was the worst time for all of my family because he was so critical that we thought we’d lose him. But the prayers and active contentment we all had proved fruitful, and he recovered. Although I would not lie when we questioned God about why he did this with us, Why punish us when we have nothing? But we soon realized that God is great and never does anything out of purpose.

Then came the time at which I remember all the events since this was some years down the lane. The most difficult period was when I saw my parents part ways. It was the most difficult thing for my brother and me because it was like having my home split, there was no direction as to what would happen next. How would we live without both of our parents together? And it is one thing that I still believe was not fair that God did, why me? Why my happy family? It shattered the belief I had in relations that they lasted and it was further broken when I saw my friend’s mother die of cancer and her health deteriorating right in front of me. These events made me realize that no matter what, nothing is here to stay and that life is so unpredictable that you never know what will happen at the very next moment.

These events and the people involved in my life have not just helped me learn, evaluate, and distinguish between right and wrong rather they have helped me evolve as a person. And to understand and adapt to the reality of this world, the life after, and the existence of God as the ultimate manifestation.



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