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My Mother Essay

We all get to hear that a mother is the most valuable person in everybody’s life about which we cannot explain much in words. For me, my mother is a SUPERWOMAN! She is the kindest and caring person in the world. “Your love is as strong as a force field that protects the earth from evil and things that can harm me.” She has not just brought us up but also taken care of our every need. Her food tastes perfect, and whenever we enter our home, we can smell her delicious food. We are five siblings, and we all are so thankful to her for raising us so beautifully. Today, whatever we are, is due to her sacrifices, her love, and prayers.

Ever since my birth, I’ve been very close to her. I’ve seen her laughing, crying and struggling for us. She is the most influential person. My parents used to live away from our native residence in the city, and we all were brought up there. But then one day my father came from the office, he seemed very upset. He told my mother that had some financial problems and as my elder siblings needed to opt for colleges that were too expensive in that area. Initially, my mother didn’t absorb the idea. But she sacrificed everything and her lifestyle and thought to take us all back to our native residence where my grandparent’s also used to live. This was the hardest decision she had to take because she had to take us there alone. When we came back to our native residence and entered the house, we got so upset to see the house. The house was closed for many years, full of dust and the furniture was broken. But my mother made it fun for us to clean the house. We sang, played with water and enjoyed while cleaning up the house. Within two days, we managed to clean our house.

One day I heard her talking on the phone and crying. It was my father. He told her that he has got some financial crisis so my mother has to save money and to take care of the expenses. She was so worried that how would she manage this alone and she couldn’t compromise on our matter. She hung up the phone call and started praying. I went to her and wiped her tears off. As I touched her, I felt that she had the fever. I hurriedly called my elder siblings and told them that she’s very sick. We called the doctor and took care of her. She was all right in the morning, just for us.

My mother’s duties were doubled. She was all alone to take care of all our matters and manage the household. She was entirely dependent on my father previously. She used to get up early in the morning, offers her prayers, prepares our breakfasts and lunch-boxes, wakes all of us and then we all used to go to our schools and colleges. She used to be alone at home and do all the house chores before we all used to come back to the house. Gradually, I’ve seen her become confident, independent and secure; she had to because of us.

Throughout, she had to face many problems, and she never told us anything because she only dreamt of her children to be the best and have the best. She became dominant and robust with so many experiences she had. “My mother, you’re as brave as a guy going in the military and taking a bullet for his bud.” She always teaches us to be healthy, confident and be kind to others. I remember it was a day when some of our neighbors came to our home. My mother was excited and happy to see that someone had come to visit our house. But suddenly those ladies started asking questions and taunts on my mother as she was all alone to manage the home. She didn’t speak a word in front of them and just let them go. She believes in karma and whoever does poorly to anyone, will pay for it somehow, and she has taught us the same.

“My mom is a cup of hot chocolate. Sweet, warm, soothing and fun. She always makes me feel better when I’m down. No matter my age, it always does the trick.” (AK Virani)

My mother is the one to whom we can share everything. She’s always been a best friend to all of us. She always knows what we want and like. I can still take my problems to her, and she always listens to me. I explain me each day to her because she understands and looks to me. My mornings can’t be a good morning if I open my eye and she isn’t around me. One day, I woke up and didn’t see my Mom by my side. I got hurried and got up to search the whole house. I checked her in the washroom, kitchen and every room, but she wasn’t there. I went outside to see her in the garden. I saw her reading a book. I hugged her and told her not to leave my side ever. I know at times, I may have troubled her a lot, but I love her the most and can’t be without her because she’s my SUPER MOM!



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