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Writer’s Dilemma And Importance Of English


The three articles are connected to each other because they describe various aspects of writing and the way writers feel and behave. That includes the issue of revision in the literary work. The second article relates the writer’s feelings about the challenges they face during writing, and the third article also relates the work of writers to the importance of the English language in improving their communication abilities. Conversely, it is noteworthy from this analysis that the three articles are significant eye-openers to the writers.


The article by Nancy Sommers on ‘Revision Strategies for Student Writers and Experienced Adult Writers discusses two different perspectives regarding the concept of revision. The first category is comprised of student writers, while the second is adult writers. As writers, both students and adults have to do some revision of one kind or the other in the course to publish their literary works.

English speaking develops a consensus among all users of English that only one way of using English counts as accent-free and thus proper or good.” (Living-English Work)

However, what separates one group from the other is the fact that the two have different perceptions of revision. The students firstly do not like to revise their work repeatedly; secondly, revision for adult writers changes the landscape completely as they view it as an opportunity to improve on their original work. The reason for this difference lies in the fact that student writers are more accustomed to scores, and as such, they perceive a revision as a poor score, while adult writers are more accustomed to improvement, quality, and success.

After reading Mike Rose’s article on rigid rules, inflexible plans, and the stifling of language, it is evident that writers face a wide range of difficulties, including rigid rules that define the writing concept and what is also expected of all writers. Writers cannot write without adhering to the standards; if they do, that may result in the cancellation of their work. Another challenge is inflexible plans, especially when they have tight deadlines. Grammar rules are most important to control or define the way a writer presents his or her literary works to a target audience.

“Ruth was told by the teachers that a good essay grabs the reader’s attention immediately. Until you make your essay do that, her teachers and textbooks putatively disclaimed, there is no need to go on.”(Rigid Rules…)

Furthermore, after reading ‘Living English Work’ by Min-Zhan Lou, it is clear that understanding the English language has a significant impact on the lives and practices of individuals. The English language serves as a platform for writers to improve their communication. In countries where bilingual culture exists, people struggle to learn English because they see it as a potential force for facing the Spanish-only culture. South Africa is the best example of a bilingual country. Globally, English learners encounter problems with translation. English is steadily marching in countries as a universal language; there is evidence that English is taking hold across the world, such as Iraq, Korea, Arabia, and Mongolia.

“For experienced writers, the heavies concentration of changes is on the sentence level; and the changes are predominantly by addition and deletion.”(Revision Strategies)

Speaking of a real-life example from ESL, the use of E-learning and web resources is bringing innovation into the learning environment and spreading a wide range of material and knowledge across various cultures. There are no geographical limitations to access books now, and digital copies cannot be altered because they are protected by copyright.


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